Mets free-agent update ….

The following Mets have filed for free agency as of today:

Today (Nov. 1):
-RHP Orlando Hernandez: Nice knowing you.

Friday (Oct. 31):
-RHP Pedro Martinez: Would want him back as a fifth starter.
-Moises Alou: Say good-bye, but you know Omar.
-RHP Tony Armas: No interest.
-RHP Luis Ayala: Would re-sign for bullpen depth, but if it doesn’t work out no real loss.
-INF Ramon Martinez: Would be interested for bench depth, but no worries if it didn’t happen.
-LHP Ricardo Rincon: Being lefty helps him.

Thursday (Oct. 30):
-LHP Oliver Perez: You know what he is. Will be pricey.
-INF Damion Easley: I’ve always liked him, but don’t see him returning.
-RHP Matt Wise: Good-bye.

11 thoughts on “Mets free-agent update ….

  1. dave (1): I’m open to Pedro because you can never have enough pitching. As a fifth starter, it can only hurt if he keeps somebody better away. However, there’s no telling Joe Niese, or anybody else for that matter, is ready.-JD

  2. i absolutely agree.

    it is just with Pedro, there is a certain deference to him. I am afraid that if he has issues they will give him more rope than he deserves giving away another season.

    the past 2 years we lost by one game. one of those games could have been early in the season when it is still ‘early’.

  3. The Mets need to start moving forward. All due respect to Pedro, but as the other Dave pointed, he will end up getting more rope than he deserves (ie keep trotting him out there even if he is ineffective). It is time to move on.

    This team failed the last two seasons. I need to see real changes on the team (aside from “tweaking”the bullpen) to take this off-season seriously.

  4. Everyone on that list (perhaps with the exception of Easley and OP) are “slam dunk” jettison away from NY as fast as possible.

    Again the look of this team needs to change. SOME of the stink from the past two seasons needs to be removed (since Omar has no intention IMO to do something like trade Delgado, or release Castillo).

  5. I think this team has had enough of pedro’s BS.The team that signs pedro better be ready to put up with his usual and many DL stints.I believe pedro is done as far as baseball is concerned.

  6. Ramon Martinez was a real hustler down the stretch. Would you take him over Easley on the bench?

  7. The problem with JD’s theory of “just throw Pedro into the mix in case there’s no one better” is that he is not a non-roster invitee hit on your payroll. He will command millions, and if that prevents the Mets from signing a better option then it is not the right move. And yes, I know they COULD spend more money, but we know they have a budget. If Pedro wants back in for nice and cheap, fine; if not, find me someone who won’t get blitzed in the first inning every start.

  8. My impression of Pedro since his signing here is that he’s got a lot of pride, and would walk away from the game if he can’t perform.

    I’d offer him a low guarantee with incentives, and let him compete for the #5 SP job in ST. If he wants too much, wave goodbye. If he wins a job, it buys MnL time for Niese/Parnell. If he falls apart in May, bring up the best of the MnLers.

    If he’s healthy, and he appeared to be from August on, he could be the pitching version of Tatis. For the #5 spot, it’s worth a shot.

  9. Pedro needs to go. It hurts the team psychologically to have players of Pedro’s stature not perform and/or get hurt. I would bet quite a bit that Pedro will get hurt next year.

    Last year, we would have been much better off had Alou not been on the team at all – even if we started the year with the same lf’s, there isn’t the psychological hit of losing a clubhouse leader/living legend. We really need to say goodbye to the aging, made of glass players that have characterized our team during the last few years.

  10. IMO, JK hits the nail on the head.

    I love Pedro and will always enjoy the time I was able to watch him pitch with the Mets, but it’s a MINDSET that needs to change with this team almost as much as bringing in more talent.