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With no World Series tonight, and maybe not even tomorrow, there’s no limit about the things on your mind. Fill me in. Whether it’s the Series, the Phillies vs. Mets, or the free-agent options, if it’s on your mind put it here and we’ll talk about it.


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  1. i anxiously await the hot stove season….i really hope the mets add a RH OF. i think it is beyond necessary. i know the BP and other areas are important and the mets ended up in the upper tier of runs scored but how many games did the offense just disappear and not add on.

  2. Agreed Jim….Omar’s failure to add a rh leftfielder and bullpen is why the Mets have failed to make it to the playoffs the last 2 seasons. Not doing it this offseason would be clearly insane on Omar’s part…IMO.

  3. It looks like the Phils will be lording it over us all next season.

    I am curious as to what the team says is their priority and what they think is wrong with the team and the approach to fix it.

    Kinda like a post mortem that is de rigour in any company or organization.

    Identify what is wrong and fix it. Even if you fix it from within.

  4. The one area that didn’t hurt the Mets down the stretch was left field. There is no player who would have done better than Murphy/Tatis(Evans) did down the stretch.
    I’m sure the offical word form the team is that there is very little to fix when the team always gets eliminated the last day of the season. One more win the great Minaya will shout to the world.

  5. I might be in the minority but I like the Magg-Pipes idea. People say he’s old but whatever. People say he’s expensive but the price allows for less value to be given up in a trade.
    He is however still productive. One of the top hitters in the American League in a 3 year span.

  6. I think Omar is going to get Juan Cruz. He’s going to make a trade for a reliever and make us say “oh… didn’t see that coming”.
    I think he’ll get one of the Japanese starters.
    And pull the impossible and trade Luis Castillo. Yes…

  7. I think Minaya makes one big trade that changes the team. Maybe it’s Delgado. Maybe he trades a pitcher away. Maybe he trades Beltran (I hope not), but I think the Wilpon mandate is for change.

    I also think he finds a way to trade Castillo. I expect him to bring in an outfielder and a big-time closer either through trade or FA.

  8. JD

    What do you know about Josh Thole? Is it too early to have him on our radar?

    Benny – Who the hell is Magg-Pipes?

    By the way Murphy seems to be doing OK at 2B in winter ball.


    What happened to our posts on the left pane here? They are gone. Can’t tell where the new activity is…

  9. dave (10): Will check on recent comments. Don’t know what happened. … I know very little about Josh Thole. Early on the radar.-JD

  10. I wouldn’t mind a trade, but not just any trade.

    I liked the trade last year. I think Church turned out to be a good player for us till he went loopy. The catcher didn’t pan out. I think he was not too good for us last year. Certainly not any difference than the AAA call ups we had @ Shea.

    His defense wasn’t anything to write home about.

  11. j_k (9): Change is the mandate. But, I don’t see them dealing Delgado. If they did, that adds another item to the already long shopping list. … He’s a genius if he finds a way to deal Castillo.-JD

  12. dave (13): I give Schneider a pass because he was hurt for part of the year. I would have liked more offense, but his defense was better than you credit him for.-JD

  13. (13) Dave, I agree to an extent. Schneider hit pretty well against righties. Nothing spectacular but he could certainly benefit from a competent, reliable right handed hitting counterpart. Castro is not that person IMO. Unless of course Omar can creatively obtain a fulltime upgrade.

  14. I thought we considered him a genius for getting something in return for Guillermo Mota! Have faith!

  15. And I have no opinion on Josh Thole. He’s done nothing but hit especially recently, so I guess the only question is, how good is he behind the plate?

  16. David R (3): I see the Mets starting the off-season with high expectations, but probably won’t make a lot of splashes. They need two starters, a closer, and at least one other reliever. … A RH hitting outfielder would be nice, but not imperative.-JD

  17. I had posted this under the Commentary/Selig post earlier:
    Annie Savoy – October 28, 2008 8:21 pm
    John – I think what annoys me most about the Commissioner is that he and his staff ignore the fans.

  18. Annie (21): They are more interested in attracting fans internationally than keeping the current fans happy.-JD

  19. To what end? Does Selig want more MLB games played overseas i.e. the opener in Japan?

  20. Annie (24): MLB is being very aggressive in marketing baseball overseas. But, we see with the how things are done here, that a lot of things seem to be without the fans in mind. … Polls say the public is split on things such as interleague play, yet they change how things had been structured for 100 years. … You hear the complaints about start times, but that will never change.-JD

  21. Hey JD, do you believe the rumor that the Mets are going after Bengie Molina? I don’t really think it’s necessary to trade for another catcher. Schneider is cool and he looks like Phil Collins so i would rather keep him. And what available closer should the Mets trade for? ( George Sherill!)

  22. Roy (26): I heard that rumor, but don’t think catching is the priority some others do. … I believe the Mets will try the FA market before the trade market for all their needs.-JD

  23. Roy (28): I’m convinced the Mets’ best options are in the FA market. … There’s not much they have in the minor leagues to trade, and what’s there they’d like to keep.-JD

  24. I wouldn’t want them to trade any more young talent anyway. I’m still wondering what moves Omar will make to “shake things up”.

  25. Roy (30): There’s a lot of needs, but little to deal in the minor league end. Jake Peavy is the only one I see worthy of – and available – to trade young guys like F-Mart and Kunz. And, that’s because Peavy is young himself.-JD

  26. JD, what would it take to have MLB and whatever TV network wins the broadcasting rights (I hope not Fox) to hold the games at a time that guarantees that people on the East Coast could watch all of the games? By “all” I mean until it’s over, at least until midnight if there are extra innings. And by “people”, I mean kids, senior citizens, anyone that isn’t drunk, a player on one of the two teams, an employee at whatever stadium is hosting the game, or an employee in the MLB corporate offices, and pretty much everyone else that doesn’t fall within these categories.

  27. Grandpa (32): It would take a miracle. MLB covets the money from the networks. To pay for the rights fees, the networks charge high advertising rates. … The rates they can charge are higher during prime time weeknights. … It’s lesser on weekends, which explains the change in the WS format where they start in midweek and have only one weekend (two games) as opposed to two weekends (four games). It will never change.-JD

  28. I look at the catching situation now and sigh, and it informs my view of the K-Rod situation. The Mets now would like either Ramon Hernandez or Bengie Molina. Two years ago, they lowballed both and went for a cheaper veteran option on the trade market in LoDuca. Now, they would be willing to give up some minor leaguers to take on part of the contract they thought was too expensive in the first place.

    With K-Rod, yes he is expensive, yes he has lost some velocity, but he is very, very young. Even if we give him five years, he will be younger at the end of the contract than Fuentes is now. I really only see Street and Putz as decent options on the trade market, and both have issues comparable to K-Rod’s. I know $26M is a lot for one year of a closer, but they could easily backload/defer a portion of the contract if that makes them uncomfortable. By the end of the contract, K-Rod will look underpaid, just like AJ Burnett, Adrian Beltre, Jake Peavy, and even Johan now look underpaid where once they looked way overpaid. K-Rod just happens to be one of the best players at a position that is the Mets’ biggest needs, and again, he is very young.

  29. I’m transitioning to basketball season as I type… waiting on the trailblazers/lakers game to start in 35 minutes

  30. Annie (34) That’s the new cable/sat channel that starts Jan 1. That’s the channel that caused all the bruhaha a couple of years ago when DirectTv bought a stake in the channel and won the exclusivity for MLB EI that caused the stir in Washington.

  31. Sam – I’m watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’
    so I guess I’m multi-tasking too. Warren Sapp is still there – unbelieveable.

  32. Sam (36) People still care about and watch basketball?
    Basketball season doesn’t start till June for me.

  33. JD(15)

    I agree. Just that I thought he was a disappointment. I know he was injured, but it seemed he went through a stretch where he couldn’t block a ball.

    I know some of the pitchers talked about how much they appreciated him.

    Not trying to kill him. Just saying I want to see better things from him in the coming year.

  34. Benny(17) I had a feeling it was him.

    Not sure. Haven’t really seen him. Good fantasy player tho.

  35. Is anyone watching the Cavs-Celtics game tonight?

    Kendrick Perkins is a big, strong man. I think he might break someone in half this season.

    Can the Cavs win the conference this year or are the Celtics too deep for them to overcome?

  36. TJ(16)

    Agree about Castro. So far he has shown nothing. Decent backup. Has a good bat in stretches, but I don’t care either way.

  37. Annie (38) Warren Sapp is definitely unbelieveable. As large as he is he has amazing footwork. The other night when he did the Hustle had me in stitches it was so great.

  38. Basketball?

    I bet a friend recently that the Knicks won’t win 35. They might. But he wouldn’t take the bet.

  39. Patrick (43) : The Cavs looked really good early on… they’re kinda folding now. The Celtics just hung around.

    They’ll win their division pretty easily, the conference is going to be a battle. The Celtics are pretty much the same team.

    If Ben Wallace comes to play every game the Cavs will be tougher than last year.

  40. I am listening to Manswers.

    Pretty funny.

    They had a spot about farting on someone drowning to revive them in lieu of CPR.

    Something about eating beans to get the O2 content to 15%

  41. I was watching the Celtics. … They are only up by two at the start of the fourth quarter.-JD

  42. Sam – I know – I can’t believe how these huge guys can learn the steps and be so light on their feet. The NFL must be expanding their exercise classes:) Seriously, I can still see Emmit Smith gliding around like a battleship, but still graceful.

  43. j_k (35): Here’s what concerns me about K-Rod:

    1. He has lost some velocity off his fastball.
    2. He’s asking for a lot of money ($15 million a season) and I don’t see the Mets paying that on top of what they will pay Wagner.
    3. He has a violent delivery that could eventually translate into an injury.

    Conclusion: He’s a risk.-JD

  44. JD, so basically, MLB thinks that WS viewership — and for that matter, all postseason ball — isn’t all that important in the long term. They have decided that the way to maximize long-term MLB revenue is to ignore postseason viewership and revenue and concentrate on the regular season, and to schedule the postseason when it will not overly inconvenience the national networks, and their new fall shows. Unless NY, Chicago or LA is in the series.

    Gee, I’m not all that crazy about the Phils either, but I’m a HUUUUUGE baseball fan, and I’m pretty offended that MLB is so unbelievably behind the times that they don’t promote the WS as loudly as the NFL promotes the Super Bowl. I guess Bud, having lost the desire to promote cars, has lost the desire to promote anything, including the league he leads.

  45. Granda (55): You nailed it. … The problem with baseball in a nutshell is that the people who run the sport don’t love it as much as their fans.-JD

  46. Dave (47) Did you see Spike Lee this morning on “Morning Joe?” He said Knicks win 35, Nets 25. Also Michael was the best player he had ever seen.

  47. Annie (58): A lot of people think Michael was the best they’d ever seen. Of course, Spike did a commercial with him.-JD

  48. Sam (46) aww man, no love for the Portland Beavers?

    I love the Knicks. I mean, this is perverted but during that odd and creepy time frame of no football or baseball, I’d channel surf and the Knick’s would be on and they’d usually be winning and I’d leave it on. I’d leave it on because I know eventually they’ll blow the lead and lose the game. And like clockwork for the past 5 years they fulfil my expectations for them.
    And not only would they lose but I’d enjoy it. Watching them blow the lead would bring a huge smile to my face.

    And umm, I don’t go as crazy over intangibles like some people do (obviously from my behavior the past few days) but I will say this, Stephon Marbury is a loser. No team will ever win anything with “Starbury” on the team. Everytime I see him, I see a loser who no matter how many points he scores, hurts his team.

  49. No.

    MLB thinks the way to maximize their revenue is to have developers convince a billionaire NY mayor to have the taxpayers bankroll other Billionaires in their efforts to build new stadiums that are smaller than the previous venue allowing them to charge higher prices with more luxery suites and more upscale eateries.

  50. benny (60): Marbury is the loser you say he is, because he’s probably one the league’s most gifted players, but is also one of its more selfish. If he played team ball, think how much better the Knicks would be.-JD

  51. I thought Spike would say Reggie Miller was the best player he ever saw?

    Seriously. I like mike. great all around player. but I never saw the likes of the big O or wilt the stilt.

  52. dave (63): I’ll never forget that game at the Garden when Reggie Miller flashed the choke sign to Spike Lee. Classic.-JD

  53. John – Actually “Morning Joe” is a political show on MSNBC 6AM – 9AM. and Spike was there to discuss politics. However Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist asked him about some sports stuff, so I thought I would mention his answers here.

    OT – I’ve seen several of Spike’s films about sports/NY etc. He’s a bit brutal at times, but realisitc about the city.

  54. JD(52)

    Don’t know. It must be pretty easy to get some of the topics they cover.

    But the premise for that spot seemed to be guys felt squeemish about lip locking with another bud, but felt they couldnt just let him die, so they ‘researched’ the issue and found some ‘scientist’ who said that the basic fart was 2 parts.. and if you do x you can get the oxygen level up and you get the idea.

  55. I think Reggie Miller got a louder standing ovation at the Garden than he did in his home court. We sure respected him as a player.
    As a kid there was no bigger villian than Reggie Miller.

  56. JD(66)

    the Larry/Magic/Michael era was great. I am partial to Bernard King and Patrick, but I’m a homer.

  57. benny (70): Interesting. Reggie might be one of the greatest NY sports villains of all time. Chipper Jones, Carlton Fisk, are on the list, too.-JD

  58. Speaking of out of towners..

    I hated when Action Jackson came back and lit us up.

    We have been looking for a point guard since we got rid of him..

  59. dave (71): The 80s might have been the best time in the NBA. Don’t forget Kevin McHale, Clyde Drexler, Barkley, Isiah, Worthy. Half the Top 50 players were in that time. Stockton and Malone, too.-JD

  60. Fun fact, Dick Barnett (YES THAT Dick Barnett) was my professor a couple of years ago for two classes in one semester.
    He’s really old school and that NBA pension must be real nice because student or faculty he was EASILY the best dressed person on campus.
    Oh and Brian McNamee was my professor as well, haha.

  61. benny (75): I was really good at imitating batting stances, but I could never get down Barnett’s jumper when he used to kick and curl his legs.-JD

  62. I realize we’re onto basketball, but thought I’d pass along an observation about the World Series related to the Mets. I’d always assumed that the Mets were the first to go worst-to-first. But in fact the 69 Mets were not the worst in 68, the year before they won the series. There were several teams worse than the Mets, although the Mets record hardly presaged the 69 WS win. Check out So if the Rays won the series, they’d truly be the first to go worst to first.

  63. JD


    I know other eras had their players.

    I always like the round mound of rebound. great player – entertaining I mean. also LJ before he got hurt.

    I never liked Zeke. I thought he was too loose with the ball, but he got it done when it counted and he had the big boys to back him up when he started stuff.

  64. Sam (46):
    You guys should have an exciting team this year. Lots of good, young players. The presence of Oden could propel Aldridge to the next level. And Brandon Roy is simply awesome. I’d take him on my team any day.

    We in Seattle, though, no longer have a basketball team. They sucked and I rarely went to games, but the Sonics were a Seattle institution. What a shame.

  65. Grandpa (78): Going off the top of my head, didn’t the Minnesota Twins in 1991 go from worst to first?-JD

  66. Patrick (80): Agreed. It stinks when a franchise moves. Take it from somebody who grew up in Cleveland and saw the real Browns move.-JD

  67. I know Marv called Phil Jackson “Action Jackson.” I loved that Knicks team. Dave DeBusschere and Clyde Frazier were my favorite players. … The Knicks and Bullets was a terrific rivalry.-JD

  68. dave (85): When you read the history of it, Brooklyn could have kept the Dodgers. … But, had the Dodgers stayed, how much longer would the Giants have lasted. They weren’t drawing.-JD

  69. Knicks-Bullets was a titanic rivalry. … Clyde vs. the Pearl. That’s when I first starting watching the NBA. I gravitated to the Celtics because of John Havlicek.-JD

  70. Not sure.

    Somehow I think you can have 3 teams in NY. Brooklyn is pretty big and there are 5 boroughs.

    Each borough is bigger than a lot of cities. I know it would never happen. But I think it is doable if the organizations put a good team together and market it right.

  71. John: Let’s remember when people say the 80s were the best time for the NBA, it was always the Lakers vs the Celtics in the finals. Would people say the same if it was the same two big market teams in the World Series?
    When Red Auerbach said Michael Jordan was the best player ever over Russell, that clinched the argument for me.
    The Atlanta Braves also went from last to first in 1991. It was the first tim it ever happened since 1890 which involved Louisville switching from the American Association (Beer and Whiskey League) to the National League when 60% of the players jumped to the Players league.

  72. Wow Dave (91) thats an interesting thought/discussion point.
    Can New York handle a 3rd team?
    I mean I don’t think the Yankees or Mets would approve of that… but first of all it would HAVE to be in Brooklyn.
    The Cyclones are merely a short season rookie ball and sell out every game, probably one of the hardest tickets in town. But the capacity is about a little less than 5,000 or so.
    I think they technically COULD do it but in this day and age it’d be risky.

  73. Dan (93): The NBA was in shambles before the Bird-Magic era. Those two players saved the league. I really believe that. I think at that time in the league’s history the NBA needed its two marquee teams to have that rivalry. … I don’t remember Red ever saying that about Jordan. I always remember him saying Bird was the best.-JD

  74. Benny.

    I think it could happen.

    The NY Metro area is big enough.

    You could even do it in LI. Altho I think LI is NY the way Westchester is.

    You would have to build a good organization though. The Yanks don’t just because of the history.

    I think it could be done. It’s really just a question of space…

    If it did happen it would be awesome. The thing is you would have to get rid of interleague.

    that way you would have to get to the post season to settle it.

  75. OK anyone know the weather report for Philadelphia tomorrow night? And John, here’s a question for you – do they have to put the exact same team on the field after this delay?

  76. JD

    Not to offend anyone in NJ, but growing up in Brooklyn I always thought of NJ as more remote than Mars.

    Seriously. I like the Gints, but the Jets and Giants are in the swamp. NY is only for marketing because really, no one wants to root for the Meadowlands Giants.

    What the hell is that?

    To further the point. Didn’t the Devils win once and did anyone care?

  77. Annie (100): No. They can sub for players. But, anybody who played Monday and was removed from the game can’t re-enter the game.-JD

  78. NEw Jersey is good for these things:
    1. Hosting Giants/Jets
    2. Six Flags Great Adventure

  79. Auerbach said it on an ESPN2 show Mike Lupica had right after Jordan retired from the Bulls.
    The NBA was in a shambles but just a few years earlier it was regarded as “The Next NFL” people indoors in winter watching television, you can see the players’ faces, basketball is not the sprawling mess that hockey looks like. One thing that hurt the NBA that seems hard to believe now is when they switched from ABC to CBS in 1974. Roone Arledge counter-programmed with “Superstars”..athletes involved in different competitions to prove which ones were the best. Ridiculed as “Junk sports” many people watched it. Also the Knicks, Lakers and Celtics having poor teams along with drug abuse problems by should-have-been legends like David Thompson hurt the league. Johnson and Bird did do a lot to restore it but people saw it’s potential a decade earlier.

  80. JD (81), nope, in 1990 Yanks were 67-95, according to and Twins were 74-88. Twins went from worst to first in their division but not the AL. By the way, although everyone knows about the Yanks’ WS streaks, implying they hadn’t always been in first place, it’s still amazing to see the Yanks in last place. How the hell did that happen?

  81. Grandpa

    The Steinbrenner curse.

    They only got better in the 90’s because the owner was banished.

  82. Benny (60): The Beavers draw like crazy here. Minor league baseball is embraced pretty well here.

    I remember years ago seeing Wally Backman running around town here. He has a nice place in the hills around the valley. Dale Murphy lives around here too.

    A couple of former managers are around. It’s a sports bonanza here.

    Oh I forgot Rowdy Roddy Piper!.

    I’m actually following the Knicks for the first time in a long time. I like D’Antoni and I think he’ll make a dent in the malaise. They need to dump Starbury and Randolph. Randolph was a cancer here and he’s not much better there.

  83. dave (112): A great story is when Steinbrenner ordered then GM Stick Michael to trade Bernie Williams. His specific order was to call each team. When asked about it, Michael told George he called every team. In telling the story, he said he called every other GM, “just to say hello.” Priceless.-JD

  84. Patrick (80) : Once we got rid of the old regime and started a new.. it was no where to go but up.

    We’ll share the Blazers with you all up there. Comcast Seattle is going to show the games up north, so you’ll be able to enjoy also.

  85. Sam G (115): For one year, was there a team that had better karma than the Walton Blazers?-JD

  86. Dan (107): I remember Superstars. Watching Johnny Unitas bowl and Joe Frazier sink to the bottom of the pool trying to swim was hysterical.-JD

  87. Sam(115)

    Unfortunately I disagree.

    How good is Duhon? they have no athletes and are too old and brittle.

    but the most important thing they need to do is break the mentality. they ran the last guy out of town who wanted to start fresh.

    dump the overpaid vets who really couldnt play and go with young stupid players who will do exactly as you wanted.

    Starbury won, the coach was fired and then the next.

    They need to dump half the team and get better athletes to run. Even then the best you could get would be the Nuggets.

    I really think you need to play east coast basketball. get a good point guard who plays d. get a good inside game and play good d.

    i dont think that is what this coach does.

    for his style don’t you need athletes? we don’t have enough of them.

    but its mostly in the head and there are not enough players on the team who have theirs on straight.

  88. JD (119): I’m no Walton fan but he definitely brought that team on his shoulders and bad knees.

    He is to this day beloved here. When he comes into town to do an ESPN game he’s treated like royalty.

    I’ve been in places where he’s dined after a game and he holds court.

    You can probably count one player in each city over the years who have that kind of hold on the city. Other than LJ, KG and Duncan, who else does?

    That says a lot.

  89. How about an all despot list:

    Steinbrenner (Yanks).
    Griffith (Washington Senators).
    Comiskey (Black Sox).
    Anyone else?

  90. I remember the one in 1974 when the had a 100 yard dash. O.J Simpson, Franco Harris and two bowlers. OJ beat Harris by a decent margin with the bowlers 50 yards behind. When Bill Fleming (?) asked the two bowlers why they would choose to run against two NFL running backs, they said the choices were the 100 yard dash or the obstacle course. They figured they could fall off the wall on the obstacle course so they chose to run.

  91. There’s been some talk recently about retiring Roberto Clemente’s number throughout MLB. That made me think about the “good guys” in sports who don’t receive much attention for what they do outside of their craft.

    It’s too bad the stereotypical thugs in professional sports get most of the attention. That said, Peter King has recently instituted a Good Guy segment in his weekly “Monday Morning QB” piece at

    Which contemporary professional athlete(s) do you think should be celebrated for being an exceptional human being?

    If you were a high-profile figure, would you use your position to advance a societal cause? If so, what would it be and how would you do it?

  92. Grandpa (123): If the topic is the worst owners in pro sports, hands down for me, it is Art Modell.-JD

  93. The Golden State Warriors in 1974-75 probably had the best karma. Rick Barry was a talented but selfish scorer. Jamaal Wilkes (Keith in those days) was a promising rookie.But all 12 guys contributed every game. But a lot of people wanted to see the Blazers beat the “all superstar-no team play” of the 76ers with Erving, McGinniss, Collins, Free and Dawkins. Made for a great storyline.

  94. Dave (112): Part of the problem with the Knicks was Isiah. He never had his head in the game in NY there were always too many other distractions. He never had a clear head and a clear vision.

    Now the Knicks have a basketball man at the top and a basketball man on the court. They know what each has to do.

    I’m very much the optimist… always have been for the most part, so I’ll give them a shot.

    Thing is, a good coach adapts the game to the talent he has, not adapts the talent to the game he wants. There’s a fine line there. Good coaches can do that. Phil Jackson is one prime example. The Lakers team is very much differnt than the Bulls teams in athletic ability and style but he made both of them work.

    It can be done.. but yes it’s a challenge and a prayer.

  95. Sam

    Perhaps you are right. Isiah was an idiot who should have been fired a long time ago. He does have some interesting choices in the second round tho.

    I think Larry Brown failed because Isiah let Starburry ignore the coach. I am sure he would have worn out his players but not before making a better team. Some players would be much better for his back to basics philosophy.

    the thing is they won 23 games and i think to be relevant they have to win 40 which is still a losing team. that is a lot of games to make up.

    i hope they will be better, but they have to get rid of the cancers on the team.

  96. Tug McGraw on why he entered the “Superstars” contest: “They say pitchers are not athletes and I’m going to prove them right.” I miss Tug.

  97. Patrick (127): That’s a heavy question. A great one. I’ll post it in the morning and see if we can get a full day’s worth of responses. Good guys. There are so many. Cal Ripken in Baltimore when I covered the Orioles, and David Wright now with the Mets, are guys I have a lot of respect for because of their causes and contributions.-JD

  98. Dan (135): Best Tug line was when he was asked how he’d spend his World Series share. “Ninety percent I’d spend on booze and women. The rest I’d probably waste.” Does it get better than that?-JD

  99. I can understand why John would say Art Modell but I would rate Robert Irsay lower. Moving a team out in the middle of the night. Double shame on Pete Rozelle and the NFL wouldn’t give Baltimore an expansion team in the early 1990s so they had to make a deal with Modell to break the hearts of Clevelanders.

  100. I dont agree on Phil.

    he had 2 great players and won in LA.

    kobe has talent but i dont like him. too much of a baby. he tried to get rid of the future of the team a few years ago because he wanted something better. now that guy will eclipse him and i wonder if he will act up again.

    i think a real good coach is one who can win with players that are not superstars.

    I wont say Riley is great, but the knick team he took to the finals had one flawed superstar who cracks under pressure and cant hit his free throws surrounded by a bunch of roll players. missed by that much.

  101. Sam (117):
    I think a lot of Seattle folks will adopt the Blazers this year. Having Nate McMillan as coach certainly won’t hurt. He’ll always be loved here. :)

    It looks like Gary Payton is trying to put together an investment group to bring another team to Seattle.

  102. Peter Gammons used to say Gerald “Ice” Williams was a great guy-helped out relatives and other people before getting himself a nice house and car. He was one of the few Mets who showed up for a “voluntary workout” under Art Howe.

  103. I know the mountain man kept going back to his home country to help out and try and build a hospital.

    it seemed to have an effect on his fellow hoyas boys.

    also manute bol i think went bankrupt trying to help others.

  104. When it comes to great lines about women and whiskey, nobody outdid the 1960s British soccer player George Best. “I gave up drinking once-it was the worst 10 minutes of my life”. “I’ve had a lot of misses in my life-Miss Universe, Miss Wales, Miss Denmark” referring to his romances with beauty queens.

    Although we should remember Best died when he was 59 after years of alcoholism hurting his life.

  105. Folks …. This is it for me tonight. A lot of good conversation about things I never thought we’d discuss. You guys keep me going. I will talk with you tomorrow. If anybody can’t sleep tonight, just post what’s on your mind. Night all.-JD

  106. i disagree JD. i think a RH bat in left is imperative. if you are going to have holes in the lineup at C and 2B, you need someone with some pop. most other hitters on team are better from left side so a RH bat would help. how many times did the offense not tack on? our first 5 innings we hit and then after that nothing…it was not all the bullpen

  107. Mets are in need of a middle of the line up right handed batter. The mets need to put daniel murphy at 2nd base he give us a contact hitter who gets on base. And we need to either trade of or get a starting pitcher to be our 1-2 punch with santana