Watching the Giants and Steelers ….

Steelers vs. Giants: Potential Super Bowl match-up?

Steelers vs. Giants: Potential Super Bowl match-up?

Don’t you just love this old Giants’ logo?

The Steelers lead in the first quarter. Got home in time to watch the end of the Jets game. Now watching the Giants. Glad to see Plaxico Burress sitting the bench at the start. If this guy thinks he’s as good as Moss, Owens and even Fitzgerald, he’s nuts.

But, I guess it’s something with receivers in the NFL. The guys I mentioned, are cocky and eccentric. Maybe it has something to do with playing the position.

Will watch this game, then the Series tonight.

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  1. I do like the throwback jerseys, although in this case with the Steelers, they should throw them back.-JD

  2. I’ve always liked instant replay. They have to overrule the Jacobs’ TB. His elbow touched before he got in.-JD

  3. The fourth down run sure looked like a touchdown to me. Third down, nope, but fourth down yes.

  4. j_k (3/4): It’s a scoring play, so you have to challenge. I don’t think it will be overturned. Don’t see anything definitive.-JD

  5. Well, clearly they agree. Jacobs has never been a great short yardage back, though – I don’t know why they use him that way.

  6. Second quarter/9:00 left/C’mon Troy. Time to get a clue. That’s a good call. Why is he shaking his head no? That was clearly incomplete when the hit was made.-JD

  7. Are you serious – good call? That was a very stupid call – he was coming in full force. You can’t possibly expect a safety to have to time his hit after the receiver touches the ball but before he drops it.

  8. j-k (10): Aikman agrees with you. I wish I had another view of it to see how close he was to the receiver. It looked to me that he had time to veer off the play.-JD

  9. Both of these teams look very very good. Really hard-nosed teams – they look like the old Giants and Steelers.

  10. I’m following the game on-line. It looks like the Giants have been in the red zone four times and only have three field goals to show for it. That’s how teams lose games.

  11. j_k (refer 13): You have any thoughts on Patrick’s comment? He does make a good point. Three field goals in four trips to the red zone isn’t usually a good sign. You concerned?-JD

  12. Dallas at Giants next week. I’ll promo it throughout the week with the intent of hosting a Giants Chat Room.-JD

  13. Yeah, they have a good defense. Giants have held the Steelers to a whole bunch of three and outs, though.

  14. Hi Sorry to interrupt the giants stream here. Any thoughts about reading that Matt Holliday might be available? Or is that for another day? Everyone is down on his splits but this year he did hit .300 on the road. His rbis on the road were low.

  15. I just saw the play in which Jacobs was stuffed on 4th down at the goal line. There’s no reason a 265 lb. tailback with a 270 lb. fullback should not get into the end zone. That said, I’ve always believed goal line plays should be run through the 5 or 6 holes. Defenses always collapse the interior holes.

  16. Long Island Mets fan (17): There’s always room for a Mets’ comment. I think the Rockies would make Holliday available, but they would want a lot. … I am not sure of Holliday’s contract as far as no-trade clauses are concerned. … I don’t believe the Mets have the depth in their farm system that it would take to land Holliday.-JD

  17. Third quarter/3:51 remaining: The TD gets called back, but what is going on today with the Giants’ secondary?-JD

  18. This is gonna be a critical drive here for the defense, that secondary has to hold its own against the deep threat to Nate Washington

  19. Fourth quarter/1:24 left: That was a give-up pass. They needed to get to the 20. There was no chance of completing that. … Pretty pathetic offensive showing by both teams today.-JD

  20. Great way to seal that win. This was one of the best games I have seen all season. Now its back home for a big one with Dallas.

  21. The red zone offense worries me, but this team has shown time and time again to come up with the big touchdown when needed. They put up alot of yards on the top ranked defense, just need to finish drives better. Hats off to both defenses today.

  22. Tim (29): With Romo out next week, this is a perfect time for them to create some space.-JD

  23. Yes, this stretch of games is critical especially with Washington playing as well as they are and still having to play all of the NFC east on the road.

  24. I have to say that Mike Singletary made a great impression today with me when he threw Vernon Davis out of the game. Good start. He took command of the team.-JD

  25. Singletary had the same mindset as a player. He was a hard nosed get in the dirt player. He was one of the souls of the Bears teams of the 80’s.

  26. Sam G (36): If you’re a 49er, you better have a different mindset now. You have to think the Niners will be a dangerous team the rest of the way.-JD

  27. JD (26):
    Or a pretty good defensive showing by both teams today.

    I do have concerns about the Giants’ offense, but not because of what happened today. Heck, they accumulated the most yards to date (on the road, no less) against the best defense in the league.

    That said, Big Ben lost this game for the Steelers. His last two interceptions were mostly meaningless (because they were equivalent to incompletions), but the first two were quite harmful.

  28. JD (37):
    The Titans are the only undefeated team and I think they should be considered the best until they lose.

    That’s a tough team and I don’t think Kerry Collins should be underestimated. We all know how Collins is prone to throwing stupid interceptions when given the opportunity, but the Titans don’t take many risks on offense.