Furcal said Mets made offer

Infielder Rafael Furcal told the Spanish newspaper El Caribe the Oakland Athletics offered him a $48-million, four-year contract, and that the Mets also made a proposal.

Furcal did not specify the Mets’ offer and the team has not confirmed.

Said Furcal: “The offer from the Athletics and the New York Mets looks tempting. … There are several factors that we have to evaluate.’’

I don’t know the reliability of El Caribe, but those numbers see way too high, especially with the Mets’ needs. I certainly can’t see paying Furcal that kind of money with Luis Castillo still around.

7 thoughts on “Furcal said Mets made offer

  1. Apparently false. It didn’t make much sense to begin with but that fact that the article implies that Furcal DIRECTLY said this is really weird.

  2. I trust El Caribe more than I trust the word of the Mets or their front office denials. There are enough times where deals go under the radar. I believe that Furcal said it, but he probably didn’t think it would get out to the mainstream media in the states.

  3. (5) Steve The Original, perhaps someone should introduce Mr. Furcal to this wonderful new invention that is taking the world by storm, the internet. If he didn’t think it would get to the “mainstream media in the states” he is completely out of touch.

    My imperfect recollection of El Caribe’s past contributions to Hot Stove baseball is that they are correct about as often as anyone else, which is to say they are wrong most of the time.