Catching up ….

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but when Mother Migraine decides she wants to put you on your butt you have no choice but to go down. Slept most of yesterday and awoke to the news we have a new president and the Mets probably won’t make much of a splash in the FA market.

Been trying to catch up on the Hot Stove News and there’s really not much that’s surprising. We know the Yankees are offering money to just about everybody while the Mets figure not to stray far from their $143 million payroll from last year.

Most of the news seems to substantiate what we’ve been talking about here, that the Mets will go after pitching, pitching and somebody to throw the ball to the catcher. They’d like to keep Oliver Perez and sign Derek Lowe, and they’ve targeted Brian Fuentes as their closer.

Nothing shocking there.

The Mets don’t figure to go after a big bat because they don’t believe that’s why they lost. Their problems hitting with runners in scoring position were brought into greater focus because of the 29 blown saves. Cut that in half, they figure, and the NL East would have been theirs for the taking.

Actually, that was their same philosophy each of the last two winters. After 2006, there was the belief of entitlement, that after coming so close they would naturally take the next step. After 2007, there was a feeling the collapse was an aberration and they were still the team to beat.

Not so then, and maybe not so now.

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  1. JD- seems like theres a love affair with Raul Ibanez….I’m not that familiar with him besides being a left hander who hits consistently .280 all year with very little power…I’ve read he’s a good clubhouse guy but that his defense is awful ( in fact Seattle fans said he should be a DH)….

    Why another lefty especially with bad defense and older…

  2. The Mets have truly fooled themselves into thinking that the bullpen is the only problem this team has. This team needs a hitter (not a big bat) in LF, 2B is still up in the air, and the bench, IMO, is horrendous. I don’t care about a big bat, either. How about signing some solid, steady players, so that a guy like Tatis isn’t forced into roles that they really won’t flourish in (over the long haul)?

    What is much, much worse than that, IMO, is that the Mets org, once again, has given the players a pass. In the real world, two years like that in a row, and heads would be rolling. With the Mets, not only was Omar rewarded with a contract extension, NO ONE is being held accountable for last season. Delgado’s going nowhere, and that Castillo is still on this team, speaks volumes. No team in their right mind will take this clown’s contract and bad wheels..everyone knows this, yet Omar won’t do the right thing, either.

    I have no trust in Omar in this winter…though I wonder if he is somewhat hamstrung by ownership into having to keep payroll at current level.

  3. The idea that the team as a whole needs to be blown up is wrong, IMO. The bullpen needs more than just a facelift and the rotation needs work.

    Of course there are other concerns (LF, 2B, bench) but I don’t think you tear apart a team, albeit one with “something” amiss, that has won a division handily and missed out on two more consecutive postseason appearances because of tank jobs.

    It’s a fine line in the point I’m trying to make. I am beyond disgusted at what has transpired the last two years, but aside from fixing the obvious problems, no one can come up with a concrete reason to actually “fix” the Mets.

    In my opinion, that doesn’t mean you just blow up the entire roster. The 2007 team coasted, the 2008 team slept-walked until Randolph was fired and then showed a lot more ’06 in them over the final 3 months before the last two weeks bit them again.

    Let’s not forget that as well as this. It was never in as dramatic a fashion so the emotional toll is not nearly as great, but the Phillies were the ones for about 4 straight years who were coughing up Sept Wild Card leads.

    They figured it out. Hopefully the Mets can too.

  4. I don’t think I suggested anything remotely to “blowing up the roster”…. But after two seasons, coming back with just about the exact same team is totally unacceptable.

  5. I wasn’t speaking to you directly, just a lot of people who seem to have that opinion.

    The roster does need to be changed, but unless you’re one of those people that thinks Reyes, Wright or Beltran should be traded, the only guy who can be taken out of that lineup which would have a significant jolt would be Delgado.

    I’m not opposed to it, but even production like he had in ’07 would be hard to replace if he’s traded.

    The Mets have put themselves in this position by not sealing all-but-guaranteed playoff spots.

    It’s Minaya’s job to figure it out.

  6. I agree with Mike here. The Offense, though I’d like to see more focus on situational hitting, was NOT the problem.

    CF and RF are set, unless Church really is the guy we saw in the 2nd half. So is 1B, 3B and SS, and probably C.

    Daniel Murphy may have 2B in his future, but handing him the spot full-time based on a few games in Bingo and fewer in AZ is way premature. Right now, he’s the LFer, with Tatis and Endy as back-ups.

    That leaves 2B to shore up, and while I’m not giving up on Castillo until I see if he’s healthy after a Winter of Rest & Rehab, I’d like to see someone like Hudson, Eckstein, or Grudzielanak added.

    The priority must be Closer and either Perez or a quality replacement. Next is shoring up the rest of the pen. Anything beyond that is more to please the frustrated fans/media than true need.

  7. I just think that no one being held accountable sets a very bad example that the players here can do whatever they feel.

    Example: Burgos. In the real world, any of us here would have been kicked to the curb even at the point of suspicion. Burgos is still on the Mets. Why?

    Agreed on adding a veteran backup middle IF (Eckstein or Grudzwhatever will do fine)… but to Murphy, NOT Castillo. Someone like Casey Blake, who can also play OF, would be nice as well. The bench needs some fine tuning, and IMO, Chavez (who is a fine 5th OF and nothing more) should made be to earn a spot next spring… enough of living off that catch.

    If Omar is even entertaining the thought of Castillo being the everyday 2B… then maybe the Wilpons should ask for a mulligan on that contract extension they gave him.

    I agree that the pen is first and foremost, but to act as if that is all that is to fixing the Mets woes (I think the overall makeup of this team should be in question).

  8. Texieira, Sabathia, and Burnett in my opinion are the three guys to the off-season and what I mean by that is that it seems every single team is interested in them and soon as those guys are out, all the backup plans will get the attention and the domino effect will take place.
    Angels, Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, and Orioles are vying for those 3. So that’s 3 guys for 5 teams. Once those three are determined everything is going to fall into place.
    Should be fun.

  9. You know what, doing some thinking, I think K-Rod signs with the Mets. He’s not going to be getting that 5 year deal and no other team besides the Angels can take that on.

    DavidR: you speak about accountability but I honestly think that Luis Castillo, Aaron Heilman, Damion Easley, Marlon ANderson, and maybe even Schoenweiss are all gone. I think some magic is going to be worked and none of those guys are going to be here by Opening Day. I mean its only November 5th, let the off season begin.

    Regarding Gold Gloves, am the only one who really liked Pedro Feliz’s defense? the dude is NIIIICE with it.

  10. David/Benny…I agree with you both about the team, but I tend to lean more towards Benny because, as he said, there is (hopefully) going to be quite a bit of turnover.

    But like I said earlier…Minaya’s hands are a bit tied in this regard and it has nothing to do with any boneheaded moves. If you want to really change the dynamic of the team, you trade one of Wright/Reyes/Beltran. I’m not sure what your opinion is of that…but mine is simple:

    There is not a word strong enough to describe how asinine that would be.

    The second option would be to trade Delgado, because that would surely create a drastic change not only on the field, but in the clubhouse where Delgado seemingly leads.

    I’m not opposed to the idea, but I am opposed to just giving him away. Plus that opens up a LARGE hole at 1B. As bad as he was in ’07, he still had 24 homers and 87 RBI while missing about 3 weeks time.

    Now, I don’t pretend to know what’s going on in that clubhouse, but for some reason it has become the fashionable thing to blame Delgado for whatever ails the Mets.

    Not sure what I believe when it comes to that as I’ve heard whispers pro and con…but there is little the Mets can do to seriously alter the team unless they trade one of the big three.

    Are you willing to do that?

  11. It seems like Delgado would be a decent trade if you can get a young, cheap relief pitcher or starting pitcher. If not, we should hold on to him.

    It seems like hooking up with the Rays to pick up Jackson or Sonnanstine would be a great idea. Likewise trading for Vazquez makes sense. A rotation of Santana, Pelfrey, Vazquez, Maine, Jackson/Sonnanstine would be formidable and not über-expensive. That would allow us to sign K-Rod/Fuentes and maybe Juan Cruz.

  12. David R (8): From everything I’ve read, I believe Burgos is guilty. But in what “real world” are people kicked to the curb because they’re “accused” of something, without being charged?

    I’ve seen teachers, policemen, even clergymen charged with crimes ranging from the mundane to the heinous, but at worst they’re “suspended with pay” until/unless they’re actually found guilty.

    Burgos will be prevented from leaving the DR until his trial, which means no MLB in that period. If he’s convicted, his career is over. But if he’s “not guilty”, there will be teams lining up to give him a MnL deal or ST invite.

    If the Phils had released Myers after his wife-beating charges, do you think he’d be out of baseball? Will the Yankees dump Joba for his DWI?

    Ideally, pro athletes would all be good role models. But one of the things the Mets have been criticized for has been focusing too much on “character”, which is why they dumped Kevin Mitchell and Carl Everett, and even David Cone and Doc Gooden.

    Mitchell went on to become MVP, Everett had some good years, and Doc and David helped the Yankees get to the P-S.

    And THAT is the “real world” of MLB (and all other sports).

  13. Believe what you want……but anyone can make an accusation. I was subject to one myself and was “suspended with pay” and once I was vindicated and my accuser was proven to be a liar, the only reason I didn’t sue my employer for big bucks was that he stuck behind me all the time, otherwise according to my lawyer I was looking at 6 figures and the only reason I didn’t go after my accuser was that the loser didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Mr. Burgos may very well be guilty as hell, but wait until all the evidence is in before passing judgement.

  14. Rather see the Mets sign Fuentes. His Whip is better then K_Rod and he doesnt give up home runs. I think K-Rods better years are behind him.

  15. You’ve got my sympathy, Chucky. Fortunately, you didn’t get “kicked to the curb” based on suspicion.

    I hope Burgos gets whatever he deserves, whether that be conviction or freedom. Let the court decide.

  16. Why is trading our core players the only way to shake up the team?

    A very easy way is to create competition. For example one of the first things the manager did was to play someone new at 1B.

    Is it a coincidence that our #5 hitter started to play well after a week of watching from the bench?

    Same player, same team, different approach, different result.

    If the players have no consequences what is the manager to do when the player does not perform?

    As I have said before we need the following:

    More than the 2 pitchers we have – Johan and Pelf. Can Maine still do it? If so, we still have 2 slots to fill.

    The pen. Keep Smith, everyone else can go. Most likely at least half will be here next year. Go cheap as the more expensive ones play as well as the cheap ones. Only spend on the end game guys.

    Get a bench. Either promote someone from teh minors or get an unknown free agent. Someone like Gotay who is young, has no name and wants to play. Flexibility is good too.

    We need at least one more right handed bat. Too many lefties.

  17. David R (8) I think your reaction is premature, it’s November 5, the GM meetings just began. The content of the roster will change a bit, perhaps not as much as you’d like, but it will change, give it time. Spring Training is more than 3 months away.

  18. (18) I can understand Dave’s trepidation. Although I don’t fall into his level yet, the mere fact that Minaya’s biggest move to shore up the bullpen last year was signing Matt Wise and counting on Duaner Sanchez to return is not somthing which instills much confidence.

    That being said, I’m on record in previous topics that the bullpen’s failure cannot be entirely blamed on Minaya. The Schoeneweis deal was a mistake, as was Mota. Also thinking Sanchez would rebound to be the ’06 version immediately was foolhardy.

    However, NO ONE expected Aaron Heilman to completely implode the way he did. Yes, hew was not as good in ’07 as in previous years, particularly with the long ball…but he literally crashed and burned. Also, Feliciano, who had shown the ability in ’06 and ’07 to be a “cross-over” guy, as Manuel likes to put it, could not get RH out this year to save his life.

    Personally, I think the bullpen needs to be made over, save for Feliciano, Sanchez (see how he looks in ST, Smith, Stokes and maybe Ayala.

    The pen was horrible, no doubt, but I just think last year was one of those years where everything snowballed and once Wagner went down, the roles were so in flux it just made for more chaos.

  19. MIKE (19): I have to disagree. While you cannot blame Omar for the implosion of Heilmann you certainly must blame him for the horrible additions he made to that pen for two years and the horrible decisions he made to send away the high level minor league relievers leaving the Mets with no options to replace the major league bullpen he assemb;ed. You also need to blame him for the horible decision not to try to re-sign Bradford and Oliver. Omar gets an F.
    DavidR (8). Acoountable??? That’s a joke in this franchise. The GM who built a failure of a pen gets a 4 year extension. And you want someone held accountable! Maybe 4 more years of being with little Jeffy is a punishment but I don’t know that for a fact.

  20. What horrible additions to the pen? The only one(s) I can think of were Schoeneweis and Mota. Not poo-pooing it by any means, but the bullpen in ’07 was largely the same as in ’06, minus Oliver and Bradford.

    Omar’s mistake since the end of ’06 as it relates to the bullpen was not reading the reliever market correctly. I couldn’t fault him for not giving Bradford $12mm/3 years, but when other relievers began getting similar deals, he signed Schoenweis to the same thing.

    He deserves plenty of blame, but the ‘pens cracks down the stretch in ’07 were mostly attributed to overuse.

    No one could have predicted that they’d be so bad this season. Not when two of your key guys (Heilman/Feliciano) completely fell apart.

  21. And just so everyone knows, I am not apologizing for Omar Minaya. He deserves PLENTY of blame for what has happened these last two years.

    I just think that bullpen’s are fickle by nature and no one could have envisioned they would have been so poor last year.

    If anything, I blame him more for a bench that has been non-existent the last two years and one that is made up of old and broken down players with little to no pop (outside of Easley).

  22. I do agree that if the “core” (including Delgado) isn’t going anywhere… then really make a wholehearted effort to strengthen the remaining parts. Fix the bench, make people earn their spots, I’m not asking for Manny, just a solid, reliable corner OF that instantly solidifies the bench because of Tatis.

    Let Murphy play 2B in winter ball, and let him keep working at it… get him a solid, reliable, veteran back-up who can play well, and help Murph at the same time.

    And of course, the bullpen.

  23. Mike, good points. Marlon Anderson should not have been on the team last year. They can do better than that. The bench came alive midseason as Easley, Chavez and Tatis all started to hit.

    Yeah bullpens are fickle like that. I thought Aaron Heilman was a good pitcher. Now I can’t stand to see him come into the game. Sanchez, Feliciano, Smith, Schoenweiss, all were disappointments. What can you do? They need to overspend for bullpen help. Its just too demoralizing to lose so many games when you were ahead. Part of the reason for that though is not the bullpen but the fact that they scored so many more runs in the early innnings than in the late innings.

  24. For the bullpen – Sign Juan Cruz, and Joe Beimel. Both would change this Bullpen so much. Now you got a good set-up man and middle man. You get rid of Heilman with a couple others and get Sonnastine or Jackson to compete for the fifth job.

  25. I agree on the Juan Cruz part, Kyle…but I don’t know about Beimel. Only reason I say that is because he’s basically a clone of Feliciano, IMO.

    If a bullpen is in flux, such as the Mets, and the closer position is one of those pieces, you have to either trade/spend large on the closer and then sign one good middle/late guy. IMO, they can’t go crazy by shelling out $30mm to two middle relief guys, that’s insane.

    Sign/trade for a closer, sign Juan Cruz, keep Feliciano, Sanchez (for now), Smith and besides the usual NRIs come spring, let Kunz, Parnell, Stokes and possibly a re-signed Ayala battle it out.

    To Dave R’s point…this, along with the bench, is where the club needs to be “gutted” without getting rid of core players. Dump Heilman and Schoeneweis and completely remake the bench. I can deal with Endy staying…as long as there are no others like him on the bench.

    He’s your 4th/5th OF for defensive purposes. Sign a middle-tier but productive LF and use Tatis as the jack-of-all trades (corner IF and OF) spot-starter and power guy off the bench. Ditto for Murphy, minus the power. If you’re going to keep Ramon Castro on this team, carry three catchers so he can at least PH when needed.

    The guy has lost a lot of shine in my eyes because of his propensity to break down at the worst of times, but he can hit and having a weapon like him off the bench instead of stapled to it would be useful.

  26. I think having Heilman, Schoenweis, Castillo, and Perez not on the ’09 team will make a big difference at the look of it compared to ’07 and ’08. Also adding Murphy, O-dog, and a new closer will give this team a fresher look.

    Sign Biemel, he’s had three great years in a row, get him who cares about money.

  27. Kyle-I certainly don’t care about the money…but the Wilpons may feel differently. No one asked for my opinion, but here’s what my ideal Mets offseason would look like:

    -Sign Derek Lowe or Perez (if price is right)
    -Sign Randy Wolf or trade for one of TBs guys
    -Sign Juan Cruz
    -Sign/trade for LEGIT closer
    -Dump Heilman, Schoeneweis, Marlon Anderson
    -Trade Castillo for whatever you can get and sign Hudson
    -Sign a mid-level OF with some pop to play LF
    -Let young guys develop and use some in ‘pen

    Honestly, outside of the Castillo/Lowe portion…it really shouldn’t be that difficult to plug some holes.

  28. Actually, the bench needs filling too, like I said before.

    It won’t be easy, but hopefully the Mets can be creative in plugging some of these gaps they have.

    Should be interesting, that’s for sure. I just hope Minaya is up to the challenge.

  29. Mike (21) How about besides Schoeneweiss and Mota, Burgos, and Wise….. Plus the horrible subtractions. mis reading the talents of Bell and Lindstrom. That’s a whole blown bullpen. And why was the pen so overused. He got rid of all the minor league depth. He should have been fired just for his development of the world’s worst bullpen. As for 2008, who wouldn’t predict a horrible bullpen adding Wise would not continue to be a horrible bullpen, who wouldn’t predict that a Sanchez out for a year and a half was unlikely to return to form? He is totally responsible for a bad bullpen because he created it.
    Mike (28) Why would tampa Bay trade one of their young pitchers to the Mets for one of our broken down overpaid guys?

  30. I’ll answer the TB portion first. It’s a rumor that’s floating around that has been confirmed. NY is talking to TB about either Edwin Jackson or Andy Sonnanstine. Not sure if it will happen or not, but TB has pitching depth and with Price moving into the rotation next year, they are going to try and trade one of those two.

    They’ve liked Heilman in the past…not so much now, so it would take a bigger package.

    Now, as for the bullpen. Heath Bell had chance after chance after chance here and failed more often than now. Some guys just don’t click in certain places. The trade looks like crap in hindsight…but it was a move that barely merited a mention at the time.

    The Lindstrom/Owens for Vargas/Bostick trade is similar, although more painful. Not the smartest move to trade two flame throwers (though Owens had major surgery and missed all of ’08). That being said, Vargas had a very good rookie campaign in ’05 while Lindstrom and Owens (aside from about 5 games) had not even played in the big leagues. It wasn’t a trade you could severely criticize at the time. He was trading relievers for more rotation depth, something the Mets needed going into ’07 because of Pedro’s injury and not knowing what to expect from Maine/Perez/Pelfrey.

    The Burgos for Bannister swap was fine. Burgos’ numbers with the Mets in ’07 were actually solid. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but the guy was a 22 y/o who was throwing about 100mph…much like the Lindstroms of the world who you complained the Mets traded, only Burgos had big league experience, albeit in KC.

    Brian Bannister is nothing more than Steve Trachsel-lite.

    Minaya deserves blame for each facet of the Mets failures the last two years…but you’re playing Monday Morning QB with these trades.

    I heard PEEP when they actually went down. It wasn’t until Vargas blew up and Lindstrom/Owens had success or when Bannister had a solid ’07 (not so much in ’08 now, did he?) and Burgos needed TJ surgery.

    They turned out to be extremely poor moves, but he did them with the best intentions in mind.

    Out of all his moves regarding the bullpen, the only one I openly scratched my head about was signing Mota to the extension AFTER he had tested positive for a banned substance…that was just asinine.

    Otherwise, it’s been bad luck and injuries.

  31. I’ll also get on Minaya for the Sanchez scenario and not grabbing one more bona fide guy to put in the pen following ’07.

    The reason I don’t totally crap all over him is like I said a few posts up, outside of the final few weeks, the bullpen in ’07 was solid…nothing like in ’06 but also nothing near as bad as ’08.

    Heilman, despite his HR tendencies, had a solid season from June onward and Feliciano and Wagner were very good as well. The issue was the rotation, which just didn’t pitch deep enough into games.

    The pen was fried by mid-Sept.

    So, yes, Minaya should have brought in another legit reliever just to reinforce the pen. But, he (foolishly) expected Sanchez to come back strong.

    However, did you expect Heilman’s ERA to jump more than 2 runs? How about Feliciano who went from a legit RH/LH guy to someone who couldn’t get RHs out? And then Wagner got hurt and even when he wasn’t, he had blown 7 saves.

    That’s why I’m not as harsh on Minaya when it comes to the bullpen…last offseason. I’m on record now as saying it needs to be stripped down outside of 3 guys.

  32. Mike (31); You prove my point about Omar’s failures on several points. Bell was given sporadic chances one failure go to Norfolk. Given a chance he is a great set-up man. Omar gets an F.
    The point about Owens/.Lindstrom is that Omar got rid of all his depth, leaving the system with no options. he needed his 7 man pen to perfect. Again Omar gets an F.
    The Burgos trade was not fine. Burgos couldn’t handle the pressure of KC, while Bannister showed he could handle NY. Omar gets a double F. He got a nut and gave up a stavble mature young pitcher.
    I am not playing Monday morning QB. You can ask the guys from the rag site Delcos used to be at. I’ve been blasting Omar’s failures as a GM since I learned to blog.
    You can say every GM makes a move with the best intentions. I don’t think I ever heard a GM say I made this move to screw up my team. But the fact is Omar got an A for the pen in 05/06 building it up, and then he forgot its importance and destroyed it and gets two F form 07 and 08.
    As for your TB runor do you really beleive that TB wants to trade some of its youth for Aaron Heilman. There are 8 million “rumors” in the off season and 7,999,990 are BS. I pu this one there until I see Heilman traded to TB for young pitchers.
    What did I expect from Heilman. I didn’t expect his ERA to jumpo but I did expect him to continue to fail in tight situations as he had done in 07.
    I also noted two years in a row that Minaya slept thru the trading deadline knowing just what you said that his starters weren’t going deep and he needed more arms, but not Omar. He’s done when the FA season is over and the scrap heap is done. He should never have been given 4 years either. The Wilpns sent a clear message to the team. The only one to be punished is the guy who makes the Mets look bad in the press. Otherwise failure is only measured at the gate, not on the field.

  33. The pen was fine in 07. They blew up in Sep because the starters sucked.

    Last year the pen sucked. Not sure what Omar felt about Sanchez, but I was saying all last offseason and spring that he would not be lights out. I just did not expect him to be a complete waste of a spot.

    The best way to help the pen is not have starters who go 5 innings and call it good. I know some here who disagree with me on that, but there it is.

    One thing I do agree with is that if you find a player who can handle NY you keep him. Not everyone can deal.

  34. Harry: We’re never going to agree on this, but I’m going to counter-counter point.

    Bell was given sporadic chances one failure go to Norfolk. Given a chance he is a great set-up man. Omar gets an F.

    Bell pitched in 42 games with the Mets in ’05 and had an ERA of 5.59. 42 games. Not 10, not 12, not 6.


    The next year, he pitched in 22 games and had an ERA of 5.11. The pen was fabulous that year so he couldn’t get much of and didn’t deserve a shot. That’s 64 games over two years for a young player on a contending team.

    He got plenty of chances.
    The point about Owens/Lindstrom is that Omar got rid of all his depth, leaving the system with no options. he needed his 7 man pen to perfect. Again Omar gets an F.

    Again…they got rid of a pitcher (Lindstrom) who posted an ERA of 3.73 in AA. Yes, he threw hard and had upside. So do a lot of guys. I repeat, they traded two relievers from their minor league system for a SP (Vargas), who was young, LH, and had a solid ’05 rookie campaign. And, I repeat again…what was more of an issue heading into 2007, the bullpen, which was the best in baseball in 2006, or the rotation, which was not going to have Pedro and was counting on a 41 y/o to be it’s ace backed up by someone who lost 13 games (Ollie) and a guy who had 3 months of success (Maine). Yeah, very shortsighted trade.

    Burgos couldn’t handle pressure of KC? Where the hell do you come up with that? You mean because a 21 y/o who was closing games at the MLB level instead of pitching in AAA like he should have been didn’t pitch well? Burgos has issues and he will more than likely never pitch for the Mets again…but you knew this 2 years ago right? That he was going to beat his girlfriend and run two people over.

    And yes…Brian Bannister. The Brian Bannister who had the most deceptive 4.26 ERA in ’06 of anyone around, considering his WHIP was 1.50. That 9-16, 5.87 season he had pitching in the dreaded AL Central last year sure would have been useful.

    As for your TB runor do you really beleive that TB wants to trade some of its youth for Aaron Heilman. There are 8 million “rumors” in the off season and 7,999,990 are BS. I pu this one there until I see Heilman traded to TB for young pitchers.

    You’re right…most rumors are BS. This one isn’t. David Price is being moved into the rotation. The Rays need to dump one of Sonnanstine and Jackson. Therefore, the Mets and Rays have talked about a trade. I never said it was going to be for Heilman and Heilman alone. And for the record, you severely undervalue his worth.

    He’s nothing spectacular, but he’s gotten the job done before, has shown he can get RH/LH out and throws 95mph. I want him gone because I think his brain is shot here in NY and the whole bullpen needs re-doing. Not because I don’t think he can be successful again.

    I also noted two years in a row that Minaya slept thru the trading deadline knowing just what you said that his starters weren’t going deep and he needed more arms, but not Omar.

    And who were these season-changing relievers that were dealt in ’07 and ’08? Eric Gagne? Damaso Marte? Why would Minaya give up, say a Daniel Murphy or an F-Mart or Niese for a middle reliever? For the record, the Mets bullpen in ’07 was fine up until the end of the season…when they were burnt out. This past year, they could have used someone for sure, but not at the cost of valuable prospects. You do that for closers…not middle relief.

  35. Maybe Omar didn’t make major trades at this year’s deadline, but he was certainly working the phones trying. Yes, I’m disappointed that he didn’t get “the” guy, but neither did anyone else. The Yankees traded some good prospects to get the Pirates to include Marte in the Nady deal, and Marte flopped big time.

    He did bring in Stokes, Ayala, and Rincon, but with no real closer that wasn’t enough. Still, I’d rather what he did (or didn’t) than making a move like Izzy-for-Taylor a few years back.

    At least we still have the chips he’d have dealt to overpay for someone else’s Marte, which will come in handy this Winter.