Relaxin’ and chattin’ on a Sunday ….

Giants trying to open big lead in division.

Giants trying to open big lead in division.

For the longest time, I looked at the first Sunday after the World Series as the start of the football season. Sure, we’re eight weeks in, but it’s a chance to channel surf without having to worry about missing a pitch.

The Hot Stove Season will really kick with rumors this week. Watched some of the Jets this afternoon and ready for Giants-Cowboys. Giants are defending their title well with the exception of their meltdown in Cleveland.

The win today, and Washington loses tomorrow night against the Steelers – a real possibility – then they would have gone a long way toward locking down their division.

24 thoughts on “Relaxin’ and chattin’ on a Sunday ….

  1. How come FOX can’t wait until Titans kick the field goal before switching to Giants? One play won’t kill them.-JD

  2. How about that Abreu rumor in the Post today! I didn’t see much of Abreu since he was on the Yankees and I’d rather watch a soap opera than the Yankees. Wait… nevermind :)

  3. 1st quarter/8:47 left: Great opening drive. Cowboys look real confused. It a rivalry game like this, you want to make a statement early and that’s what the Giants have done.-JD

  4. Isn’t there language in the contract that TV must change to the market team (Giants in this case) regardless of what’s going on in the other game? But it is a frustrating rule.

  5. Dan (4): There is. But, let the guy kick the field goal. All get is lame pre-game. And, commerials, of coure.-JD

  6. If the Giants can get a TD after the interception, then they really have the Cowpokes in big trouble,

  7. What are you thoughts on the NFL wanting to add two regular season games and go with only two pre-season games. Is two weeks enough time to get players ready?-JD

  8. They don’t have any “exhibition” games in college football, do they? Or in open-wheel racing (NA$CAR has “Speedweek” before the Daytona 500 so they do have an exhibition).
    My objection to increasing the length of the NFL season would be the physical damage done to the players. Many of the greatest players in history: Johnny Unitas, Harry Carson, Earl Campbell, etc have health problems after their careers are done. It can only intensify if we expand the schedule. But no sports league ever leaves money on the table when they have a chance to make more. As Bob Dylan sang “Money doesn’t talk, it swears”.

  9. Wow! 14-0 already?!

    The only televised game in my area is Seahawks-Eagles. The Seahawks are up by 7 at the end of the first quarter and are in command. That’s pretty sad considering that the ‘hawks suck and are playing with the backup QB. That’s good news for the G-Men.

    Anyone see the Titans-Packers game today? The Titans are tough. Games are won on the line of scrimmage and the Titans are tremendous in that area on both sides of the ball.

    I’m happy for them because I’ve always liked Kerry Collins. He led the Giants to a Super Bowl and is a feel-good story.

  10. Patrick (10): I saw some of it. It’s hard to believe Titans are undefeated. Looking forward to Colts-Patriots tonight. Rivalry has lost some juice, but should still be good.-JD

  11. Is Kerry Collins the greatest QB ever to come out of Penn State? Which is like naming the greatest Mets third baseman before David Wright…OOps..Cowpokes got a TD off an interception return.

  12. Looking at the reaction, Plaxico Burress blew the route. Oh well, he looks good with the red cap. Worn off to the side to look especially cool.-JD

  13. JD (13):
    I saw the replay on a “game break.” Eli threw the ball deliberately which makes me think Plaxico blew the route.

  14. Do you think Eli might be freezing out Burress? He hasn’t looked his way since the pick.-JD

  15. I’m watching the game on the dreaded “GameCast,” but it looks like the Giants would be dominating if not for the interception. Hopefully they can regain the TD surrended by the interception.

    On the bright side, the Cowboy’s defense has been on the field quite a bit so hopefully they’ll be tired in the second half.

  16. The Eagles just took a 7 point lead with 40 seconds left in the half.

    They will probably control the second half because the Seahawks are simply horrible. Let’s hope the Giants win today and the Steelers rebound tomorrow.

  17. Is there such a thing as a good back up QB in the NFL anymore? I know the usual answer is “salary cap causes the problem” and I’m sure that is part of it. But has football changed that much in 30 years that even a good team can’t find anyone to take over if the star QB goes down like what happened to the Cowboys and maybe to the Patriots (certainly did to the Jets in recent years when Testeverde and Pennington were injured).
    Not that I am complaining about the Cowboys getting those $150,000 PSLs, Texans!. Jerry Jones makes greedy people like Mara and Tisch junior look altruistic (which they aren’t).

  18. Dan (20): Good question. Who really knows? What were the expectations of Tom Brady when Drew Bledsoe was injured for New England?-JD

  19. I was just thinking of contenders in my youth of the late 1960s/early 1970s. If Bart Starr got injured (1965 playoff game against Colts) they had Zeke Bartkowski. In the late 1960s the Colts had Earl Morrall backing up Unitas. Morrall ended up with Dolphins in early 1970s and QB’d most of the regular season games in 1972. The Redskins had Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer. Oakland had George Blanda backing up Lamonica. My understanding is colleges play more pro formation than they did back then so they can recruit high school QNs. The NFL doesn’t have de facto restrictions on Black QBs like they did under Rozelle. Yet the talent pool seems thinner. But it could be old fogeyism on my part.

  20. There some good back ups in the NFL, and every team didn’t have one in the good old days. David Carr is a god back-up. Johnson is better than he showed today. The guy was dead meat when the Giants took the lead and shut down the boys’ running game early.
    Jeff Garcia did a great job as Eagle bacvk up when McNabb went down but the thing is today when a backup shows his stuff he’s a FA and gets a staerting job. It used to be the team owned tese guys like in old baseball and they couldn’t leave.