Mets bring back Delgado, Tatis; Perez files.

Delgado: Mets pick up option; he's not going anywhere. (Photo: Mets)

Delgado: Mets pick up option; he's not going anywhere. (Photo: Mets)

The Mets picked up the $12 million option on first baseman Carlos Delgado, signed outfielder Fernando Tatis for $1.7 million, and learned Oliver Perez filed for free-agency where he stands to make much more.

By acting quickly, the Mets are addressing their offensive obligations before concentrating on pitching.

Bringing back Delgado should stifle most of the trade rumors and signing Tatis should lessen the need to go after an outfielder this winter (toward that end, Pat Burrell rejected a two-year, $22-million package from the Phillies).

Delgado, who made $16 million last year, turned around his season, and that of the Mets, with a hot second half, and over the final 85 games hit 27 homers with 80 RBI to merit MVP consideration. Tatis, who hit .297 with 11 homers and 47
RBI, is expected to share left field with Daniel Murphy.

Meanwhile, on the first day of the FA filing period, Perez, Damion Easley and reliever Matt Wise all filed.

9 thoughts on “Mets bring back Delgado, Tatis; Perez files.

  1. How is picking up the option on Delgado going to “stifle” the trade talk? If they didn’t pick it up…he was an FA and not their property to begin with.

    Now, I put the actual chance of him being traded at about 10% for a multitude of reasons, which you have stated yourself, but it’s still not a slam dunk he’s in a Met uniform come February.

  2. Mike (1): That’s not what I meant. There are those saying the Mets should have signed Delgado to an extension and trade him (with the new contract). Since they just picked up the option, that’s not going to happen.-JD

  3. If the answers to the offense are Tatis and Delgado, then Omar should really find something else to do with his life.

    If Tatis is anything more than an RH stick,occasional start corner OF off the bench, then Omar has failed miserably again.

  4. i think people are underestimating how much the mets need to acquire a Right hand hitting power bat
    we dont now how church will perform but he will be the starter in right
    in left id like to see this bat
    counting on tatis for more than a bench role is ?able and i dunno about murph out there just yet

  5. Wise filed for free agency. Say it ain’t so. He was the guy Omar tagged to save the pen!

  6. If the Mets have the money, flip gado for pitching and go after Texeira. Gado is gone after 09 anyway. Tatis is a real solid sign for a right handed bat off the bench who can play any of the corner infield or outfield positions. One of the few times you’ll catch me agreeing with Omar.

  7. I agree Chucky about Tatis. But who will you trade Delgado too? I think he has no trade value. Old guy with hight salary and FA in a year anyway. You get little in return. And do you trade him and pray you get Tex or do you get Tex and further lower Delgado’s trade value afterward. And what makes you think he’s come here? Can Minaya outbid Hankee the Yankee?

  8. I dont think JD is saying Tatis and Delgado are the answer to the season.

    They are necessary housekeeping chores that were attended to early. We know who our first baseman is and we have at the very least a bench option for the outfield and possibly someone to spell David at third.

    The team needs to decide what they want to do with Murph. Will they put him in RF as a platoon? Will they put him at 2b?

    These moves allow us to focus on the pitching we need rather than get distracted by more peripheral issues.