Thank you MLB ….

The World Series will resume tomorrow at the earliest. Thanks for not pushing us through another bad night of rain, wind and cold. Waiting an extra day is the right thing to do. Trying to force it tonight would have been a mess.

The announcement is play will resume at 8:37 p.m., which is truth in advertising. Actually, this would have been a perfect opportunity to try an earlier resumption time, but you can’t have everything.

MLB also gets kudos for an admission of a blown call on Evan Longoria’s tag of Jimmy Rollins. I’ve ripped MLB a number of times on a decline in the quality of umpiring, but an admission of bad calls is a step in the right direction.

10 thoughts on “Thank you MLB ….

  1. Even if they wanted to start earlier they couldn’t because Fox sold a million dollars worth of airtime to the Obama campaign for their 30 minute ad.

    The would have had to delay the game anyway.

  2. Sorry I’m kinda fussy and done with all the political BS. I’m tired of 20 political ads out of 24 ad slots in an hour.

    Next week can’t arrive soon enough.

  3. Living in NY, we haven’t seen a presidential political ad in over a decade. I’m a little jealous frankly….

  4. I onl see political ads when I tune into a show about politics.

    that said why downt they start at midnight?

    I am sure that will allow the critical Hawaii audience to tune in on time.

  5. Nobody likes advertising, but it is a necessary evil for everything from politics to sports. However, I must admit that we are really being blitzed this time. Anyone around here from a state where there is an ‘early vote’?

  6. Oregon is a vote by mail state… our ballots arrived over the weekend… so I can vote anytime in the days leading up.

    I’ll of course wait till the last minute. :)

  7. Sam – I had forgotten about the vote by mail in Oregon – too sensible for the rest of the states to do, right now Florida has had to expand the early vote hours because of the crowds. I just hope we are not in any more trouble with those Florida voters – there’s always something happening there.

    Don’t wait until the last minute – this election seems like it’s been going on forever. :)

  8. I’m realistic to know this election is already over. Change is in the wind. It should be an interesting 4 years.

    I don’t think there will be many issues in Florida this time. They’ve been belittled by a lot of people down there for their election management. They’ve got to bring it up a lot of notches.

  9. I think part of the reason they wouldn’t move the game up is that the sixers have their season opener tonight. They are actually moving the sixers game from 7 to 6 so the games don’t finish at the same time, causing an even bigger mess.