Wright wins Silver Slugger ….

WRIGHT: Silver Slugger winner (Photo: Mets).

WRIGHT: Silver Slugger winner (Photo: Mets).

David Wright, one of the “core,” if you will, won his second straight Silver Slugger Award today. Despite setting career highs in homers (33), RBI (124) and runs scored (115), there are some who say the Mets should break up their core of Wright, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran.

Said Wright, a three-time All-Star: “It’s a very prestigious award and I am proud to win it. This honor will help motivate me to even an even better season in 2009.”

Wright is the first Met with four 100-RBI seasons. He is also the third third baseman in history (Eddie Mathews and Eric Chavez are the others) with four straight seasons of at least 25 homers prior to his 26th birthday.

7 thoughts on “Wright wins Silver Slugger ….

  1. Looks like the Mets are going to sign KRod, i’m just getting that feel with all this news about the Mets being all in with him ande him loving NY, and wat his agent said. Seriously, I think this deal will get done soon, 3-years. Great move and will lead to a few other bullpen moves and hopefully a trade for Jermaine Dye.

  2. The only dolt I’ve seen suggest the Mets break up their ‘core’ is a Yankee-loving radio host with no baseball knowledge. This core is here to stay for better, not worse. Perhaps the older core across town, you know the one that is also o-for the millennium and hasn’t even won a playoff series since ’04 should be broken up, leave the Mets’ core alone, please. Congrats David, get to work Omar!

  3. John, I haven’t been on here in a while, so what do you think about the Mets and K-Rod now? There are so many closers out there that this may fall into Mets hands.

  4. Congratulations to David – he certainly has done well and I hope the Mets reward him with the Captaincy, soon. He also stays ‘in town’ for much of the off season, where he is the face of the Mets and a good representative for them.

  5. I’d also like to mention that Johan Santana finished third in the National League Cy Young voting – surely he will do better next year when he is healthy.

  6. Here’s hoping David Wright’s career is more Eddie Matthews and less Eric Chavez.

  7. MisterMet (2). Kinda sad berating the Yankees who kicked our butts in ’00 and who have been in the playoffs every year since but one while we have been back all of one whole time. I guess we are indeed the successful team in NYC.