How would you like Shea preserved?

Preserve Shea memories

Preserve Shea memories

You can still see her, Shea Stadium, when you drive to LaGuardia. Pretty soon, she’ll only be in photographs and memories.

What is now Shea Stadium will become a parking lot, which is how these things work, but I wish there would be a way to prevent an old Volvo from leaking oil on the site where the ball got by Buckner, or where Cleon Jones caught the final out of the 1969 World Series, or where Tommie Agee made those catches, or the mound where Tom Seaver excelled for so many years.

Go ahead, make it a parking lot, but on those spots and others, block off the area and preserve it with a plaque, or small statue, or something that reminds future generations something special happened here.

I called Mets the other day and asked them their plans, and was told they don’t know what they plan, yet.  I just hope they don’t get so caught up in the new place that they fail to preserve some special memories.

16 thoughts on “How would you like Shea preserved?

  1. aren’t they supposed to put a diamond for wheelchair baseball games? I remember them mentioning that a while back

  2. If the Brooklyn Dodgers had played in Shea there would be tributes everywhere, but sonce its the Mets, what do the Wilpons care? They obviously long to own the Dodgers, and could care less about the Met or NY Giant heritage of NL ball in NYC.

  3. I, like the rest of you, have great memories of Shea. And JD’s thoughts about plaques or statutes is a good one. But let’s be realistic, that place was a real dump and I can’t wait for it to be gone!

  4. Memories are memories – mine are mostly of a little girl – my niece – who learned to love baseball in the upper deck at Shea during the early ’80’s watching the team that won the Series in ’86. I still have pictures of her with her Mets earrings, working on her scorecard.

    There have got to be people who have non baseball memories as there were lots of other events which took place at Shea – even football.

    In their quest for management secrecy the Wilpons’ certainly miss out on the Mets community and the part they – and the stadium – have played in the NYC area.

  5. Hey,

    I like Shea. I have never been at another major league stadium. Have been to a few minor league ones out west though.

  6. It should have been encased in a giant cube of amber like you see with insects from 9,000 years ago. But nnnnooo!!! They paved paradise and put in a parking lot.

  7. They will also be placing the old apple and top hat out side the stadium as a meeting spot for fans.

  8. I think the Mets have done a good job in regards to things from the former stadium and “preserving” them.
    I have no doubt they’ll mark some sort of honor as to where certain events took place.

    I also expect the apple to be in the rotunda. With a new on in place in CF.

  9. metsman, i read it on (great message board). someone had posted the article too. I will try to look for it.

  10. here is the article about the apple being on display

    “The home run apple is being shined for its display outside the new stadium. On Wednesday, the left-field bleachers were demolished so quickly that by late afternoon, nearly all traces had been carted off. Every day, trucks haul away the fragments of 44 years. Dumpsters stand by outside the skeletal remains of Shea.”

  11. I drove by Citi/Shea this evening. I never thought Shea Stadium could be dwarfed…but to see the CitiField sign lit up (and even some of the inner lighting on) and Shea just sitting there, dark…kinda sad.