Quote of the Day: Phillies anticipating.

Howard: Has regained stroke. Ready to drop hammer on Rays.

Howard: Has regained stroke. Ready to drop hammer on Rays.

“It will be absolute bedlam. It will be one of the craziest places on Earth. It’s kind of scary to imagine.’’ – Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard on anticipating the crowd reaction if Philadelphia wraps up the World Series tonight at home.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Phillies anticipating.

  1. Makes me sick if you want to know the truth. I love the Mets with every fiber of my being, and will defend them against irrational fans…but this team, Omar in particular, needs a PUNCH in the face.

    I’m being irrational now, but I don’t care. They deserve a smack because they’ve done this to US, the fans for two straight years.

    We were the ones who were supposed to be celebrating like this after the way the ’06 season went…instead, the Mets have let this slightly above average team overtake them in the final two weeks of the season for two straight years.

    I really hope David Wright and his cliched answers or Carlos Delgado and his ever-present smile are watching this. How about you Omar? Are you going to sign one new guy for the pen and tell us how Feliciano, Heilman, Schoeneweis and Sanchez will bounce back because “their track-records suggest they will?”

    I will never, ever stop rooting for this team…but through my 30 years on this earth, even through the dark days of ’91-96…I have never been more embarrassed to be a Mets fan.

    My only hope is that Phooladelphia winning actually spurs NY to do something, both in the front office and on the field.

    Give us a bullpen, a REAL one, get somebody with some fire and for the players, go on the field and just play like a runaway freight train…I’m sick of this team bending over for the opposition.

    Show some F*CKING guts and get nasty.

  2. Wow Mike, i feel the exact same way. I’m not even going to watch the final game of the WS. It’s time for the Mets to shake things up and show some spunk, and i don’t mean useless prophecies Mr. Team to beat this year Beltran. For the first time in my years as a Met fan i am embarrassed to be one, hopefully it doesn’t last. If the NL East plays like they hate us, then we should play like we hate them.

  3. You look at the Phillies team, and you can honestly say the Mets were better then them in every category except the bullpen. Shows whats most important.

  4. Kyle-

    That’s what frustrates me the most. Everyone is DROOLING over the Phillies. Now, I can’t stand them, but I will admit…they are a good team.

    That being said, what has it taken for them to get into the playoffs the last two years? The Mets blowing 7 and 4 game leads with 17 games to go both seasons.

    Talk about grit, talk about intangibles, talk about toughness. Philly may (and probably does) have all of that on NY…but it’s this God-forsaken bullpen that ultimately cost this team for the second straight year.

  5. How can you say the Mets are clearly better except for the pen? It just ain’t so. They own the right side of the infield we own the left side, we own CF but but not by that much because Victorino is a truly great fielder. They own LF and RF and C are a wash. They developed Bruntlif? into a guy who can be an all around utility guy and we had none. Hamels and Santana are both clutch, the rest are a bunch of inconsistencies. Their closer was better and their set up guys were better. They are a better team.
    The Phillies saw their holes in the Summer and fixed them. Omsr sat in his seat still drooling over Santana and did nothing. They have a better front office as well.