Murphy update ….

MURPHY: Has strained hammy.

MURPHY: Has strained hammy.

Daniel Murphy’s MRI today revealed a Grade 2 strain of his right hamstring. Murphy initially felt discomfort in his leg during batting practice Nov. 11. The Mets say he would skip winter league ball in Puerto Rico and will be ready for spring training.

it is expected Murphy will compete for the left field job this spring, perhaps enter a platoon with Fernando Tatis.

9 thoughts on “Murphy update ….

  1. Let him rest. He’s played a ton of baseball already this season.

    Shouldn’t be an issue, particularly for a guy who doesn’t rely on his legs like Reyes.

  2. 2B is a done experiment. Minaya mentioned the outfield and maybe first base a little.
    Good move. The guy is not a middle infielder.

  3. Who needs Murphy at 2B, why we have the marvelous Luis Castillo.

    Let’s see, IF Castillo can get healthy and IF Castillo can become a .300 hitter again and IF Castillo can get most of his range back at second base and …. well, unfortunately, IF my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

  4. ets_castillo_driven_to_secure_2nd_chanc_139973.htm

    ” …. The Post has learned, Castillo requested an offseason meeting in which he implored Mets officials not to trade him and also pledged to re-dedicate himself to offseason training to assure he is in top condition next season.

    In the October meeting with GM Omar Minaya and top lieutenant Tony Bernazard, Castillo accepted responsibility for his out-of-shape, poor 2008 and stated a desire to make amends – in New York. Mets officials were pleased that Castillo did not want to flee from the problems. Instead, he stated a desire to play and win as a Met, and change the fans’ booing opinion of him, as well.

    “He wanted to let the front office know that he was disappointed in how the year went, and promise to do everything he could to get in shape and be the kind of player he had been for 10 years,” Minaya said.

    Minaya and Bernazard stressed in the meeting that Castillo must project a more positive demeanor, and that he cannot allow himself to show up in as poor shape this spring training ….”

    ” ….. the Mets also are more encouraged that right-knee surgery following the 2007 season contributed, in part, to Castillo’s poor conditioning in spring and that a negative snowball began there that led to a .245 campaign and the hatred of the fan base …..”

    So now we have Castillo admitting he wasn’t in shape and not prepared for the 2008 season … and because he has this epiphany, we want to keep him? I dislike him even more now then before and would just release him and eat the $18M ….