4 thoughts on “Chat Room updates ….

  1. dave (1): Maybe you can pop in during the Giants game. If not, there will be others. Take care and good luck.-JD

  2. I can’t make it tomorrow night since I will be suffering thru the Islanders vs Blue Jackets game. Came you believe there were more Canadiens fans than Islanders fans last night? Even more Habs fans than the Rangers draw at the Mausoleum. And with the comeback/choke job in the third period…wow!!!Long season in Uniondale and little to be excited about except possibly Okposo. 25 years ago the Islanders were what I always wanted the Mets to be. Now they may be worse than any Mets team I’ve ever seen.
    Might be able to make second half of Giants vs Cowboys. Does Jessica Simpson watch these games when her boyfriend isn’t playing?