8 thoughts on “Furcal’s agent refutes story

  1. Its too bad. This team would be fun to watch with Reyes, Furcal, Wright in the first 3 spots.

  2. The Furcal story didn’t make any sense but i was hoping it was true. If true, then the Mets must of had a trade worked out for Castillo.

    Oh well….

  3. and in the interest of “full disclosure” Luis Castillo was even worse but did not play enough to qualify.

  4. I like RZone Ratings and I like the Dewan +- system but I think Orlando Hudson’s injury really must have hurt him on the field. Because he has consistantly been top of the class in fielding for about 5 years now.

  5. (5) Benny Blanco Specifically in the context of RZR, Hudson has not been “top of the class” since 2005 when he was rated 3rd behind Ellis and Grudzielanek. In ’06 he rated 21st out of 25 qualifiers, and in ’07 he rated 18th out of 22. Combined with his 17th out of 17 performance in ’08 this suggests that he’s been in decline since long before injuries began to plague him in August ’07.

    I’m not saying Castillo is better, in fact statistically he’s even worse, I’m just saying that if one is going to advocate replacing Castillo as a priority despite other more pressing needs (as some here and elsewhere have), Hudson does not seem to be the answer due not only to his recent history of injuries but also to his seeming inability to “succesfully convert into outs balls hit into his zone.”

  6. Don’t want either…..give me a bopper in LF and put Argenis Reyes at 2B, and I’ll be happy!

  7. (7) Chili-I know what your’e getting at…but Reyes at 2B and Schneider at C would be akin to 3 consecutive pitchers batting in the 7-8-9 spots.