Free-agent All-Star Team

If I didn’t do it, you knew somebody would. I’m sure many of you were doing the exercise in your mind. Of the available free-agents, this would make a pretty good team.

1B: Mark Teixeira LAA
2B: Orlando Hudson ARZ
SS: Rafael Furcal LAD
3B: Casey Blake LAD
C: Ivan Rodriguez NYY
OF: Manny Ramirez LAD
OF: Adam Dunn ARZ
OF: Jim Edmonds CHC
OF: Pat Burrell PHI

A.J. Burnett TOR
C.C. Sabathia MIL
Derek Lowe LAD
Ryan Dempster CHC
Oliver Perez NYM

Joe Beimel LAD
Brian Fuentes COL (set-up)
Juan Cruz ARZ
Francisco Rodriguez LAA (closer)

6 thoughts on “Free-agent All-Star Team

  1. That would be around 225 million a year to sign all those. To think that would be the same as the Yankess payroll if they increased it by 15 mil from last year is kind of funny, cuz technically they could.

  2. If OP is one of the 5 best FA starters, and younger than most if not all with no injury history, then why wouldn’t Minaya sign him vice some old soon to be broken down guy, or some guy who hasn’t faced all the NY media circus yet?

  3. Yeah but would they beat NEXT year’s free agent All Star team?

    1B: Carlos Delgado
    2B: Brian Roberts
    SS: Miguel Tejada
    3B: Chipper Jones
    C: Benji Molina
    LF: Matt Holiday
    CF: Rick Ankiel
    RF: Vlad Guerrero
    DH: Aubrey Huff

    SP: Justin Duchscherer
    SP: Kelvim Escobar
    SP: Rich Harden
    SP: John Lackey
    SP: Brett Myers

    LR: Ron Mahay
    RR: Ryan Madson
    LC: Mike Gonzalez
    RC: Jose Valverde