It could all end tonight ….

Hamels: Can wrap up title for Phillies tonight.

Hamels: Can wrap up title for Phillies tonight.

The World Series started with classic hopes. Both teams made destiny arguments with their grit persona that suggested we could have a Series for the ages. We still could, but the Rays have to beat Cole Hamels tonight and take it to Game 7 back in Tampa.

Let’s face it, the odds are long.

The last two games remind us how fragile things could be. Game 3 is the turning point of the Series, but the Phillies scored in the first and ninth innings with the benefit of a wild pitch putting the runner in scoring position.

A lot has happened to the Rays, but mostly their offense has disappeared since the end of Game 5 of the ALCS with Boston.

I’ll be blogging Game 5 with the hope it is compelling enough to where I won’t switch over to watch Peyton Manning. Join me tonight at 8.-JD

8 thoughts on “It could all end tonight ….

  1. The funny part ( if Philly does end up winning ), is this year they were not the best team in baseball. They won when they had to and played just good enough to get the job done. My hats off to them.

  2. RJ44 (1): When you come down to it, the team with the best record during the regular season often doesn’t win the Series. It’s not the best team, but who plays the best in October.-JD

  3. JD, please tell me, based on being around the players and staff, that this is going to bother them as much as it bothers us and spurs them to action.


  4. Mike (3): I’d like to tell you that it bothers them, but I couldn’t say for certainty. I thought 2007 would bother them and spur them on. Did it? I don’t think so.-JD

  5. It’s killing me watching this happen.

    One flat-out collapse and another face-plant two straight years…and then the salt, alcohol, lemon juice, whatever else you want to pour into the wound is the Phillies winning.

    I better see SOME difference in this team next year, because this is beyond frusrtating.

  6. JD, gun to your head (not really cuz you seem like a good guy), does this team have a vastly different look come ’09?

    And when I ask that, it doesn’t have to mean big-time additions. But are you convinced that the bullpen will be completely overhauled? I thought there would be some big changes there after ’07 too…and I was treated to Matt Wise for about 3 minutes.

    Fuentes? Juan Cruz? How about in the rotation? Re-signing Perez or making an all-out push for Lowe?

    What are your feelings???

  7. Gotta give the Phills credit…what a horror story it’s going to be next year at Citifield when the Mets play them..

  8. Steve-

    Like I said in another ranting post…I love the Mets and while this is incredibly frustrating (which doesn’t really begin to describe it) and painful, there is a sliver of me that is glad the Mets, from the 25th man on up to the owners, have to watch this.

    I have no doubts they want to win, but maybe seeing their rival who’ve they HANDED the past two division titles to, celebrate, not a division, not a NLCS berth, but the ultimate championship in the sport, will FINALLY spur them to do something.

    But most of all, I’m so mad with the Mets that they’ve put us (fans) in this position that I want them to suffer like we are.