What about Griffey?

Griffey: Would he fit in for a year?

Griffey: Would he fit in for a year?

This time, Ken Griffey would be a full-season rental. The White Sox will not re-sign Griffey, making him a free agent and available to the Mets.

Griffey falls into the category of an old player with an injury history, just the type GM Omar Minaya has been criticized of pursuing. Even so, he hit 18 homers with 71 RBI in 490 at-bats, so there’s still life in his bat.

Griffey has never been enamored with New York, but that was the Yankees. Griffey would only cost the Mets money, and a lot less than they’d pay for Manny Ramirez or Adam Dunn. The best thing is they won’t have to dip into their farm system.

So, if they want a rental bat for a year, Griffey could be a viable alternative. He doesn’t make the Mets younger, but improves their bench and outfield for a minimal cost.

17 thoughts on “What about Griffey?

  1. I’d take a chance but don’t sign marlon then.

    Hasn’t Griffey said he doesn’t like NY? I see him returning to Seattle then retiring.

  2. I love Ken Griffey Jr. with all my heart, he is one of my favorite players and I think he is one of the favorite players for most baseball fans.
    Ken Griffey Jr. however, is done. HORRIBLE on the field. He’s the worst CF and is still VERY bad in the corners.
    It’s such a shame too. It makes me sad how un productive he is.

  3. Griffey is about as washed up as can be. He has lost alot of pop and his defense is a joke. Plus you can add in the fact that he’s a clubhouse cancer.

  4. JD- people coming on to bash others….now you know the blog is getting popular! congrats hah

  5. For all the reasons stated by all, I expect Minaya to make a serious run and offer at least a two year deal, and by the way pvhornet (1) Marlon is already signed thru next year. Another fine multi-year deal by Minaya.

  6. Oh god, stop it. He’s not signing Griffey and I will SHOCKED if an offer is even made.
    Hell, i’d even be surprised if he comes up in rumors.

  7. Piazza helped in the recruitment of Todd Zeile, who signed a three-year, $18 million deal last week

    – that line was HILARIOUS

  8. Griffey Jr has been one of my favorite players of the last decade plus. He was the best player of the 1990’s if you only consider clean players (Bonds was better, of course).

    I’d love to see him in a Mets uniform, but he fits too much into the problem of the last few years: past his prime and brittle.

    If it was for a platoon at a low salary, perhaps, but I think he wants to play full-time. I’d recomend that Griffey goes to an AL team like the Rays where he can DH part of the time.

  9. If they’re going to let Alou go, then Griffey would be a reasonable replacement for his spot on the DL.

  10. No thank you. Griffey reminds me of how Willie Mays was with the SF Giants the year before he came to the Mets. Willie was finished and so is Junior. Besides, I bet you see him in Atlanta anyway.

  11. Ed, yeah I remember that he vetoed it, but not because he didn’t like or dislike NY, but because he didn’t have enough time to think about whether to accept the deal. At least that’s what he said at the time. I only remember Benitez being part of the deal…does anyone else remember the other players?

  12. Why are you so sure Benny? Pedro 4 years when his arm had only one left, Julio Franco 47 year old washed up player 2 years, El Duque aged washed up player 2 years, Marlon Anderson washed up PH 2 years, Alou, aged regularly injured player 1 year plus 1 option which of course was taken… You still so sure Benny?