My new home ….

First things first, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Joe McDonald setting me up in the first place, which led me to Gotham Baseball.

I didn’t like leaving suddenly, but it was a circumstance beyond my control and I got blocked out before I was able to post a forwarding address. I learned from Gannett and have been collecting email addresses and many of you received a note telling you of this site. The site is still under construction, but we’ll make do for now.

That I would continue this blog, I hope, tells you of my commitment for covering the Mets for you. Please accept my apologies for the awkward departure, and my gratitude for your interest. I do the blog because you folks have been loyal to me.

Thank you, and let’s talk Mets.

18 thoughts on “My new home ….

  1. jd- glad to knwo what happened and that you have your own blog for sure. look forward to talking more mets with you

  2. JD! You’re totally the man, good to see you’re around. That guy Joe really threw you under the bus.

    Congrats on your new job, too, by the way.

  3. JD – I made it…very confusing with the 2 websites, but your now in my favorites and I’ll never doubt your commitment again. Thanks again for the great access you give us to the NY Mets!

  4. Mr. Delcos, I’m glad to see that your insight and opinions on the Mets will still be available to all of us ‘groupies.’ Now if you don’t mind, please allow me to install this GPS chip on you so I can track your future movements :-)

  5. JD –

    sorry i’ve been mostly quiet this offseason, after the way the season ended i felt i had to disconnect for a bit for my own sanity, but i’ve still been checking in on occasion even though i haven’t been commenting.

    but given recent events, i just wanted to drop a line and let you know that all your hard work and effort in organizing this beloved online mets community this past year have been appreciated. and wherever on the web you are calling home is the community that i want to be a part of.

    thanks again…

  6. Glad to see you up and running again. And for those that are “in the know” we realize this isn’t a you problem but a him problem.

  7. What do people think about these Whitesox trade rumors? What about something that sends away Church, Kunz, and Parnell and brings back Danks and either Vazquez or Dye?

  8. John, you’ve got to stop moving around so much, :).

    Hopefully this blog stays around longer than the old one and that we can continue to blog especially the hot stove about to heat up.

  9. the other site has already pulled down the nasty response they had for john…wonder what that deal was…

    anyway back to baseball and not gossip
    i wouldnt mind the mets looking into trading with the ChiSox..i think dye would be a nice stop gap in left
    counting on a rookie (murphy) and on a guy who did nothing for yrs until last yr (tatis) to start is not something i would like
    tatis in a bench role yes
    murphy as a super sub for several positions, definitely

  10. Thanks for the email(s)…. Pretty soon we’ll have homeland securtiy chasing you for us!
    The one thing I’ve noticed that makes your site(s) unique is that you don’t post every little Met news, but rather post stuff to tweek opinions, so with that,
    jk(9) While I don’t mind trading for pitching this org doesn’t have the depth to trade away the farm for old outfielders. The FA market has lts of guys to take, If you want old outfielders sign Abreau, Garrett Anderson, Edmonds, Griffey, Ibanez, Payton;,outfieldres who can hit HRs Burrell, Dunn, Hinske, Ramirez; outfielders who have health issues; Baldelli; outfielders with attitude problems Milton Bradley…
    I’m sure there’s others. Take one from any column you wish. When they be all gone then find one off the scrap heap like Tatis,

  11. John,

    You are a better man than me. I would not be so gracious to Joe considering what he did to you.

    He used you to get a working blog site with a fan base.

    He has since improved the site with updates that you wanted him to make when you were there.

  12. jim(13)–McDonald’s post wasn’t nasty, but it contradicted what John said. He posted that John left on his own and that he (Joe) was taking it over.

    When a poster commented (strongly) that he believed John and not Joe, his comments were deleted. Then Joe deleted the whole thread without comment.

    I wasn’t that poster, but I agree with him completely. From now on I post only on this blog, and at a friendly message board (, which I recommend to all here.

  13. Hi Everybody –
    I’m back, too and am looking forward to more of the same good conversation and posts from all of you.

    And, thanks to John for keeping all of us together – spread the word to those who aren’t ‘Logged In’ yet – OK?

    Seems like we moved around a bit lately, hope this one turns out to be Home.


  14. Well, I am certainl;y glad John found his way to Gotham, and I look forward to working with him for a very long time.

    I don’t know all of you loyal Delcos followers, but I am sure I will get to know you in the coming weeks.

    Some of you I know quite well (hey bill), and welcome you all to Gotham Sports Media and especially gotham Baseball Magazine with open arms.