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I logged on this morning with my fingers crossed … hoping for a comment because I didn’t like how things unraveled and wasn’t sure if you’d get the message.

Thanks guys.

The free-agent market is underway, and we know the Yankees are being piggy again. Or are they? They want to win and they are going for it. That’s something you have to admire. But, in looking at the Yankees’ riches, what truly separates them from the pack is not only the ability to throw out a figure like $140 million to CC Sabathia as a starting spot, but to take a hit.

They can overcome a bad move by throwing more money at the situation, something other teams – including your Mets – can’t do, or aren’t willing to take the risk.

That’s why I don’t see them making the big K-Rod splash, which, to listen to his agent, begins at $75 million over five years. The Mets are thinking three, which would be more acceptable to their thinking.

Here’s what’s going through Omar Minaya’s mind right now:

1. With $11 million tied up in Billy Wagner, who won’t throw a pitch for them this year, the Mets can’t see investing $26 million for the closer role.

2. Rodriguez has already lost three mph. off his fastball and has become reliant on his change. On the surface that doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but if he loses anymore it closes the gap on his change and makes it less effective.

3. His delivery is violent with a lot of torque. Scouts fear an injury. It’s bound to happen within the life of the contract. However, three years might be a different story.

4. In examining the 29 blown saves, seven came in the ninth inning, which averages out to a reasonable one a month. Brian Fuentes would come cheaper and would likely come close to that conversion rate. The bullpen’s collapse primarily came in the seventh and eighth innings. For the price of K-Rod, the Mets could get a closer and another reliever.

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  1. I’ve read in many places that K-Rod’s asking price will have to come down because there is simply no other team that will give him what he wants and he might just have to accept three years.

  2. eah JD, that’s what we’ve all been reading the last week that K-Rod’s demands have come down quite substantially. Are you saying that they really are still at 5 years / $75 million?

  3. Minaya wants to make up for his past bad deals now. Except for Beltran, who was signed young most, of his free agent signings and re-signings were older guys who he gave too many years to. Pedro, Wagner, Alou, El duque, Julio Franco, Anderson. I leave out Santana because it was a trade and the only competition he had was the clock. He still gave him 6 years and the Twins got all our depth.
    Its pretty sad, the NL franchise with the big bucks has holes to fill in LF,2B, 2 starters and a large part of the pen and seemingly can’t fill any internally.
    Give the closer job to the hardest thrower on the farm and don’t let him read the papers or watch SNY or YES or MSG etc.

  4. John,

    I like your banner.

    I think you should keep it.

    It is simple and clean. it is a good picture of you. I like the font too.

  5. Is anyone really buying the line thrown out by KRod’s agent that his mph loss is purposely to setup the changeup?

  6. wow.

    you actually saved old posts and commetns.

    I am very impressed. you did a lot of work on this transition.

    I clicked on the popular posts link for Perez and saw comments back in september.

    very nice john

  7. Man, it was tough getting here and finding out how to post comments, register, and log in. But I’m glad I did. It’s a nice place and I’ve enjoyed it here in its previous life.

    Harry (3)—we don’t have all those holes. Murphy will be either in LF or at 2B, so they’re not both “open”. And if he moves to 2B, Tatis deserves a shot at LF, with Endy/Pagan as backups. No All-Star there, but F-Mart is on the way (hitting .370 so far in DWL, with OPS over 1.000).

    As for the 2 SP slots, IMO Perez should be re-signed. And for #5, it’s between Niese, Parnell, and (here’s my “sleeper” choice) Jason Vargas, who seems recovered from surgery and has been doing great in the AFL. Also, I’d offer Pedro a low-guarantee/high incentive deal and let him compete.

  8. Bill (8) It was tough figuring out how this site works, but I like it and I hope everyone finds it and that we have finally found a home for us and our Metsies.

  9. metsiac(8) Before the Giants game start. I would agree with you @ Murphy in LF except while he was hitting over 350 the Mets faced a string a lefties and the so-called braintrust sat him for every one of those games. And I don’t see him at 2B. I saw him the Eastern League at 3B and he was plain old bad. I don’t see that glove at middle infield.
    FMart is on they. Maybe but if Omar trades for someone he’s gone or at least one if not both of the kids you want to start. We shall see.
    As for OP, I’d like him signed, but there’s no sign of interest at least not yet. The best chance is for Boras to see the economy hurting his guy’s, and he has OP accept arbitration. I’d much rather this than a long term deal for the next too old Met pitcher, Lowe…. Pedro… I just can’t see him going in having to compete for a spot.

  10. Supposedly the White Sox want to get younger, cheaper, and they like Church, Parnell, and Kunz. Would it be possible to pick up, say, Dye and Jenks for that trio? What about if we toss in Castillo? Maybe Castillo, Church, Parnell, and Kunz for Dye and Vazquez? That would allow us to sign K-Rod, Fuentes, or Wood, then sign either a LF (Dunn!!, Burrell, etc.) or a 2B (o-Dawg/cabrera/eckstein). We’d also have some money left to sign some relievers. If, say, we go inexpensive and sign eckstein to play 2B, platoon Murphy and Tatis in lf, and pick up Dye for rf, we’d have a pretty good team.

    Lineup could be: Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Delgado, Dye, Murphy, eckstein, Schneider.

    Rotation could be: Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, Vazquez, Niese

    One last thought – is there any possibility of swapping Church for Carl Crawford? The Rays need a rf and they won’t be able to keep Crawford after next year. Crawford is also pretty darn good, and Tatis could play right if we can’t sign someone or trade for Dye.

  11. If the Mets can get K-Rod for 3 years…I do it in a heartbeat. If it takes four, you see what else is going on out there with other guys, but don’t shut the door.

    I won’t mention 5 years because with the amount of fairly reliable options out there, K-Rod is not sniffing 5 years.

    If someone is stupid enough to give him that, they can live with it.

  12. All the best JD.
    The login and checking comments is a bit different and I am sure once everyone figures it out everyone will be back posting.

  13. Chili (2): I heard K-Rod’s agent this week say he wouldn’t take less that four years. I know there’s been speculation of less years and money, but that’s what the agent said.-JD

  14. Sam G (5): Not for a second. He’s spinning because he knows the rap on his client is true. That’s why there’s a pause in K-Rod. Something might be up. That explains the talk of a lower asking price. Only the agent hasn’t admitted it.-JD

  15. JD- glad to see you up and running, FYI very hard to find the comments…

    Heard an interview with Hagen who covered the Rockies for a few years he made a convincing arguement for Fuentes…

    A blockbuster trade would be fun – Vaquez, Jenks, Dye for Parnell, Murphy, Church, Castillo +

    I’m not worried about the closers market well get one but we could get shut out on the starters

  16. As long as the Sox are dealing I wouldn’t mind Konerko for the right price. A right handed power bat could be useful on a heavily left handed hitting team.

  17. ED-The Mets may be able to sit back and wait when it comes to the closer market, but they must, must, MUST be pro-active on the rotation front.

    There are several guys available, but the competition seems to be fierce. They need to go out there and throw their cards on the table and not wait to “see what the market bears”

  18. j_k; smart teams all want to get younger and cheaper because it meas you have money for free agents. Minaya is obviously not aware of this. Only the yankees can ignore payroll. Even the Red Sox are filled with young cheap talent so they can afford the hight priced guys. The Mets will be in panic mode every Winter looking for help, and every Summer not being able to fill holes caused by injury unless this sub-par GM joins the new age.
    Azy(`6): If he doesn’t get 4 from anyone obviosly he signs for less soenwhere, like Kyle Lohse last year.

  19. I disagree with the idea that Omar won’t spend to bring in an elite closer because he already has $11 million allocated to Wagner. That’s like saying you’re going to drive on a rim (a la the Godfather of Soul) rather than pay to replace a flat tire. Like James Brown, Omar will find that he really has no choice at this point.

  20. Maybe with our new stadium sponsor Citibank laying off 23,000 people to show they are serious about staying in business, the Wilpons can give them a free ticket as a mark of solidarity. Dream on, Danny boy.

    Am I the only one who thinks people are over analyzing the K Rod scenario? Looking at the Joe McDonald site, he has some silly stat about how he ranks 151st out of 289 pitchers in 1-2-3 innings. Huh? Is that something to really worry about. Maybe if you are only of these guys calling WFAN every three hours to breathlessly give the same spiel to each host.
    I know the Mets don’t want to commit $25 million for a closers but Wagner is injured. It’s a sunk cost-ignore it. A year from now he will be off the books and off TMKS as a weekly correspondent. Spend our dough, Fred and Jeff. You got a large and loyal fan base. You got a new stadium. You’ve got the second most valuable team in mlb. You’ve made the world series once in the last 21 years (and got beat at home to show for it).
    I just get the feeling the Wilpons absorbed what critics accused Branch Rickey of: having avteam that was just good to miss that would draw fans but not have to pay high salaries to victorious players. I know our payroll is high. But how high is it compared to revenues this team makes?
    I understand the argument about the Red Sox wanting to get young cheap talent. Great. But guess what: the Red Sox have won 2 championships in 4 years. The Mets have 2 in 40 years. Get me 2 in 4 years or G-d forbid 4 in 5 years like the highlanders and you can cut payroll to Marlins level without a peep from me.
    Maybe Jenks or Fuentes will work to propel an 89 win team over the top. It’s possible. But go for better pitcher and I think it’s Rodriguez.

    Hope this site works out for you, John. Always enjoy the way you run things.

  21. Until Sabathia signs nothing will happen with Perez or Lowe. Of course resinging Perez is the best option, if the price is reasonable. 5/75 is not reasonable something closer to 5/60 would be ok. It may not seem like a big difference but 3 mil could help pay for that reliever you will need when Perez does not make it out of the 6th inning.
    While I am not a big fan of Lowe. He has been durable and if the Mets were to lose Perez a 3 yr deal on Lowe would not be a bad option, 4 yrs would be too much.
    Yes he 35 but comparing him to Pedro and El Duque is not fair. They both had previous arm injuries and I am not aware of Lowe having any serious injuries. Lowe may not be the best solution but considering it is always a gamble to give pitchers multi year contracts what other choices do the Mets have.

  22. Spanish newspaper reporting that K-Rod is taking a physical for the Mets and that they have agreed to a deal.

    Take w/ a bucket of salt.

  23. Just because the agent says it was “BS” doesn’t mean it is. In fact, let’s just say I heard that it is true and that it will be announced by the end of the week. I don’t necessarily beleive that either.

    I tend to believe that there is something to be said for looking at rumors like this “down the middle”. I think there’s dome truth to it , myself.

  24. Comparing Lowe to all the “older” signees is very fair. Lowe may not have i jury history but does he have agesless history as well? Minaya, if he goes that route will continue his history of giving old guysd too long a contract, he will continue his yearly desperate needs game that he stop, because he can’t develop and stick with a long term plan.

  25. (27) God Harry…get off your friggen Omar schtick already. What has happened the past two Septembers has sucked and will continue to suck…but do you realize this team’s win totals from ’01-’04 were 82, 75, 66 and 71?

    Since, it’s been 83, 97, 88 and 89.

    Stop bitching like this team is in some twilight zone from the late 70s-early 80s or the mid 90s.

    They are not that far off. Give it a damn rest.


  26. And I’d like to apologize to anyone else who thinks I’m over the top, but each and every post from this guy is the same damn thing.

    Omar, Omar, Omar, Omar.

    The guy has his faults and has made too many mistakes since ’06, but he’s also been the one in charge during which time the Mets have averaged around 90 wins, so enough.