Baseball after Midnight: Rays even Series.

What's keeping you up tonight?

What's keeping you up tonight?

Good evening my friends out West and you night owls. Getting hungry. My favorite after midnight diner food is an omelet and rye toast. Breakfast food is always good.

We had an interesting post during the game on the issue of clutch hitting. It doesn’t always come after the seventh inning. I remember a conversation I had with Ryan Church during spring training about stats.

The topic was a “do your job stat.” Every at-bat comes with it a defined objective. Runner on third, get the run home, even with an out. The Rays did it twice in the first inning. The Mets? Well, we’ve had that conversation more than a few times this summer.

Another good game tonight. You get the feeling this one could go the distance.

As far as the Mets were concerned today, the Mets finally finalized their coaching staff. Howard Johnson stays, which was surprising to some degree considering all the finger pointing about their inability to consistently perform with runners in scoring position.

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5 thoughts on “Baseball after Midnight: Rays even Series.

  1. not sure if i love the return of hojo…like you said “do your job hitting” is important and the mets failed miserably at that. hitting coach needs to be able to convey the strategy of those ABs. I hope this improves in the future and it truly does rely on the players to do so. hopefully hojo’s voice is clear and heard going into next yr when it comes to those situations

  2. I ain’t no west coaster……..even though I loved calif when I was there…..but my mommy doesn’t keep track of when I go to bed anymore…… here goes……Phils are good………got a great bullpen…..but the Rays showed tonight………they are for real. They ain’t going down without a fight. Even though this doesn’t involve NYC…’ll probably go down as one of the best WS ever. Two evenly matched teams. Maybe Gillick should see if he can get them to “hate” the Rays.

  3. yea i mean if the rays dance a little then the phillies will definitely try harder to win. thats a fact now right?