On The Table: The Indispensible Met.

Let’s go under the assumption the Mets won’t break up their core, meaning David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and now, Carlos Delgado, will be around to hopefully torment NL pitchers or frustrate you guys with RISP.

The Mets don’t have a deep farm system, but there is talent down below.

Of this group, F-Mart, Niese, Parnell, Kunz and Murphy, who is the Met you’d least like to deal?

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  1. I have seen all five at Binghamton, and here is how I break them down for the I would least like to deal rankings.

    1. Fernando Martinez – I still feel that he has an advanced approach for his age. He hits the outside pitch to the opposite field, and he pulls the inside pitch. His biggest weakness with that inside pitch is developing the strength to pull it for power. I think that comes this year.
    2. Daniel Murphy – Murphy is a glue guy for a lineup. He has a great approach and he makes pitchers work. In addition, after seeing him at second base, I’d take the shot with him there. He’s by no means a plus there, but he’s not a butcher either. I wouldn’t slot him there for certain, but I also wouldn’t rule it out depending on who is available in the offseason.
    3. Jon Niese – Jon is a pitcher, not a thrower. I worry that his fastball will keep in the backend of a rotation, but regardless, there is no question that he’ll be rotation worthy over the life of his career.
    4. Robert Parnell – I like him a ton, as a reliever. He just isn’t consistent enough with his repertoire to throw out there every five days. I think he can be a very good setup man, as early as this year.
    5. Eddie Kunz – I’m not sold on him because of his struggles against lefties.

  2. I think that no one on that list should be untouchable. If you had to trade 3 or 4 of them for another top of the rotation pitcher that under contract for a few more years I do it. The same would hold true about a slugger for LF or RF. No one is a can’t miss.

  3. If Murphy is kept as a second baseman, no matter who bad he is defensively, I’d probably consider him the Met I’d least want to trade. If the plan is for him to be in the outfield and stay there I’d hate to deal him but I’d rather have Fernando Martinez.

    I’ve said it on various blogs but I just don’t think Kunz is that good. Nothing about him is impressive.

    And Parnell is a reliever, and Niese is a backend starter, meh.

  4. F-Mart should be untouchable right now. He is so young it is not worth moving him for the return we would get. Let the kid, and yes he IS a young kid, develop for 2 more years before we start thinking about him in anyone’s major league uniform.

  5. I’m ready to actively shop Fernando Martinez. I’d like to get something for him before he turns out to be another Lastings Milledge. Eddie Kunz doesn’t seem likely to help anytime soon (if at all) so he can go too.

    Daniel Murphy is the guy I’m least willing to deal, because he should be able to help in 2009. Jon Niese and Robert Parnell may also be useful next season.

    I’d be willing to move any of them in the right deal, though.

  6. Tough to get rid of young talent. That is what is lacking on the team. Too many guys above 30. I would trade Kunz but I can’t see getting much for him because he is still unproven. Murphy is the type of guy you want on this team because as a hitter he has so much upside. He works the counts which is what the Mets need.

    Niese is a left which is a huge plus for the Mets rotation. Parnell and F-Mart need to stay with this team to help build a core of young players that can join Wright and Reyes.

    I read somewhere that Omar claims there are other “gems” in the system. Use these “gems” for trade bait.

  7. No one should be “untouchable”

    But I do caution people who are getting down on Fernando Martinez. Yes, he’s shown a propensity to get hurt…not good.

    But there is another Met who had similar problems at roughly the same age.

    He’s now a two-time All-Star and our starting SS.

  8. I dont want to let any of them go.

    but of this group i want to keep Murphy the most. He tries. He seems to be good at the plate. Did well in the OF after never playing there before and seems to be ok in winter ball at 2B.

    He is a heart of the order type of hitter who needs to learn to hit lefties. He can help us now. He did last year.

    The pitchers may be able to help in a minor role next year and FMart is just not ready.

    The thing is I dont know what we would get back, but for right now I would keep Murph certainly and entertain the thought of dealing any of the others for the right deal.

  9. Other gems I GUESS are Dillon Gee, Dylan Owen, Ruben Tejada (although I can’t see a team taking a risk on an 18 year old kid who struggled even though it was High A ball), Josh Thole, Mike Carp, Michael Antonini, Scott Moviel, and Brant Rustich.

    Although the only circumstance I can see these guys being traded are for a crappy reclamation project or an incredibly overpaid guy while taking all the salary.
    For example I could see a Dillon Gee and Mike Carp for Javier Vazquez type of trade.
    A Mike Carp for Mark Lowe of the Mariners seems realistic to me.

  10. there are others. there is a ss who was in A ball i think who hit well above 300 and the guy tajesh was flying on him.

    it seems that many of our guys who are doing well were in A or below last year.

    we have a few teanagers who look really good for the little they have played.

    not many will be able to help us next year tho except perhaps a reliever or two.

    we will have to go outside for a closer and probably a set up guy.

    does anyone hope sanchez can do anything at all next year?

    at this time last year many here were talking as if he were the best pen guy we had.

  11. Well the other three really young guys are not only worth keeping but I don’t see organizations accepting them in trades (atleast in this offseason). Those three are Wilmer Flores, Cesar Puello, and Jeffry Marte.

  12. I was going to say I am not going to comment on the farm system because I know nothing about how well they did. But that’s never stopped Mike Francesa.

  13. John, Its funny you didnt add Evans to your list. He and Murphy were co-minor leaguers of the year. Anyway, Murphy is a keeper, Unless its for an ace pitcher I want to see him stay a Met for years to come. I like his grit. He has the skills to be a very good number 3 hitter IMO.

  14. I would not trade any of them.
    Murphy, Parnell and Niese could all make the team out of spring training.
    Even though I think Parnell and Niese should start the season in Buffalo.
    F-Mart and Kunz for different reasons do not have peak trade value right now.
    If F-Mart and Kunz play well at Buffalo they could help the team at midseaon or be used in a trade deadline deal.
    F-Mart is only 20. Sometimes you just have show a little patience.

    This should be an interesting offseason.
    Has Omar learned that overpaid over the hill veterans are not the answer.

  15. Parnell and Niese are nothing special. I like both of them alot and I’ve known those names for alot longer than most people but they’re nothing special. If they could be traded for something special, why not go for it?

  16. benny (17): We really don’t know the upside of anybody on this list. They could all bust or boom. But, if they can get an established ML pitcher, I would include either Parnell or Niese in a package. But, that pitcher has to be young, too. The Mets have had a lot of age in their rotation over the past five years and they need to get younger. Pelfrey and Maine are good starts.-JD

  17. I’d say Murphy just b/c he showed such incredible patience as a rookie. Of course, it was only about 100 ABs, so nothing is guaranteed.

    Ultimately though I agree that generally, no prospect is untouchable, especially not for quality pitching. And is F-Mart, assuming he has the skills, ever going to stay healthy enough to be a star?

  18. If you look at FMart this year he has shown issues at the plate. His BA is about 280, his power is very low.

    As others have said he is young and has been injured. He may turn out to be a great player and may turn out to be nothing special.

    I don’t think he can help for at least 2 years. If they don’t have patience trade him now for something real good.

  19. dave (21): Of the three, F-Mart, Milledge and Gomez, the Mets kept Martinez, figuring he had the highest upside. But, how much playing time did he get when the rosters were expanded, Sept. 1? Exactly. He’s not going to go from Double-A to the majors.-JD

  20. Fernando Martinez is the same age as a college freshman.
    Although 2009 has to be the season we stop using his age as an excuse.

  21. JD

    yes. He was the one they kept and from your reporting no one cared about Lastings.

    Carlos has the best D of the three and probably the weakest bat, but they won.


    We shall see. By the way since you seem to be up on the minors – what other OF do we have?

  22. Trading the farm for a coener outfieler is just bad genral managing. You want a corner outfielder there are olts of them to buy every year. You ant an outfielder buy burrell or Anderson or…
    Now if you can trade for top pitching like last year, that’s a different story, unless of course you can buy CC. But there’s more OFers out there than good pitchers. Use the farm for pitchers only.
    I can’t beleive I said buy Burrell, but I’d rather buy him than trade the farm for an outfielder.

  23. dave (10)

    You are talking about Wilmer Flores and a lot of baseball guys have taken notice. The minor league guru over at ESPN.com has him ahead of F-Mart as the Mets best prospect…

  24. Bryan,

    yes. Benny mentioned him. i have only read about him in the minor league blogs. he is very young and killing the leagues he has been in.

    perhaps he can play 2b in a few years?

  25. Flores is too young to be making predictions about right now, in my opinion. He’s already 6’3″ pretty tall for a teenager so who knows how tall he’ll really get. That makes him already too tall for SS.

    Dvae (24): As far as other outfielders go, ehh, nothing. Cesar Puello is pretty good. Obviously, F-Mart. But everyone else is old for the league they’re in and destined to either be a career minor leaguer or 5TH outfielder type. The best of that bunch is probably Caleb Stewart, but the dude is 26 years old.
    From what I’ve read, scouts kinda like these kids named Sean Ratliff and Kirk Nieuwenhuis, but ehh, who knows, I don’t think they’e anything that stands out. Nothing to look forward/depend on.
    I guess besides those guys the guy even remotely close to standing out is Ezequiel Carrera. He has some speed, decent pop, can take a walk. We’ll see… he’s 21 years old.

  26. John, I think you’re wrong about going from AA to the majors. I think this is the direct route for most prospects in the Met organization. I’m trying to think of the last legitimate Met prospect to spend a full season in AAA before his initial call-up. Heilman?