Baseball after Midnight ….

What's keeping you up tonight?

What's keeping you up tonight?

Greetings late night friends.

With the hope of a classic World Series now dashed and the Rays on life support, the Hot Stove Season is days away. We got a head start on it tonight as much of the conversation was about the Mets and their numerous holes.

If you want to analyze the Series or weigh in on the Mets, feel free. This is your late night message board. Post and I’ll catch up with you in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Baseball after Midnight ….

  1. I saw you had a Giants post. I was at the game and I have to say the Steeler fans are exceptional. They root as hard as anyone but they are good natured. No hostility between them and Giant fans at all. They share our hatred of all things Philadelphia as well.
    As for the Jacobs discussion, I think he isn’t good at the goal line because his size advantage is countered by his inability to get started quickly. He needs that first hole to build up steam and just doesn’t get the time by the goal line.
    As for concern about the Giant offense not scoring TDs with so many chances, I think today was more a matter of playing an exceptional team on their turf. Manning was well protected all game and that is a good sign for the rest of the season.
    Of more concern was the D who looked off the last couple games, but after the first drive they were strong in general, despite the bomb for a TD. When you blitz a lot you’re gonna get burned by good players like Ben.
    The Giants better not think Dallas is a oush over without Mr Simpson playing. This is almost a do or die game for them.

    As for the Mets, we can easily see that Gillick is a much better GM than Minaya. He (Gillick) was criticized for letting Rowan go, but victorino is a better fielder and is becoming the new heart of their team, he was criticized for getting Lidge who was perfect this year and he was criticized for getting Blanton who became a fine 4th starter down the stretch.

  2. Harry (1): The Giants’ post was spontaneous, but I think I’d like to do a NFL (Giants/Jets) blog.

    The game is critical for the Cowboys, but I don’t see the Giants taking them for granted. Too many tough games and disappointments in the past to take anything for granted.-JD

  3. Pat Gillick has been often criticized for not doing anything “Stand Pat Pat”. But since he has built four teams that have made the playoffs and has a second team about to win a World Series there is something for GMs and fans to learn from.

    But we led this Phillie team by 3 games with 17 games left. Sometime soon I will have to go through retro sheet to make a list of “10 worse Mets losses of 2008”.

    Half an hour to go for today’s episode of Stock Market rollercoaster. 10 hours to see if there are more Rangers or Islanders fans at the Coliseum.