Black Friday doesn’t apply to Mets

The Mets aren’t about to do any heavy lifting with their wallets today. Even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t be able to talk with the agent for closer Francisco Rodriguez. Paul Kinzer said he won’t start any heavy discussions until the winter meetings open in Las Vegas, Dec. 8.

“I’ll probably see the Mets at the winter meetings,” Kinzer said. “I don’t have anything else planned.”

The Mets have said they won’t overpay for a closer and the original speculated asking price for Rodriguez, $75-million over five years, is expected to drop. It will be interesting how high the Mets are willing to go.

There have been two significant FA signings, and both should be of interest to the Mets.

All-Star Ryan Dempster stayed with the Cubs for a $52 million, four-year contract, which could have a bearing on Oliver Perez’s deal. And lefty reliever Jeremy Affeldt signed a an $8 million, two-year deal with the San Francisco Giants. For those thinking about the bullpen bridge to a closer, that should be an indicator.

9 thoughts on “Black Friday doesn’t apply to Mets

  1. From what I’ve heard from people “in the know” outside of reporters, the Mets know that closer is not the only upgrade they need in the ‘pen.

    It’s obvious to us, but there’s always the chance that the club signs the big-name closer and just rolls the dice with the other guys.

    I’m hearing otherwise, which is good.

  2. JD, my apologies if you’ve already given them and I missed it, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the Affeldt signing, as well as those of anyone else who cares to share.

    I thought there would be a fairly wide market for him and was surprised that he signed “early” without letting it play out.

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  4. JD- do you see the mets staying away from relievers who require a 2 or 3 yr deal?
    maybe look for cheaper, lesser known options?

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