Mets Chat Room ….

I’m sorry, but some personal matters will prevent me from hosting a Mets Chat Room Tonight. At least to the point where I can participate as usual.

Please, if there’s anything on your mind, post and I’ll try to respond tomorrow morning. I hope to set up a Mets Chat Room for either tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience. JD

9 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room ….

  1. Hope everything is alright JD.

    Heard a rumor through Ken Davidoff over at Newsday about Jermaine Dye possibly being available.

    Any particular tidbits of interest you have heard regarding this or anything else Mets-related??

  2. Heyman at has Matt Holliday to the A’s for a package including Street. Rockies will reportedly flip Street.

  3. good thing Holliday didn’t land in Philly it St Lou

    With Street in Denver looks like Fuentes is on the market

    I like how omar is playing the closer market. Since there are rumblings the Angels are not pursuing K Rod we should be the big dog at the hunt

  4. Wow, Holliday with the A’s. That’s awesome.
    Bill Beane sure is the man. Just when you think you’ve stereotyped the man he pulls an un characteristic move.
    Holliday with possibly Giambi and possibly Furcal? That’ll be a tough lineup. Of course assuming those other two come on over.
    I’ll be very interesting to say the least in 2009 for the A’s.
    I like it alot.

  5. Oh I have something on my mind that is currently bothering me.
    Edinson Volquez and James Loney getting votes for Rookie of the Year?
    Really? Is this serious?
    Volquez wasn’t even a rookie and Loney’s been playing in some capacity some 2006.
    This is sad. How can someone defend this?

  6. (5) Benny, it’s sad that 3 members of the Baseball Writers Association don’t know what a rookie is and therefore voted for Volquez, but I didn’t see anything about Loney getting any votes, he finished 6th in ROY voting last year. Whoever voted for Volquez should have their credentials revoked though, that’s ridiculous.

  7. According to metsblog…
    In a post to his blog for Newsday, Ken Davidoff lists three teams who are willing to deal a veteran player, such as the White Sox, who are looking to trade OF Jermaine Dye.

    …if the Mets need to acquire a corner outfielder with power, who has leadership skills, successful post-season experience, and a short-term contract, dye should be of interest to them…

    …from what i can gather, the Sox will likely want a pitcher back in a deal for dye, who they are eager to move, in an effort to get younger and free up some cash…

    Dye hit .292 with 34 HR, 96 RBI and a .344 OBP in 154 games for the White Sox this season.

    He has hit at least 20 home runs during each of the last four seasons, while playing mostly right field.

    Dye will earn $11.5 million in 2009, after which he has a mutual option in 2010 for $12 million, or a $1 million buyout that could make him a free agent.
    -Matt Cerrone

    thoughts guys??

    id do this in a second…dye in left field with church in right and tatis playing backup for both and murphy as supersub for many positions
    what gets this deal done
    heilman, evans, prospect pitcher (hopefully not niese?)

  8. Why trade for an outfielder??????? There are right handed bats you can pluck from FA list, and you have a weak farm. You don’t think Murphy/Tatis can do the job; get Burrell. At least you can move him to first when F-Mart is ready and you still have something on the farm to help with pitching. This distraction of the offense if happening in Minaya’s office will guarantee another sad ending. PITCHING PITCHING PITCHING. But never trade for an outfielder with your prospects.