Willie lands on his feet

Randolph: New bench coach in Milwaukee.

Randolph: New bench coach in Milwaukee.

By this time you should know the Brewers hired former Mets manager Willie Randolph as bench coach on Saturday.

Said Randolph: “I’m excited, looking forward to this next challenge and getting to work. I love teaching and I’m passionate about being in the game. … Eventually, I do want to get back to managing. I didn’t really want to wait around. … I thought it was best to make this move.

The Mets were 302-253 (.544) under Randolph, second to Davey Johnson in club history.

With the turnover in managers and Randolph’s numbers, there’s no doubt he’ll get another chance.

25 thoughts on “Willie lands on his feet

  1. He’s horrible. Never should have been hired to begin with.
    It’s like picking CEO of a company by walking the streets and saying “hey you.. come here”.

  2. This is a good move for Willie. Not sure how tha major/minor thing is, but I would think a role managing a AAA or AA team would allow him to prove his ability as a manager as well as a teacher.

  3. dave, if his ego wouldnt allow him to manage in the minors when he was simply a coach and was told during interviews it was something he needed to do, why would he do it now that he has experience?
    he got lucky and he never has to go to the minors. he’ll remain a bad manager however…

  4. dave (2): This can only help Randolph. Hopefully, this is a sign his ego has had an adjustment.-JD

  5. Two points:
    Why do so many Met fans insist on being so hostile to ex Met players, coaches managers and GMS. Maybe other teams don’t hate our players but hate us.
    Second point is that if you’ve gone to minor league games you would quickly understand that it doesn’t help you manage in the big leagues. You have exact pitch counts, you have to play guys a certain amount of time regardless of match ups or slumps because they are considered prospects or not, you have to take a guy out if he pitches a lot of pitches in one innng. Try a couple of these games and come back and explain how its so vital.

  6. I’m not sure which ex-Met players/coaches your talking about exactly but I personally was against the Willie Randolph hiring from the moment he was considered in the running.

    It doesn’t help? Well at the VERY LEAST maybe Willie wouldn’t have embarassed himself filling out a lineup card and attempting to double switch if he had atleast one year managing a minor league team.
    And funny how the most successful minor league managers are some of the best major league ones!

    Sounds like you’ve managed a game in the minors Chiti.

  7. Harry (5): Isn’t it that way for a lot of teams and their ex-players. Of course, with Willie, he was never an endearing personality to begin with. … Harry, you do make a good point on the managing differences between the majors and minors. Not the least of which is the post-game media scrutiny.-JD

  8. benny (3): Willie had a good record managing the Mets, good enough to get another chance. I would hope he learned something. Things like humility, using a bench and bullpen, and managing a clubhouse.-JD

  9. Sure, Willie had a decent record managing the Mets. But lets be real here, if anyone thought he managed the team in an effective way they’re buggin’.
    And who knows maybe when Ken Macha gets fired he gets another chance but it doesn’t mean he’s any good or effective. It’s like looking at an empty batting average from a player. A guy with no power, no speed, and no on base skills, just an empty batting average on paper. But you see him play and he just sucks.
    That is Willie Randolph. Willie Randolph is like the manager version of Alex Sanchez or Jason Tyner.

  10. What is the possibility of the Mets trading for Jermaine Dye? His RH bat could play well in lf, especially if Murphy moves to 2B. A lineup that looks like this would be pretty swell:
    1. Reyes
    2. Beltran
    3. Wright
    4. Delgado
    5. Dye
    6. Church
    7. Murphy
    8. Schneider/Castro.

    Ken Davidoff says the Sox may be looking to trade him… Thoughts?

  11. j_k (10): Sure, it would be great if the Mets could get him, but I think the Sox would be greedy in their asking. Again, the Mets’ priority is pitching.-JD

  12. couple things from me here
    1. murphy wont be the starting 2B next yr
    2. the mets are underrating the need to add a bat
    3. almost all fans are hostile to ex players/managers especially when they did a poor job

  13. i understand church was coming back from injury but he looked atrocious agaisnt lefties to end the yr..i would like to see an everyday RH hitting LF with tatis available as a sub for church if he struggles vs. lefties

  14. Jim (12/13): I’m willing to believe Church vs. LH in the first half was more indicative of his capabilities. … I agree Murphy won’t be starting second baseman. … You could be right in their underestimating need for bat, but pitching is their need.-JD

  15. JD- heard anything on the trading castillo front? i dont see anyone being interested. i see him opening citi field starting at 2B

    if so how can you bat him 8th? i think u have to hope he turns it around and put him in the 2 hole…

  16. Jim (15): Have heard nothing. He’s impossible to trade. Too expensive, too injured, too bad. His value to the Mets is for him to turn things around. Not optimistic about that, however.-JD

  17. From Met managerial history
    Gil Hodges No minor league experience
    Joe Frazier minor league experience

  18. I think it helps to have minor league managing experience but it isn’t necessary. Gil Hodges managed the expansion Senators which essentially WAS a minor league team.

    Probably the worst manager in major league history was Maury Wills who had no minor league managing experience except for some Mexican winter ball. In his autobiography he says “Contrary to what I thought, I really needed managing experience below the major league level, to learn how to organize, how to delegate responsibility and how to deal with the press. Buzzie Bavasi told me I should manage in the minor leagues. I said I didn’t have any reason to go to the minors but I should have.”

    Wasn’t Randolph hired to manage the Mets the same day the Phillies hired Charlie Manuel? Wonder how many of us thought Manuel would be the one with a world series ring.

  19. Harry, i was going to believe you with the no managing experience thing and then all it took was a quick 2 second google search to find out this wasn’t true.

    Appearently, he managed MANY teams in the minors starting in 1968. He even managed the Norfolk Tidewaters! And his performance there led to his promotion the majors! He had about 8 years of managing already!

  20. Dan (18): Experience can only help. You’re right about Randolph and Charlie Manuel. I’ve always thought Randolph was too cocky when he said his experience with the Yankees was enough.-JD

  21. That’s right Benny… I said Joe Frazier managing experience…… as in he had it and it didn’t help him./ As a matter of fact he was promoted expressly because he did such a god job with the kids at Norfolk. You are very lucky that you weren’t yet born to live thru his “skill set”.

  22. Chiti, Joe Frazier managed the mets to a very sucessful 1976 season. 86 wins was the most wins the franchise would have for the next eight seasons. In 1977, the Mets got off to a bad start and Torre began his managing career. Anyway, to point to one example only makes your argument allegorical which is the weakest argument.

  23. Oh guess I mis understood the point of your post, sorry.
    Well I have nothing to say, I don’t lnow what kind of manager he was or how aggravating he was. He did seem to have success in the minors though, so who knows…