Do you want Perez back?

Perez files: Do you want him back?

Perez files: Do you want him back?

The fastest Oliver Perez moved all year was to file for free agency. I don’t think he took time to skip over the foul lines, either.

Perez will test the market, and the numbers I’m hearing are $15 million a year over five to start. With Scott Boras, that could be on the low side.

The guy is 27 with potentially dominating stuff. When he’s on he can blow away hitters. When he’s off he needs a guide dog to find the plate.

Well, you watched him enough. You know the good and the bad, and we’ve all seen the ugly.

Do you want him back or not?

19 thoughts on “Do you want Perez back?

  1. no.

    no, because i didn’t see enough emotional growth to have a sense that he’ll be able to master his emotions and gain some consistency.
    he can’t keep being “coin toss” at the price The Great $atan is going to demand for his services.

  2. For two months last season we saw what Oliver Perez could be, but won’t. He is just not consistant at all, and unless he lowers his demands, goodbye.

  3. I’ll take Ollie back at a good value, but I wouldn’t go 15M and 5 years on him.

    I heard that Ryan Dempster is a free agent and may not resign w/ the Cubs. He is 31, keeps the ball on the ground, and strikes out a little less than 1 batter/inning. Don’t know if he can be had, but I’d like Omar to investigate.

  4. My lasting impression of Ollie will be the last game he pitched in a Met uniform. You all remember that game against the cubs. One of the most important games of the year. Delgado hit a grand salami and we were so happy. Until Perez gave the lead right back.
    You cant trust this guy. Seeya, Ollie.

  5. I’ll take him back at 75/5. And hope that he actually learns something about bearing down. 27 year old hard throwing lefties are hard to find. I’d take a chance. Not my money.

  6. Sadecki: His last game was the last game. He pitched 5 shut out innings matched by the Met offense and gave up 2 in the 6th before being taken out. A far better closing game than Hallof Famer Tom glavine gave us!

    As for wishing him away, why so fast, when you don’t have a clue who will replace him and you can’t deny the fact that he pitched very well against the top teams almost all the time. It would be different if we had a farm filled with live 23 year old arms but we don’t.
    PS: Delcos I liked your line about him declaring!

  7. As for wishing him away so fast 15 mil a year is a lot of money for a pitcher you hope will do well v.s one you know will do well. You can do a lot more with that 15 mil than on a pitcher you really can’t count on.

    If there was a crystal ball to measure when the success is going to come you might consider it but he’s truly so up and down it’s hard to justify that kind of money.

  8. Chiti, I stand corrected on Ollies last start. Why do I want him gone? First of all, I dont think he really wants to be here. He didnt waste a minute to declare as a FA. Second, He is looking for Ace money and He is definitely not an ace. If you are going to give him 15 mil, why not up it to 20 mil and get Sabathia?

  9. This is off topic but Daniel Murphy and Carlos Muniz signed with the Leones de Ponce (Ponce Lions) in the Puertorrican Winter League.

  10. If the cost for Ollie is 5 yrs @ 15 mil then offer him arbitration and hope some other team is stupid enough to pay him that much. 2 draft picks are worth more than 5 yrs of his act.
    I would rather see the Mets finish 2nd again the pay him that much.
    I know team chemistry is over rated but I bet at least a few guys in the Met clubhouse will not miss him.
    Ollie is not a core player. In fact he is not even a career 500 pitcher.
    I will say the same thing I said about Glavine last year.
    Better a year too early than a year too late.

  11. No when……we needed him most….the last game of the season, he lost to a non contender. He did good for the first five but I expect more than that. That’s not the type of guy I want pitching for my team. No losers need apply.

  12. Chucky: I hate to ruin the hate on Ollie parade but Ollie did not lose the last game of the season. Sorry to tell you that. Try Omar’s favorite bullpen signee… Scott Schoeneweis. And in case you didn’t follow the season the Marlins were in fact contenders in 08 unlike in 07 when Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine couldn’t get thru the first against what was truly a non contender.
    Sadecki: I agree if you spend 15 mil on Ollie then spend 20 or so for CC. But I only hear old Derek Lowe and from you the Wolf man. If I had to choose Lowe or Wolfy I’d pick Lowe but I knopw he’s much too young for Minaya to chase when he can have a guy who will be in his 40’s when the contract is over. And if true Manny turned down 30 a year, 15 mil might seem like minimum wage in a month or two. I will second Benny’s thoughts on OP.

  13. I’m not suggesting the Mets should let Ollie take them to the cleaners, or that I have tremendous faith when he pitches, but the Mets have 2 very big rotation holes right now, and we could be longing for the days of Coin Flip when some rookie (like Neise) or a retread (like Brian Lawrence) is starting huge games late in the season and getting knocked around. You also have to consider that Maine might not be healthy and/or Pelfrey unable to continue his success. The point is that if Ollie bolts, the Mets are gonna have to lay out the cash for someone to replace him (and another someone IMO).

  14. Question to all who don’t want to pay a lot for OP… So say you say goodbye Ollie, aren’t the remaining free agent pitchers like Lowe and Dempster going to to take the Mets to the cleaners because they all know the Mets have nobody on the farm and the Mets will need 2 starters, not one? And do you think these guys will ask less than OP, and if so, why would they?

  15. I like OP a whole lot,but my humble opinion is he’s not worth 15 million. maybe 10 mil is more realistic.

  16. Max I’d go for Perez is 4/52.

    If he wants more…bye-bye and collect the two draft picks. The guy has electric stuff and has shown he can step up. But of course, there’s the flip-side and even in this pitching-thirsty market, you can’t give this guy an average of $15mm/year.

    That being said…push hard early and maybe they’ll get lucky. Who knows how the current fiscal crisis will impact this offseason?

  17. at 75 mil for 5 years i want draft picks. is he a type A?

    i would do 3 yrs at 12 per or 2 at about 14 or less.

    i think what you see is what you get. I do not think he will ever be the pitcher he could be given his physical gifts.

    i think he is about a 500 pitcher. someone who will give you 10 to 15 wins per season and lose almost or perhaps more than he loses.

    in the postseason he can shut out the other team if you get that far or blow up in a few innings.

    i like the guy. i think he is a good met. i think his agent is intent on getting as much as possible for him and if the team is sane they will be luke warm to that idea. that is certainly going to make him mad at a personal level.

    i think he is gone and we will get some picks.