Responses from the Chat Room ….

Sorry again for not being able to host a Mets Chat Room last night. There’s a lot going on right now personally I must attend to. My plans are to host a Mets Chat Room Wednesday night and a Jets Chat Room Thursday night.

Again, your patience is very much appreciated.

OK …. to respond to some of your questions from last night.

Mike (1): Thanks for the well wishes. Everything will turn out alright, I am sure. Everybody is healthy, so that’s the most important thing. I heard about the Dye rumor, but can’t see it. Why make a trade when there are options in the FA market. Bottom line: Why give up players and money when you can only give up money.

Ray Sadecki (2): Trading Holliday is another sign the Rockies want to work the cheap side of the street. OK, which closer will they keep: Fuentes or Street?

benny (4): The 2009 A’s will be intriguing. I wouldn’t have made the deal unless I could sign Holliday, but perhaps Billy Beane’s thinking is he can unload salary and players he won’t bring back for a player he will dump in July for prospects. If not, do you really think the A’s will go long term for him? Probably not. Mets could be in the Holliday market in July or next winter.

Gravedigger (6): Agreed on the voting.

Harry (8): Agree with you. Why trade when you can sign somebody off the FA list. Dye should cost more than Burrell, for example.-JD

6 thoughts on “Responses from the Chat Room ….

  1. What about Hoffman as closer? I know he is old, but won’t be as expensive as KRod if he is hurt and will allow you to fix other things.

  2. To reply to Harry’s comment about why trade…

    Signing Type A Free Agents has a huge cost in draft picks that you lose. Sometimes a trade where you can move somebody like Aaron Heilman or Scott Schoeneweis is better than just signing a free agent.

  3. When you move trash you receive trash. Do you really expect anyone in the world to believe you can trade guys like Heilman for talented players? Do you think Minaya could have swung a deal for a Holliday by saying here’s Heilman?
    Sure, you can trade Heilman for a bench guy… That’s not the issue and the bench comes last.
    And so you give up the 20th draft pick or so? Big deal. How many guys drafted at that point make it big? Hoe many guys drafted anywhere in the first round make it big? This isn’t the NFL where draft picks are much more critical. Baseball drafting is so much a crap shoot that losing an unknown is meaningless.

  4. Now that it looks like the closer’s market is jam-packed, how is K-Rod looking. I still can’t get over this – he will be younger at the end of his 4/5 year contract than Fuentes is now. If we could get him for something like, 4 years, 56 million, he would be a great buy. Even with the injury concerns, K-Rod barely ever works, and he would not have to work that much for us either. If we signed K-Rod at this price (a $19M discount from initial projections), we could also pick up Juan Cruz, Will Ohman, and an outfielder. It seems like the time is right and K-Rod’s agent recognizes that the market is shrinking for K-Rod’s services. Omar should make this signing soon, seal it up, and then move forward with the biggest need taken care of.

    A final point, supposedly the agent laughed and said “of course” when asked if 5/75M would be enough for K-Rod. Just a week ago we thought that was an entry point, so clearly he wouldn’t cost that much.

  5. Harry Chiti (3) While I agree that the NFL draft is “more critical” the MLB draft picks awarded for losing free agents are not exactly chopped liver.

    Courtesy MLBtraderumors site, below is a list of 1st round compensation picks this decade, and under that a list of sandwich round compensation picks:

    * 2000: Braves pick Adam Wainwright as compensation for D’Backs signing Russ Springer.
    * 2001: Mets pick Aaron Heilman for Rockies signing Mike Hampton.
    * 2001: Orioles pick Mike Fontenot for Yankees signing Mike Mussina.
    * 2001: A’s pick Jeremy Bonderman for Mets signing Kevin Appier.
    * 2002: A’s pick Nick Swisher for Red Sox signing Johnny Damon.
    * 2002: A’s pick Joe Blanton for Yankees signing Jason Giambi.
    * 2003: D’Backs pick Conor Jackson for Mariners signing Greg Colbrunn.
    * 2004: Twins pick Glen Perkins for Mariners signing Eddie Guardado.
    * 2004: Yankees pick Phil Hughes for Astros signing Andy Pettitte.
    * 2004: Dodgers pick Blake DeWitt for Yankees signing Paul Quantrill.
    * 2005: Red Sox pick Jacoby Ellsbury for Angels signing Orlando Cabrera.
    * 2005: Cardinals pick Colby Rasmus for Red Sox signing Edgar Renteria.

    * 2000: Blue Jays pick Dustin McGowan for loss of Graeme Lloyd.
    * 2000: Braves pick Kelly Johnson for Jose Hernandez.
    * 2001: Mets pick David Wright for Mike Hampton.
    * 2002: A’s pick Mark Teahen for Johnny Damon.
    * 2003: Braves pick Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Mike Remlinger.
    * 2004: Royals pick J.P. Howell for Raul Ibanez.
    * 2004: White Sox pick Gio Gonzalez for Tom Gordon.
    * 2004: A’s pick Huston Street for Miguel Tejada.
    * 2005: Red Sox pick Clay Buchholz for Pedro Martinez.
    * 2005: Red Sox pick Jed Lowrie for Orlando Cabrera.
    * 2005: Red Sox pick Michael Bowden for Derek Lowe.
    * 2006: Phillies pick Adrian Cardenas for Billy Wagner.
    * 2006: Yankees pick Joba Chamberlain for Tom Gordon.
    * 2006: Cardinals pick Chris Perez for Matt Morris.

    Certainly not all Hall of Famers, but not exactly chopped liver either.