Commentary: I believe Selig, but ….

Message to Bud: Don't pray for it, make it happen.

Message to Bud: Don't pray for it, make it happen.

Bud Selig said it and I believe him.

After Carlos Pena’s single drove in B.J. Upton with the tying run, and the grounds crew practically following him across the plate, Selig said he would have not allowed the Phillies be crowned champions with a rain-shortened victory.

“It’s not a way to end a World Series,” Selig said. “I would not have allowed the World Series to end that way.”

I believe he wouldn’t. He would have played his “best interest in baseball,” card and done the right thing.

Giving that, why couldn’t he have done the right thing earlier? Perhaps not start the game at all, given the forecast? Or, once it started, said, “if we have to stop this, we won’t have a rain-shortened winner?”

The late start times and scheduling are other matters he needs to correct. My thinking is the World Series is the ultimate. It’s baseball’s showcase event, and it should be treated that way. Too often MLB lets those who don’t love it make the decisions and that has to stop.

If Selig’s words are to be believed, he must follow them up with actions that mean something. So far, his legacy as commissioner has been the steroids era, interleague play, new divisional alignments and a work stoppage that killed the 1994 World Series.

Time to change that for the better. Schedule the Series start times so people can see the game, and if worse, to give you more leeway time with the weather. If you don’t like playing this late in October, then you’re going to have to do something about shortening the playoffs?

Since you won’t reduce the number of games, then you must alter the regular season schedule. I have already suggested in these pages to have at least one day-night doubleheader a month. That would give you six days to play with. There are things that can be done, and in the end they won’t hurt as bad as the embarrassment that was last night.

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  1. I know he was squeezed in the first inning, and I still think the trade was probably the first or second worst trade in Met history, but the more I see Kazmir pitch, the more Ollie Perez he has in him then we would like to admit.

  2. Steve (1): Wow! I hadn’t even thought of that. Anybody want to follow up on Steve. Very interesting.-JD

  3. JD: Well it sure does seem that he throws a ton of pitches, walks a decent amount of batters, and can only throw at most 6 innings. In fairness, I realize he does pitch in a tougher league and a tougher division, so it’s hard to compare. But he has certainly delivered a few “Ollie like” starts in the playoffs so far.

  4. Even his stuff is somewhat similar to Ollie’s they both throw mid 90’s (Kazmir’s is a little better) tailing 4 seamer, a 2 seam, and they best pitches are their sliders. Only real difference is Ollie seems to throw that curveball versus Kazmir a changeup. Not to mention being left handed and wildness.

  5. Love the day-night doubleheader idea. It allows more off-days for the players, increases flexibility for rainouts and lets you end the regular season earlier, somewhere in the range of September 20.

    All you really need to do is schedule the start of the Division Series 7 to 10 days earlier and you can end the World Series in mid-October. I am amazed that Game 5 of the World Series was played on October 27 – it’s just far too late into the calendar.

  6. Jack (5): The day-night doubleheader should work. The games would be played within the division and the way it breaks down with everybody playing them at the same time you would shave off six days. If you did it twice a month, you’d reduce it to nearly two weeks.-JD

  7. Where do I start. This lame commissioner is a joke.

    You have a laundry list of bad decisions made by him. You left out his stewardship of our GM’s previous team.

    He does not have the best interests of baseball in mind. His interest is to maximize the profits of the owners which is not the same thing.

    The longterm goal of the commissioner should be the growth or sustainability of the popularity of the game.

    That means day games so kids can go after school and learn to enjoy the game. That means resonable prices for the same.

    It means not having the world series in winter. It means not using a popularity contest – the all star game – have an impact on the world series.

    Can I go on?

  8. I think i’ll speak for many fans that it wasn’t the fact Kazmir was traded, it was WHO he was traded for. That’s what was disgusting.

    I would have had no problems if he was traded for someone else, and I’m someone who followed him from the day he got drafted.

  9. Dave – I think what annoys me most about the Commissioner is that he and his staff ignore the fans.

  10. Hi Benny – This weather situation is crazy – right now it is below freezing here in central CT and very windy. Our weatherman has said that we ‘may’ get some snow in the next 24 hours. What’s it like where you are?

  11. Just a comment on the weather … I live in the philly area, and we got 1-2 inches of snow yesterday, and there is still some sitting around today.