Gooood morning/scanning the headlines.

Some tidbits to start your day.

Some tidbits to start your day.

Good morning ….

Taking a peak at what’s going on this morning.

-Rain forecast for Philly tomorrow. Game 3 might be postponed. I have no problem with that because there’s Ohio State v. Penn State. Go Bucks. If everything is pushed back, Phillies say Cole Hamels will pitch Monday regardless. No word on what the Rays will do.

-It’s ironic as we brace for a rainout Commissioner Bud Selig is talking about shortening the World Series by two or three days by eliminating the off days. MLB added off-days when it opted to start the Series on Wednesday instead of the weekend. Eliminating off days won’t seem like such a good idea if there’s a coast-to-coast Series.

-Jake Peavy is available from the Padres. Early speculation has the Braves a contender, but GM Frank Wren said the club isn’t going to part with its best prospects.

6 thoughts on “Gooood morning/scanning the headlines.

  1. First they add a bunch of off days to the DS and LCS and now they want to eliminate them for the WS? Stupid. At least make it consistent. Does the commissioner of his own league realize the effect off days/no off days has on a series because of the starting pitcher rest factor? If they kept the days off in the first two rounds, but eliminated them in the WS, a team with a great 1-2 (but poor 3-4-5) rotation has a better shot to get to the series- only to get smacked in the WS because they’re not as deep. Leave one day off for travel every series and be done with it.

  2. It looks like the Mets main targets are Fuentes and Lowe, no suprise really. Assuming they can get both, the Mets’ top two needs would have been filled. Next, is finding a LF, who could be Murphy, getting a couple more bullpen arms, and possibly finding another starter and some bench help.

  3. THey have the offdays in the CS’s because they want as many prime time games as possible.
    They want as little conflict between the two games as possible. IF I remember correctly only once did the two teams play on the same day.

  4. I wonder if these delays are part of a cunning and subtle Bud Selig plan to play all World Series games in a permanent “No rain” site. Like Milwaukee’s dome. Much like David Stern stretching out the best of 5 first round to 14 days so there was no flow and he could expand it to best of 7 games.

    This is a little off topic but did the Jets learn nothing from from the Mets disastrous handling of Ryan Church’s concussions with this talk about having Lavernius Cole “play” on Sunday? But when you have the NFL player’s association under your thumb with a disability plan that Stephen Hawking couldn’t qualify under, why would they care about a person’s health?

  5. Interesting comment about the pathetic Jets Jets Dan. WQhen Church was botched all the Minaya apologists said it wasn’t his fault becuse only the football guys know concussions. So much for that thought. Your last sentence explains it best, no matter the sport.