K-Rod price dropping.

K-Rod’s asking price of $75 million over five is heading south. With the traditional big spenders having their closers, the Mets could have a clear shot at him.

But, how much is he worth? And, just because he’s on sale doesn’t make him a bargain when you consider all the other variables.

Doesn’t it tell you something that his team, the Angels, isn’t making a lot of noise about keeping him? and, there’s the drop off his fastball and a violent delivery that could make him vulnerable to injury.

All these things scream, “buyer beware,” not to mention the Mets initially had Brian Fuentes first on their closer wish list.

If your gut instinct was no, then shouldn’t that prevail? Especially, since the price won’t drop to the point where he’s a no-brainer.

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  1. The fact that they’re trying to re-sign Tex and perhaps make a run at CC speaks more to me than “worrying” about it.

    It makes my ears perk up a bit more. All things being equal, I would sign Kerry Wood. The guy was fantastic last year and I think the closer role suits him well. But that being said, with his history of injury and what just happened with Wagner and then the rest of the bullpen’s implosion, I can’t see the Mets going down that road.

    And really, it’s hard to blame them in that instance.

    Most of me still wants K-Rod, and I think it will be him, but Fuentes is an attractive option and should be quite a bit cheaper.

  2. (2)Steve-I saw that as well. Completely, no pun intended, out of left field. I wonder what the offer was?

    I wouldn’t expect him to come to NY unless he really wants to play here…because it’s going to be as a 2B and not a SS.

    Interesting, if he’s healthy, I think he’s quite the 1-2 punch up top.

  3. Why don’t the Angels want him? Is it his health? Is it that they have a young guy they feel can replace him? Is it they want to spend their big $$ elsewhere? Unless you can tell us why they have no interest, the mere fact is ueless.

  4. Metsman(2)I wouldn’t mind seeing it, though if they are going to spend money on a 2bman, i’d rather it be Hudson who is..you know…a REAL second baseman! lol

  5. (6)Agree, but I think they figure that a 1-2 punch up top with Furcal, particularly because of his speed, would be especially enticing.

    Maybe they figure that after his back problems, a move to 2B might sound more appealing to him. According to the report, the A’s offered him 4/48…quite a bold move from them. I wonder what the Mets offer was?

  6. I just cannot see the Mets offering Furcal $12 miilion per year for 4 years with his back problems….can’t see it!

  7. (8)Chili-I don’t either.

    But it didn’t say they did. If the report is even accurate, Furcal himself said the A’s and Mets had offers out to him. The reported figure from Oakland was 4/48.

    They said nothing about the Mets. My guess, if they actually did make him an offer at all, is that it’s for 3 years between $30mm-$35mm.

    And if this is true, it also means they have in place or are planning to trade Castillo, no questions asked.

  8. if krod settle on a 3rd yr with an option..the mets will sign him. coming off the most saves ever and the mets having a bullpen collapse will combine in the mets simply signing him… fuentes for less money sounds appealing but if u can get krod for 3 and option u most likely will see him in queens

  9. (9) – I agree, if the Mets did offer Furcal a contract to play 2B, then they must have a deal on the backburner to trade Castillo…”happy days are here again…”

  10. Well, according to Metsblog, Jon Heyman is saying a Mets “person” told him no offer has been made.

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least…but then why exactly is the player himself naming a specific team?

  11. If a team is not making a lot of noise about keeping what some say is the best closer in the game, I guess that says nothing about how they value him.

    It is true economocs plays a part in this, but it should raise a flag or two for the buyer.

  12. Citi

    Anyone else thing the Citibank bailout spells the end of CitiField?

    I mean your taxpayer $ at work and and enforcement of a no dividend rule for the company and the end of bonus’ for the top guys should mean a new look at spending $20 million a year to have a name tag on a building.

  13. (14)I’m hearing rumors that if they indeed want the bailout from the feds, they are going to have to nix the deal.

    Why should the fed bail them out when they’re forking over $400mm for a baseball stadium?

  14. Its already on MSNBC. Its gonna be as big an issue as the Big 3 going to DC in their private jets begging. Mets field in the big parking lot or Shea II sounds better anyway.

  15. The deal for naming rights was signed 2 years ago. If the 20 million a year is viewed as advertising money to help brand awareness why should the deal be stopped. Is it really any different than spending money on tv, radio, newspaper or internet advertising.
    Should Citi be forced to stop all advertising, that would not make any sense at all.

  16. The Angels have young guns they want to give the closer role too.. And spend the coin on Tex so I dont think that reflects poorly on K Rod.

    The guy is money in the bank for the 9th inning.

  17. I’m trying to find the interview again, if/when I do I will post the link, but K Rod was questioned repeatedly as last season progressed about his velocity coming down. He told anyone who asked that he could throw as hard as he always did, but he was deliberately not throwing as hard to transition from “thrower” to “pitcher,” and also to avoid stress/injury.

    According to the article, in his record setting 62nd save, he started the 9th inning by striking out Raul Ibanez, repeatedly hitting 97 on the radar gun. Afterword, he told reporters, “see I can still throw hard anytime I want to.”

  18. Scott

    Well when you go hat in hand to the US taxpayer you no longer get to control your purse strings.

    Like it or not 400 million for a fashion accessory won’t play in Congress.

  19. dave
    Under your logic if the auto companies get a bailout then they should have to give up all advertising and all the perks that go with it.

    Should Citi stop all advertising because they got a bailout. They have a binding contract unless they go bankrupt or buy out the deal I see no reason why the name should come down.

    If the media just portrayed it as advertising money and how cost effective it really is versus buying 20 million a year in tv time people would think it was not such a big deal.

  20. Scott: They should have to give up all worthless advertisement. GM smartly cut ties with Tiger Woods. Having your name on a park is bull. It doesn’t get you one customer. It gives yout he right to hawk your worthless credit cards in the stadium everyday signing up people with no credit who want your stupid Met towel. Are you afraid the Wilpons will jack up your season ticket prices more when they lose their goden goose? Or are you afraid it will be their excuse to not sign anybody.

  21. The Wilpons’ themselves may nix this. The ownership is extremely image-conscious and keeping a $400mm deal with a company that has:

    A)laid of 52,000 people


    B)is to be bailed out by the federal govt

    will not look good at all. Not with what’s going on.

  22. Right, I’m sure Fred will say the hell with 400 million bucks voluntarily. Nobody’s going to replace the name for quite a while.

  23. Harry
    Look if some sucker offered you 400 million bucks to put their name on your ballpark would you say no ?
    Who knows what is going to happen but would you give back the money if you had a iron clad contract.
    If Castillo gets to keep the Wilpons money the Wilpons should get to keep Citi’s money.

  24. That’s right Scott, its ok for the Wilpons to bilk US taxpayers out of 400 million bucks, its ok for 50, 000 Citi employees to lose their jobs, its ok for thousands of people to not be able to retire because their 401Ks have too much Citi stock, its all ok as long as the Wipons have a supposedly iron clad rip off deal from corrupt, incompetent board of directors. The only thing that matters is that that ball park keep its stupid name. Lets change the name to bailout park. or taxpayer field. We now own the naming rights to the Wilpons field, lets have our own naming contest and give it a name worthwhile to the 20 billion plus the original 25 billion we gave Citi to help them keep the name to this park.
    As for Castillo when we give the Mets 20 billion to keep afloat we can complain about Castillo’s contract.

  25. There are three kinds of Mets fans in this world:

    1) the Mets fan who roots for his team and is always optimistic

    2) the Mets fan who roots for his team and is always pessimistic

    3) the Mets “fan” who takes perverse pleasure in watching his/her team fail so he/she can get up on their soapbox and continuously say how much “we suck” and “I told you so”

    Harry Chiti is exhibit A-Z for example 3.

  26. Harry… if this Citi problem continues to get major press, you’ll bet your ass the Wilpons will nix it.

    Citi may take the fall for them, but I guarantee you that the Wilpons will be behind it. If the govt. allows it to continue because the money being paid is allocated to advertising, that’s one thing, but you think the Wilpons want to have negative press that is coming directly from the federal govt?


  27. Here’s a comment from Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland titled:

    “Citigroups spending Indefensable and Unacceptable”

    “After reading yesterday morning that Citigroup–which has already received $25 billion in bailout money–is adamant in maintaining its $400 million naming rights to the new New York Mets stadium, I was shocked to learn that the company came to the federal government asking for an additional multi-billion dollar lifeline. Surely, if the company has the funds to paste its name to a recreational facility, it has the money to maintain its operations and keep the 52,000 jobs it announced last week it would be eliminating.

    While I understand that Citi is under a contractual obligation with the Mets, I cannot understand why the organization seems to be refusing at the very least to explore options out of that contract. This type of spending is indefensible and unacceptable to Citigroup’s new partner and largest investor: the American taxpayer. My constituents in Maryland did not turn over their hard-earned wages to fund a baseball stadium in New York.

    One would think that the Mets would be open to finding a new sponsor, as well. Why would any team want its new stadium, the symbol of a new era of victories, to be named after and symbolized by a company claiming to be on the brink of collapse?

    I strongly urge Citigroup to find a way out of this contract and instead spend that $400 million on retaining its employees and restoring confidence in its operations. Furthermore, I encourage Citigroup and every other corporation depending on taxpayer dollars to stop the reckless spending, and I again insist that Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke start holding these companies accountable. We cannot continue to pour taxpayer dollars into buckets with holes.”

    I would imagine the lights are on in the Wilpon’s offices – as Omar says “Thanksgiving is a work day”.

  28. (31) Annie…thank you. Solidifies my opinion.

    Unless the Wilpons want a backlash of epic proportions, they will have to find a way out of this.

  29. Scott,

    As Annie’s post above shows. It is polital football.

    Do any of the big 3 have a stadium named after them? Congress has already asked them to show an accounting of their plan for the future and if they are solvent.

    Is that not the same thing?

  30. Hey metsman.. I’d tell you what you deserve, but I have too much respect for Delcos. But guess what it is…. If you ever have a comment that isn’t 100% in support of a franchise that hans’t won in over 20 years, I’d give you respect, but since you think blinf loyalty id your thing, don’t respond to me. You have no mind of your own. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank Omar for giving you the blessings of the last two Thanksgivings. And don’t dialog with me if you can’t do anything but say Omar and the Wilpons are so damn perfect. 1986., with all that dough is pathetic, just like your mindless comments.

  31. Truth hurts but I like this blog and I’m not going to start a war. I guess we’ll all have to be subjected to your inane ramblings about the team you “love”

    And I don’t have blind loyalty, I just enjoy baseball and rooting for my team, win or lose. Something you have ZERO knowledge about.

    It’s supposed to be fun…I guess only the winning part is. Go root for the Yankees.

  32. Hey Harry, they’re moving the monuments from Yankee Stadium over to Monument Park.

    Go over there and get off on it.

  33. Harry,

    Good to know. Detroit sucks.

    I looked it up, Ford pays one million a year. Not quite the same, but good point.

    If the car companies get a bailout ala wall street, the american taxpayer has a right to have a say in how their money is spent.

    Print advertising is one of the cheapest ways to reach an audience. TV advertising is one of the most expensive. One way to cut costs is to change the delivery mechanism of your advertising dollars.

  34. metsman: I feel bad for you. You can’t hold a debate so you go into the gutter. Way to show your lack of intellectual depth, and way to show what a classless human being you are. You say you don’t want to start a war , but you want to bet my #$% about something and you tell me to get %^ on the Yankee monuments. Ypou are a fraud and liar. Enjoy your gutter. Have a nice day tomorrow with the rats.

  35. I am a fraud.

    I am not metsman8669. That is not my name.

    You caught me. Congrats.

    It’s the Wilpons and Omars fault.

  36. Although Harry, I guess we could go back over the last two weeks and find my perfectly sane posts with facts and reasons backed up behind them to refute your opinion.

    But I guess that doesn’t count…only countless “Omar sucks”

  37. Although Harry, I guess we could go back over the last two weeks and find my perfectly sane posts with facts and reasons backed up behind them to refute your opinion.

    But I guess that doesn’t count…only countless “Omar sucks” “Wilpons suck” “Mets suck” “Mets choke” posts qualify.

    You see what’s funny, is that I actually am probably more negative than the average fan towards the Mets when they do poorly. I tend to look at the big picture, but individually, I get on their case. But reading your drivel…and thats what it is, mindless drivel…about Omar this and Omar that, I feel the need to actually defend the guy, even though I’m not a huge fan of his.

    Guess you brought this on yourself.

    -The Rat