Talkin’ Baseball: Game 3 in Philly

Talkin' Baseball: Game 3 chatter.

Talkin' Baseball: Game 3 chatter.

Good evening. A lot going on today kept me away from the blog. We have a few items to touch on before we get to Garza vs. Moyer.

-Willie Randolph turned down the Washington Nationals to be a coach. He must have a good feeling about either the Milwaukee or Seattle jobs. He’ll land somewhere.

-The Phillies are feeling a bit miffed because their complete rosters weren’t introduced. They weren’t because MLB and the network, that would be FOX, couldn’t have the time to squeeze that in. Actually, that’s part of the World Series TV experience I enjoy.

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  1. Joe Torre always called Game 3 the pivotal game of a series. Here’s a prediction: The winner of tonight’s game wins the Series. If the Rays win, they know they’ll play back home again. If the Phillies win, they know they can wrap it up at home.-JD

  2. The best thing the Phillies can hope for is a rain out. That way they can pitch Cole Hamels in Game 4 and Game 7.

    If there is no rain tonight then Joe Blanton pitches tomorrow. Joe Blanton’s ERA is 6 against the Rays in 8 career starts. He’s given up 5 dingers. He only had 1 start against them this season giving up 4 runs in 6 innings. Although to be fair, nobody besides Carl Crawford has had a significant amount of at bats against him to determine whether or not they “own” him.

    Willie Randolph was just such a horrible manager. He’d probably explode on a young team like the Brewers. He’d be perfect for a team like the Mariners. Bad and mediocre in every aspect. I’d be interesting to mix bad management with bad coaching and managing and sprinkle it with bad players/talent. Should be fun and enough for the 1st overall pick in 2010.

  3. pvhornet05 (2): I like the idea. He has a connection with Jose Reyes that could bring out the best in him.-JD

  4. benny (3): We don’t see guys making three starts in a World Series anymore, but you’re right on how that could unfold.-JD

  5. JD- read Heyman today, I can’t find a thing from back then on it if they didn’t get along it was never reported. Point being if there relationship is that bad it and they cant find a deal it might end in a release and well have Murph, Martinez or Reyes 2 at second on the cheap…..

    “Luis Castillo is not beloved by Mets manager Jerry Manuel, going back to their Marlins days together. But it’s still going to be hard for the Mets to trade Castillo and the $18 million remaining on his contract. Orlando Hudson is a nice idea for the Mets, but tying up $16 million at second base ($6 mil for Castillo and a potential $10 mil for Hudson) seems like a bad idea.”

  6. What is the chance of Crawford’s option being declined? It’s a little steep for the Rays…

    It also seems like Baldelli is a bad idea – did you hear Rosenthal say that he can barely make it through one game playing the field because of his mitochondrial disorder? He seems AL bound.

  7. They’re not going to start this thing anytime soon, if at all. Is there anything on your minds tonight?-JD

  8. j_k (7): That’s his condition now. We don’t know what it would be next year. … Crawford is pretty good, so I think they’ll pick up his option.-JD

  9. Pet peeve: OK, the game is delayed, we understand that. But, how hard could it be for FOX to have a baseball program on now? Perhaps something recapping the playoffs. Seems a little lame not to.-JD

  10. Hamels won’t pitch 3 games because if there is a rainout I beleive Fox istaking away the travel off-day .

    Speaking of three starts, remember ’65 when Koufax didn’t pitch game 1 because of Jewish Holy Days and still pitched 3 games, game 7 on 2 days rest pitched a shut out complete game of course and whiffed 10 i believe?

  11. Nobody remembers ’65! That was like… 43 years ago, WOWZERS! I mean who was alive back then?

    And then people wonder why Koufax’s peak was soo short? Hmm. I wonder what it was.

  12. Re: Willie: If he takes a job does he lose his Mets $$ or only certain jobs or no jobs? If he loses $$ for a coaching job he’d be nuts to take a coaching job as he’d never come close to the same money.

  13. A co-worker of mine was a big pitcher at St.Johns ( during the glory days of Vaughn & others) and the minors before elbow injuries we were talking about when players priorities change….

    I mean you would think players would want to go to the best team as long as the money was close

    Wheres the competitive drive in signing with a team because they were the highest bidder or have a hitters/pitchers park or are near your home…

    There was a report that several pitchers want to play for the Pads because of Petco, how does a competitve person get amped to play for a last place team that they picked….

  14. benny (12): Well, I was alive back then, and I remember. I was thinking Hamels would pitch on three days rest, but I forgot about losing the off-day. I think Harry is right and Hamels won’t be able to pitch Game 7. … Koufax’s career was cut short because of arthritis in his left elbow.-JD

  15. Benny (12) Too bad you missed the Sixties – they were great years – Koufax was only one of several great pitchers of that time.

  16. I wonder how long they’ll wait. They knew the weather would be bad. … One of the reasons for afternoon baseball during the World Series, at least during the weekends, is it gives you a longer window to wait.-JD

  17. Conti requested the minors instead of retiring – Pedro E. is in the minors… I know Petey isn’t coming back but is he retiring…

  18. John (1) Apparently Joe Torre isn’t missing the World Series at all. Today he was giving out a trophy at the Breeder’s Cup and hanging with Bobby Frankel – a very well known (expensive) horse trainer.

  19. Annie (20): The Sixties might have been the greatest decade for pitchers. Koufax, Drysdale, Gibson, Marichal, Seaver, McLain, McNally, Palmer, McDowell, Tiant … the list goes on and on.-JD

  20. ed (23): Conti is terrific with young pitchers. … Don’t know what Pedro’s plans are. I know he’d like to pitch another year. He does not like going out this way.-JD

  21. When I tuned in the game at 8, it looked as though you could catch fish in the outfield. Playable? Maybe.

  22. Pedro was never completely healthy this year. Even so, he still had his moments. Is he worth bringing back? I think so, but only as a fifth starter. Yes, I’d rather have Jon Niese take to that role, but there’s no guarantee.-JD

  23. John (25) – I thought it was and these guys really pitched a lot. Funny I don’t recall hearing anything about pitch counts during that time.

  24. Again, how hard would it have been for FOX to have some baseball programming on now? Interviews, highlights, etc. They knew it would be raining. Just weak. … There’s Ohio State, Alabama and Notre Dame on tonight. Doesn’t MLB see what else is on before it determines the start time? Evidently not. … Does MLB really want to start this thing at 10 p.m.? … Just dumb.-JD

  25. ed (29): I don’t know. He had that one good game, but enough of the flip side to say no.-JD

  26. John (21) Bob DuPuy said that he thought they would start sometime around 9:15 – 9:30 and that there were no storms coming in after that. Not sure how much he really knows about weather forecasting.

  27. I still wish they had afternoon games – i rem. running home from school to watch what was left of the game…Just seemed special for some reason to be on in the afternoon

  28. ed (34): It says a lot about Pelfrey that he was able to withstand that start. … He’s somebody they can count on now. … Anything less than 15 victories would be a disappointment.-JD

  29. Nah, I’m good. I’m ok with missing the 60’s. As well as the 70’s, 80’s, and even some of the 90’s. The 94 strike didn’t effect me!

    I’m fine with fully enjoying the era that doesn’t ban any type of human being as well as the era that enjoys the advancements in technology and medicine it does. The competition now is where its at.

  30. ed (35): They won’t because of the TV ratings. They think people wouldn’t watch. It’s the World Series. People would watch. You telling me you wouldn’t watch the Series because of a midseason college football or NFL game? C’mon. … If I’m MLB, I schedule the games and tell the networks when to turn the cameras on. … Too much tail wagging the dog these days.-JD

  31. ed #29, although you didn’t ask me, I don’t think Niese is ready but even if he was, I think its always smart to take that chance on that one veteran or guy with upside for that 5th spot because there will ALWAYS be injuries. I think its best to keep guys like him as depth.

  32. Hey Benny, lots of people remember the 60’s. And besides your list JD the Cubs had Fergie Jenkins and Ken Holtzman, a pretty good 1-2 punch and Lonborg was another great pitcher until he decided to try skiing, and Bunning was still around since he pitched the el-perfecto in Shea,the Perry brothers, even Phil Niekro had his first 20 win season in 69, and wow, none of them were relievers. No wonder the games went faster. These guys pitched 9 innings!!! Were there any great relievers in the 60’s? Maybe Hoyt Wilhelm.

  33. If the sixties was the pitchers era….
    the seventies was the small ball player era Rose, Carew, Brock etc…

    The 90s was the HR hitter

    what were the 80s

  34. benny (40): I agree with you on the depth argument, and presume you’re talking about bringing Pedro back for that reason.-JD

  35. “I’m fine with fully enjoying the era that doesn’t ban any type of human being ”

    Great line Benny…. Wish everyone was so wise!

  36. I agree Benny in fact I like when they start Spring training with a vet. penciled in as the fifth and 1-2 vets on minor league contracts

  37. I could never comprehend this romanticism about running home from school and catching the final inning of the world series or playing hookie at work or school in order to watch a World Series game.
    That, in my opinion is a shame. NOBODY was able to watch it then.

    Although to be fair, its… f’n Saturday! and tomorrow is f’n Sunday (although NFL plays a HUGE part in that, they would actually make a difference in viewership).

  38. Harry (42): There was also Steve Carlton at the start of his career. Mickey Lolich. Mel Stottlemyre. Gaylord Perry in the beginning. … And, the White Sox of 67 had Joel Horlen and Gary Peters. … A great decade.-JD

  39. During high school I’d be pissed when I missed the ALDS/NLDS because they’d start at 1pm.
    THank goodness for 8pm starts.

  40. Yeah because ya know, we tested in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s 😉

    I just don’t think about the whole steroids thing. I just shrug my shoulders on that topic. What do you want me to do as a fan?

  41. To me Benny it was special can’t explain it ….Maybe it was a feeling of nastaliga, thats how they use to play mentality – it is the hostorians game…. But I cant explain it your right i should have felt jipped but i didnt

  42. benny (49): The networks fooled you. There are no 8 p.m., starts. That’s when the pre-game goes on. I wouldn’t mind if first pitch was actually at 8 p.m. Instead, it is at 8:30 and even later. Who knows when tonight?-JD

  43. Maybe the 80s was the era of the closer…Goose, Fingers etc….

    ever era has a position that was special but I cant think of anything for the 80s

  44. ed (52): Actually, I can explain it. The time when you first fell in love with the game is always the best era. … That’s when you remember the game with purity and passion. … When you’re 10, that’s when it was best. It was for my dad, your dad, me and you, and everybody. … I get nostalgic for a time when I first discovered the game. … I’m not right and neither is benny. We’re both right.-JD

  45. I can names too!
    Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, John Smoltz, Mike Mussina.

  46. ed (54): Free-agency gained some steam in the 80s. … That decade also produced power hitting shortstops: Ripken, Yount and Trammell.-JD

  47. Jd- Your right when I think of great teams I think of the 70s Big red machine, The As ( reggie 1), The dodgers (cey, Lopes team) , KC (brett) and bronx zoo (reggie 2)

  48. Word, your right, haha. There are no 8pm starts, they have me sitting there for 40 minutes before the first pitch is thrown and sometimes I miss it because they’re coming back from commercial THAT pisses me off to no end.
    Bad enough there’s anticipation to watch from the moment I wake up… You’re right about that.

  49. benny (56): Every era has great names. That’s why the game keeps rolling. Remember the James Earl Jones speech in Field of Dreams.-JD

  50. I dunno, I think every year that passes by I enjoy the game more.
    I certainly enjoy the game MUCH more now than in 2000 when the Mets were in the playoffs. I most certainly enjoyed it more in 2000 than I did in the mid 90’s when I was a kid. And the mid 90’s were cooler than the late 80’s.

    I must be a weirdo. Sorry for being difficult but it’s just how I feel.

  51. John (28)

    About Pedro. I would like to see him back with the Mets in some capacity. He’s had a couple of tough years with his own health compromised and his Dad who eventually succumbed to his disease.

    He will never be the old scary Pedro, but even this past season he was usually good for 6, sometimes 7 innings when other, younger and healthier Mets pitchers couldn’t even get that far.

    I hope Pedro and Omar do some off season visiting and come up with a plan that works for all.

  52. Best player overall? in *this* era?
    I mean I don’t know what’s considered *this* era?
    Couple of names in order: Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, ALbert Pujols.
    Just top of my head, hope I’m not forgetting anyone.

  53. If Jaime Moyer can do it, why can’t Pedro?

    And I must say, that Jaime Moyer is amazing in his own way. I respect him. ALOT.

  54. benny (67): Good list. I presume you didn’t mention Bonds because of the steroid implications. … I wouldn’t consider Ramirez on this list because he’s more one dimensional than those you mentioned. … Ramirez doesn’t play defense, doesn’t throw well and isn’t a great baserunner. … Of the last 15 years, I would say Griffey. He reminds me a lot of Mickey Mantle in that you wonder what numbers he would have posted had he stayed healthy.-JD

  55. The names you say Benny are good, but there is nothing better than a guy going all the way, winning without help, demanding to finish games. The ’71 Orioles, Palmer, McNally, Cuellar and Dobson all won 20 or more games and completed about 70 games!!!!!
    Even in the 80’s I know Doc was in double digits in complete games in 85-86. Now we say he’s at 94 pitches so this will be his last inning. Its just not the same when a guy doesn’t have to do the whole job. Gosh I hope it doesn’t spread to football. Well, guys, Eli has thrown the ball 37 times so for sure this will be his last drive!

  56. Two pitching staffs stick out from the 1968 season: Gibson’s 1.12 ERA and Marichal’s 29 complete games.-JD

  57. What I’m getting excited about is the talent competing right now.
    Brandon Webb, Roy Oswalt, Tim Lincecum, CC Sabathia, Johan Santana, Scott Kazmir, Cole Hamels, Felix Hernandez, Jake Peavy, Carlos Zambrano, Papelbon, Carlos Marmol.

    Obviously in a career you’ll never know what’ll happen and how great they’ll be due to talent or injuries but a good number of these guys have the potential to make a HUGE impact in the game.

  58. I didn’t name Bondsbecause INSTINCTIVELY, he wasn’t any of the three names that came to me.
    HENCE, if it’s not instinct he can’t be one of the greatest of the era, right?
    Is that good logic? does it make sense?

  59. I always consider the Big red machine the greatest team i ever saw …. Rose and Bench are two of my favorite players of all time but the entire team was incredible

  60. ed (74): Bonds was a Hall of Famer before he started hitting all those homers. Vanity, arrogance and greed made him do it. … He felt snubbed and ignored after McGwire and Sosa in 98.-JD

  61. JD
    Baseball had its last 30 game winner in 68.
    The infamous Denny McLain, not sure that will ever happen again.

  62. Annie – maybe i’m bias but i’ve never thought Jeter was that great …. I still think he’s the second best short stop on that team and as the captain should have moved to 2b

  63. Scott (81): Agreed on Denny McLain. … Speaking of pitching milestones from the Sixties: Wilbur Wood started both ends of a doubleheader.-JD

  64. You know Annie, the more years that go by the more I appreciate Derek Jeter and realise after YEARS of bashing him, that he is official. He is REALLY good and he is amazing.
    If you asked me in 2000 about Derek Jeter and the Hall of Fame I’d fight you to the death in that argument. Now? I believe it.

    HOWEVER, best overall player of this era?
    No… just no. Stop.

  65. Rickey Henderson was an absolutely incredible player in his prime…. early on great fielder, great eye at the plate, power and of course speed….

  66. ed (83): I think Jeter was clutch, but not the best. A-Rod and a healthy Nomar Garciaparra had more production. Jeter, of course, because he played for the Yankees, gets a lot of pub. He DID deserve the clutch label.-JD

  67. Rickey Henderson is a good one! People always forget about him. Mainly because he was such a clown with his 3rd person speak and all his goofy stories that it takes away from the type of player he is.

  68. Absolutely clutch …. But he’s the captain and it would have been best for the team to have the better fielder in the position, captains dont let their ego get in the way…Jeter should have moved to second before cano was even a thought…

  69. When you look at important players on those Yankee teams, don’t forget Paul O’Neill. They don’t win four titles without O’Neill … or Bernie Williams for that matter.-JD

  70. Wilbur Wood is a fasinating player.
    in 72 he started 49 games and pitched 376 innings. In fact from 71-75 he started more than 40 games every year.
    If he was a FA today it would be fun to see what teams would pay him.

  71. ed (90): No argument from me on that one. If Pete Rose can play five different positions during his career (first, second, third, left and right), then Jeter could have moved.-JD

  72. It was a team effort John.
    I hate it when they make it seem like Derek JEter single-handedly won the World Series.
    It was everyone. Including you, Luis Sojo!
    Oh and their pitching was awesome too.

  73. Could you imagine if jeter welcomed him in like that instead of alwyas trying to prove himself could have been a totally different situation…

  74. Mariano Rivera
    Should be on the list of greatest players of this era.
    He is a 1st ballot HOF if he retired today.

  75. Pfft, Wilbur Wood… his 4.7 strikeout rate sucked.
    Haha, I kid, I kid. It’s a joke!

  76. Fun Fact – Mariano River walked 6 batters in 2008.

  77. One of my Jeter criteria is who do you want at bat when the game is on the line –

  78. benny (95): It was a team effort and the New York press gave Jeter more than his due. … They don’t win without Posada, Rivera, Pettitte and Martinez, either. … The thing about Jeter is that he has this orchestrated and crafted image that he wants us to buy into. Clutch player, no doubt. However, when opposing players say he’s been overrated, they aren’t totally wrong.-JD

  79. The thing is Derek Jeter is just a good hitter. If you look at his career stats, he maintains a good average for every situation. It doesn’t matter what it is.
    Down by 4 runs, up by 1, tie game. He maintains the same type of production because he’s a good hitter.

    Look at someone like A-Rod’s career splits page on baseball Depsite his reputation, he maintains the same production for all situations. Why? Because he’s a good hitter.

  80. I don’t know what to make of that clutch thing. I really don’t. I mean, maybe it doesn’t really exist?
    I know I’ve seen plenty of times when I’m watching a Yankee game and shake my head in amazement when Derek Jeter comes through with that hit. Whether it ties it, puts them ahead, or scartches a run.
    But then there are other times especially the past 2 or 3 years I’ve seen Jeter and disgusting double plays he grounds into.

    And then there’s David Ortiz, who especially in 2006, everytime I put on a Red Sox game was doing something amazing. Game tying and winning dingers.
    And then more recently, he has been very dissapointing and hadn’t come through at all.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter? maybe it doesn’t exist? who knows. I just know sometimes guys like Jeter come through, sometimes they don’t.

  81. Wow, just checked the Doppler radar for CT – big storm here, no wonder 25,952 people are without power.

  82. During the rain delay
    I was watching the Ranger game.
    Down 2-0 in the third to the Pens and win in the shootout.
    I hope tonights game is good no matter who wins.

  83. Annie (114): More importantly, what’s the forecast in Philly for the next three hours? We getting a two-hour delay at midnight?-JD

  84. It seems like more teams are putting a power hitter in the 2 hole ( Bj Upton) and a traditional two hitter in the seventh spot so the high OBP turns the order over more

  85. I remember a couple of years ago there was talk of the Rays looking for a return on Carl Crawford. How would a Jose Reyes-Carl Crawford top of the lineup be?

  86. ed (123): Willie put him second and they won six straight. Then for some reason he moved him out. Never understood that. I wonder if he got asked that in the Milwaukee interview.-JD

  87. Did anything Willie do make sense? haha.

    But on to the game, I don’t think I EVER remember Rollins arm being that strong. He must be pumped and putting a little extra umph into it.

  88. I thought the 06 team won despite him and his tactics caught up to him in 07 and he got old on the players by 08 but thats just my opinion

  89. I still like LaRussa’s thought about batting the pitcher 8th. Depending on who you bat 9th you’ve got protection for your #1 hitter second time through the lineup.

  90. ed (131 refer comment 6): Yes, I saw, and there is a lot to it. Manuel was in no rush to play Castillo. He’s going to be next to impossible to move.-JD

  91. Sam G. (130): At first I didn’t care for the La Russa strategy, but it does make sense. You are protecting your leadoff hitter. If you’re going to have an automatic out anyway, what difference does it make if it is the eighth or ninth hitter?-JD

  92. Im thinking they might have to re-sign Ramon Martinez in case Murphy can’t handle 2B full time but also to give Reyes days off… they just cant keep saying these guys are young and then wonder why they slow down in Sept….

  93. Bottom first/Huge strikeout. Keeps the damage to a minimum. … The catcher mistake cost them the run.-JD

  94. ed (135): Ramon Martinez played well. He’s not a young guy and not a priority, but he did bring something to the table.-JD

  95. ed (138): Yes. Too often they didn’t just have an automatic out, but an automatic 1-2-3 bottom third of the order.-JD

  96. I think the bench just needs to be able to relieve anyone. instead of relying on guys to play everyday…last year we never had a back-up SS. once tatis started in LF no 3B and there wasn’t a true back-up 1B

    The bench should have a second catcher, fourth outfielder, 1b/3B infielder power hitter and 2b/ss backup and if they carry a six man bench another outfielder

  97. ed
    You hit the nail on the head about having a bench. If the Mets had a real backup SS to give Reyes a day off maybe he does not fade in September.

  98. I’m not sure what I think about stealing right there. Guty since it worked, but could have been bad.

  99. After the sac fly, McCarver talked about “small ball,” saying “small ball pays off big when you do it well.” He talks about small ball as if it were an new concept. Fact is, teams should play it all the time. … We know the Mets didn’t.-JD

  100. right now Ramon is the only return candidate but he is 35 and the Dodgers thought he was washed up they granted him his release without even trying to trade him…he had a nice sept when he got a chance but if not him they need a backup

  101. Scott,

    I suggested Bloomquist when i saw the FA list come out and yes he’s an over achiever, gamer type like tatis but more versatile

    Castro, Tatis, Rivera, Chavy, Bloomquist would be a solid bench

  102. I like the Bloomquist suggestion, other free agents I like to look at are:

    Rich Aurilia, Javier Valentin (The Stache’s brother), Jerry Hairston Jr., Casey Blake, oh and see what the deal is with Brad Wilkerson. He’s a good guy to take a chance on and gamble on.

  103. Ryan Howard=Alfonso Soriano.
    Throw breaking stuff low and away and they flail away. They become a non-factor.

  104. Top fourth/Longoria flailing away. Not looking good. Moyer in control here. Wonder how long he’ll last.-JD

  105. JD
    You are right on the 2 starters and a closer. I am hoping that is where Omar will spend the big money.
    Rivera and Bloomquist would fill important roles be reasonable in cost and add younger players than Easley and Alou to the team.

  106. Why on earth is Joe Buck talking football in the middle of a WS game. He is a complete jerk for doing this.

  107. Mets will have at least two spots on the bench Easley and Andersons spots but theyve started every year with a six man bench which would be a third spot

  108. If Minaya spends as much time as you guys do worrying about an offense that finished 2nd in runs scored this team will certainly suffer the fate of a third collapse as a worn out untalented bullpen fails again.
    Get this guy, get that guy, this organization needs to build from the bottom up. The only real needs this Winter are pitching.

  109. Oh and how about someone like Eric Hinske?
    He’s had a VERY inconsistant career. But he might be looking for a starting job.

  110. Not really expecting Kunz to make the team.
    He needs to spend the year at Buffalo.
    Niese and Parnell would also be better off at Buffalo.

  111. Harry (161): No doubt. If they add one good starter and are second in runs scored again next season you would figure they’d improve enough to get into the playoffs.-JD

  112. Scott (158): Because FOX is broadcasting football tomorrow afternoon. The World Series is simply a vehicle for them to promote their fall schedule.-JD

  113. I don’t like Kunz at all.

    And the following comment is not hindsight whatsoever but one thing I really wanted to see last off season was Lastings Milledge for Matt Garza. The fact that he was traded for Delmon Young REALLY made me question whether or not that deal was a possibility.
    Sure Delmon Young was a little higher rated but throughout the years Young and Milledge were the cream of the OF prospect crop.

  114. The Mets would have had to give up a little more to, but who really thought Garza would be this good. And Kunz has potential but was not MLB ready last year.

  115. Harry
    You have to agree a legit backup SS utility guy like Bloomquist would be a great help to this team.
    I know they need pitching. The problem is the pitching market is so wide open it is hard to know what will happen.

  116. I’m really impressed at how involved Joe Maddon is with his players – very hands on.

    Joe and Timmy are better than usual tonight.

  117. Bingo Benny: If you’re going to trade young hitters, you gotta get pitching for them. You can find an outfielder and a weak hitting catcher off of any FA list or off the Valentin/Tatis/Chavez type of scrap heap.

  118. Kyle
    Niese could use a little more time in the minors, maybe a 1/2 season. I worry that they are rushing him and if he starts next year in NY it will be alot like Pelfreys 2007 season.

  119. We had three of the top ten relievers in relief appearances in the entire league, no other team had more then one if they had one….

    You could argue improving the rotation would improve the pen… if 4 out of 5 starts the rotation at least finished the sixth it would be the eqivalent of adding a solid reliever

  120. Scott (172): There are a lot of players who would help the Mets, but they need pitching to get where they need to go. They shouldn’t spend a dime on a hitter in the FA market before they address pitching.-JD

  121. Benny
    A lot of baseball people felt the Twins gave up too much to get Young. Garza is very good but without Bartlett the Rays are not playing October baseball.

  122. I’d spend time on pitching, the arms to target are:

    Fuentes, Brandon Lyon, Affeldt, Juan Cruz, AL Reyes (again). And I have no idea if this is even a possibility but how do you think Brad Penny would take to being a reliever? He’s had alot of shoulder problems though…

    What happened to Matt Clement? He had shoulder surgery how about making him a reliever instead? Just one inning efforts from him.

  123. I have to agree with you Scott? No, I don’t agree. If Kevin Mitchell could play SS on occasion, you don’t have to go scouring the mahors for a back-up infielder.
    Reyes could spell Reyes and Murphy could be a super sub until 2010 when he is given a permanent spot.

  124. “It will be a great day football tomorrow here on Fox”
    –Ugh. I usually don’t hate on all the promotion stuff but that quote was ridiculous and ugly. I also hate when they interview no name actor for an upcoming series that will fail.

  125. Scott (180): I would agree the Twins gave up too much. The Rays got a shortstop and a starter. I think they win the deal. At least for right now they are ahead of the game.-JD

  126. JD
    Why can’t they do both at the same time.
    If the rumor is true the Mets want Lowe the problem is that Boras is his agent. Boras could play the delay game. He does this all the time.
    If they wait to long on hitters to sign only pitchers they could end up with nothing.

  127. Scott (186): You’re right about Boras and the delay game. That’s why they should give a deadline to Boras about Perez. … Sure they can go after both, but I don’t know if they have enough minor league talent to go for both.-JD

  128. The point edfever is that Mitchell wasn’t a SS ever. Yet, he filled in when the team was throwing a fly ball pitcher.
    Tom Scott: I’m sure Minaya wants Lowe. He fits the Minaya bill, aging pitcher whose upside has been spent on other teams who will get a contract that will allow him to spend a year or two on the Met DL. Perfect fit for Minaya. Why is it again that the team with the 2nd most runs scored desperately needs to go on a hitter hunt??

  129. Harry
    Mitchell was horrible at SS and he only started when Doc or Sid were on the mound.
    ( Fly ball pitchers )
    Also he was always taken out of games early for defense.

    On A. Reyes if he could play SS Jerry would have given Jose a day off.
    On Murphy the Mets do not think he can play 3rd. Why would the play him at SS.

    Jose faded in September because he had to play 160 games. A guy who can play a little SS would help him be fresh at the end of the year.

  130. Harry (189): You can micro-analyze the season and point to games they lost because of a weak bench or they didn’t hit with RISP. However, when you big-picture the season, the failures of the starters and 29 blown saves is the story.-JD

  131. Scott (190): I think neither Willie nor Jerry used their bench properly. When you talk about finding rest for Reyes, they could have done better than two games. Maybe once a month. Damion Easley would have been fine.-JD

  132. The thing about Lowe is sure he’s a little older but he’s only spent 6 seasons starting. I like his health prospects for the future.

  133. I think were looking at Jon Garland…

    C.C. to NY
    Lowe to boston
    Dempster stay in Chicago
    Ollie to Pads

    No one else of significence left, Omar wanted Garland two years ago….

  134. ed (197): I can see Perez going to several places, but San Diego isn’t one of them. Boras will be asking for $15 million. If they aren’t going to pay Peavy, they won’t pay Perez. The other three, I can see. I can see Perez going to one of the LA teams.-JD

  135. i meant west coast – but i had read they might move peavy to replace with ollie and that their was something personal going on there and not just cutting cost….

  136. JD
    I think your right Lowe would go back to Boston if he goes East.
    I really don’t think the Mets have a chance.

    My feeling is that untill C.C. signs the rest of the pitching puzzle will not fall into place.
    What worries me is that if the Yankees do not sign C.C. they could become very irrational on how the spend money on pitching. That could mess up the whole market.

  137. – The impression is that if Johan comes to new york, its for the Yankees.
    – The impression is if Carlos Beltran leaves Houston and exposes himself to New York it’s to patrol CF for the Yankees.

    Destinations for Oliver? Baltimore, Texas, Washington, San Francisco, Cincinnatti, Houston, Seattle, and Kansas City.

    And Jon Garland just sucks. He had a great defense behind him in Anaheim and still nothing.

    And guys like Moyer usually do good againt young teams like the Rays and Marlins. Unless your Glavine who couln’t get one out against the Marlins.

  138. benny
    thank god I am not the only one who thinks Garland sucks.

    On Ollie
    SF not likely they have lots of young pitching and Seattle is gun shy after Carlos Silva and the Bedard fiasco.
    In fact they might even nontender Bedard because he may not pitch in 2009.

  139. I don’t have a problem with Omar going after older players. Look at the job Moyer did tonight. The key is to get players who don’t break down. That’s Alou’s history. And, Pedro and Duque had already shown signs of breaking down.-JD

  140. I just have to say LOL@the Carlos Silva signing. I mean seriosuly, what did they expect from him?
    To be good?

    Your right about San Francisco. I see Oliver Perez as the Ultimate Consolation Prize for the lower market teams.

  141. Ed
    You may be on the mark about trading for a pitcher. Seattle may want to dump Silva.

    He would be a good 5th starter and being back on the same team as Santana could help him pitch better.

  142. Looking at the depth charts, take out the Reds, and Giants. And add in Yankees, White Sox, and Tigers.

  143. I’m in central time and I”m watching the game through my computer so I’m no doubt staying for the long haul.

  144. benny (208): If you can see Perez being a consolation prize, then can’t you see him returning to the Mets?-JD

  145. And Scott, I know I’ve said this a million times but, don’t forget the Japanese market.
    Koji Uehara and Kenshin Kawakami for starting and Hitoki Iwase for relief!
    I fully expect Omar to be a player in one those guys.

    Uehara I like.
    Kawakami not so much (although everyone else likes him more than Uehara).
    Iwase I love.

  146. if i’m trading for a pitcher its not Silva – i think Seattle numbers can’t be taken seriously they had a collective slump but still his contract is awful….

    If your looking at Seattle Washburn might be worth a shot…

  147. JD
    I am trying.

    Not trying to be sarcastic but I gotta wonder if Phil Mushnick already has his column finished on ripping baseball for starting tonights game so late.

  148. I don’t see Ollie coming back. Nope. But that’s a personal feeling.
    Odds are I’m wrong.
    But the way Boras works is guys like Ollie are out there till January/February.
    And too many teams will be interested.
    My guess here in October is the Royals sign him.

  149. benny
    Hope you are right about the Janpanese pitchers.

    Maybe the Mets could ship Castillo to Seattle and get back Silva.

  150. Scott (220): Perhaps the Mets’ best chance to start spring training without Castillo is to move from Port St. Lucie and not tell him.-JD

  151. Huh?
    Uehara didn’t get blasted during the olympics. He pitched in middle relief and didn’t give up a run. I don’t think he struck anyone out though, I don’t remember.

    Iwase got blasted though.

  152. ed (224): As much as the Mets need pitching, I’d be wary of Silva. Why ask for trouble?-JD

  153. I just looked at Silva’s contract.
    Hard to believe but it makes Castillo’s contract look like pocket change.

  154. Top eighth/It’s amazing what speed can do. What Upton just did reminds one of what Reyes can do. That’s why I get on him and want him to bunt more, improve his walks and concentrate on keeping the ball on the ground. Reyes can be such a weapon.-JD

  155. Castillo and about 6 million to Seattle for Washburn would make the deal even money wise.
    Does Seattle need a player who allegedly is still a 2nd baseman.

  156. Scott (230): Why would a new GM’s first decisions be to add Castillo? Not happening.-JD

  157. ed (231): Mariners do need a lot. What they don’t need is a broken down second baseman with an $18 million contract.-JD

  158. JD
    I guess that means if you are in Port St Lucie in February you will have a chance to interview Castillo.

  159. I was digging through trying to find a comparable contract for the Mets to tradefor CCastillo. And its the same names we’ve heard already.
    Eric Byrnes, Jose Guillen, MAYBE Alex Gonzalez of the Reds? haha. Fukudome? Kenji Johjima? (although Seattle doesn’t need a second baseman).

  160. I think someone will look at his OBP/OPS and roll the dice – if the Mets throw most of the contract or they get rid of a headache themselves…..

    Sometimes someone elses headache is anothers solution- I like the Castillo for Guillen rumor myself…

  161. benny
    would rather the Mets pay Castillo not to play before trading for Jose Guillen.
    Guillen makes Barry Bonds look like a great team mate.

  162. I like the Guillen rumor as well until you realise that Guillen is out of his mind. The man has problems.

  163. Scott actually that depends on the situation Seattle in 2006 praised him for his veteran leadership ( i kid you not I’m looking for the article)

  164. Bottom eighth/The shift is off. I like the Phillies chances of scoring this inning. Utley will get him to third.-JD

  165. Shows how much I know. I would have bet anything he’d hit a grounder to second. … Don’t you walk Howard here?-JD

  166. If I were GM, I’d take ANYTHING back for Castillo. Whether its another bad contract, whethere is a 40 year old in Single A, anything. And as a last resort pay all his salary/release him.

  167. benny (248): No argument. Whatever deal they make, they’ll have to eat a large part of his contract. … I don’t see the Wilpons eating all the contract.-JD

  168. “He’s been a joy to watch play and to talk to. He’s a good man. I think he’s finally found a place where he’s comfortable and he likes everything about the organization. He likes the people. He likes the ballpark. And he likes what we’ve got inside the clubhouse.”

  169. JD
    You are (or will be again) the newspaper guy.
    I know this game is to late for the Sunday papers for the east coast and a good part of the midwest. How much longer before it will not even make the westcoast papers.

  170. Maybe the city of Seattle and state of Washington did that to him? I’ve been there once in my life, its a very calming place.
    But then again he’s in Kansas City and its a calm place as well and if I remember correctly he’s still in psycho mode.

  171. Scott (253): This game might turn into an all-timer, but few will have seen it. I don’t think the issue is whether they’ve learned, but whether they care. … They aren’t going to play games in the afternoon. Too bad.-JD

  172. JD- Seattle fans want him back heres another article the writer acknowledged his leadership but says no because his numbers are declining because he’d be the center piece his numbers would be fine for us – i think on a contender Guillen can be productive its on bad teams he becomes neg….
    All you have to do is goggle Guillen positve seattle and there are numerous articles

    As good as Guillen was last season, and as strong a clubhouse presence as he was, his numbers matter as well.

  173. i’ve said before i think this team needs a player with an edge, Crazy eyed Lo Duca style and if we get rid of Castillo at the same time its a double positive

  174. The thing though is that Lo Duca’s act got old. EVen as early as 2006 when he was productive.

  175. i agree and by the time it did maybe this time Wright, Reyes Murphy Church have matured enough to get through sept. Guillen would be lucky to make it two years its a temp. fix

  176. benny (259): It did. He got thrown out of a couple of games and fought Willie about an injury. There’s no telling how many games no having Lo Duca might have cost the Mets last year. Maybe it cost them enough to lose the division.-JD

  177. That’s amazing. Two bad throws could cost them the game. … You have to walk the bases loaded now to set up the force at the plate.-JD

  178. Sorry I had to leave without saying GoodNight last night, but a tree came down in back of my condo, and the power went out. Hope to be back tonight.