Talkin’ Baseball: World Series Chat, Game 2

Talkin' Baseball: Rays seeking to even Series.

Talkin' Baseball: Rays seeking to even Series.

The Rays were here before, against Boston they were down one, but came back. I think they’ll do it again. They are good enough.

Had some tech issues this afternoon, but everything looks OK now. Before I forget, the Mets came down with their coaches today. Howard Johnson stays; Guy Conti will be re-assigned.

I’ll be here all night. If James Shields hangs around, we could be set for a good Series.

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  1. Nice start to the game – General Petraeus, home from Iraq, now headquartered in Tampa, singing along to the National Anthem.

  2. but they had to kill the mood after that my having Dallas Green do the Phillies lineup………….:)

  3. Top first/I like Don Zimmer, but I think he’s blowing some smoke when he says Evan Longoria is as good a third baseman as he’s ever seen. Zim, say hello to Brooks Robinson. Say hello to Mike Schmidt. Say hello to Graig Nettles.-JD

  4. 3- According to Mc Carver……Don Zimmer is qualified to make that judgement because he was the first ever third baseman for the NY Mets……….I’m sorry….but what a tool…..I can’t believe we gotta listen to this guy for the rest of the WS

  5. chucky (4): McCarver just said the artificial turf contributed to that error by Werth. Maybe, but how so?-JD

  6. maybe turf is faster than grass….but you would have though he had enough time to practice with it. If he was an infielder, he’d have a better excuse.

  7. JD, any info who Razor Shines is. If i had to guess he must be one of Jerry’s Gangsta.

  8. Just finished handicapping the Breeder’s Cup races – where did those two runs come from?

  9. pvhornet05 (7): Shines and Manuel were with the Expos in the 1980s, but were never teammates on the big league level. Shines managed the Phillies’ Class A Clearwater affiliate in the Florida State League last year. His record was 64-76.-JD

  10. Bottom second/How hard can this be to figure out by Buck and McCarver. It looked to me the ump caught himself in the middle of his call and pointed to first, as in “runner take your base.” It’s not all that hard. C’mon guys, put a lid on it and move on.-JD

  11. Luis Aguayo, recently cut loose from the Mets, wanders into the Trop Mr. Magoo style and takes over as 3B coach…

  12. Ruiz is one tough customer. He ain’t no Johnny Bench but a decent defensive catcher. Nice block of the plate.

  13. WHen Ruiz walked off the field… he looked like he took a hell of a hit. It looked hard but his face told the real story.

  14. It was a great play. Hard and clean. Important, too. He drops that ball and maybe it leads to a bigger inning.-JD

  15. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Wright do it……could be wrong…….but not that I recall

  16. its great to see the squeeze put on two pitches in a row. i wonder if the mets squeezed at all this year.

  17. JD – A little while ago you mentioned that you thought the Mets should pick up Baldelli. I wasn’t aware of his illness when you said this, would it be worth it for the Mets if he wasn’t going to play much. He doesn’t really sound like a solution to LF.

  18. Willie used the squeeze a couple of times. I don’t remember Manuel calling for it at all.

  19. of course most of us Met fans don’t know much about Baldelli ( unless we cheat and watch the evil empire broadcasts) Please do tell. Is he likely to last the season……or is he gonna be another Alou? We need someone reliable. And if he’s viable…….what do we do with Murphy?

  20. chucky (30): First of all, Baldelli is a pipe dream of mine. He’s 26 and I believe the Rays will re-sign him. … This was an illness, not an injury. He’s struggled to get back and he’s not 100 percent. With medication he should be getting better. … He’s worth the risk.-JD

  21. Okay…….then what will Omar do with Castillo’s contract……… it? or will Castillo we a much over paid backup? ( I’m not trying to bust chops……just follow the thinking of someone in the know)

  22. This series could be interesting……remember the ACLS?….it didn’t look too good for the Rays after game 1 and you know the rest……..

  23. chucky (34): Feel free to bust away. Castillo’s contract is a pain in the ass. I would first try to trade him, but realistically, who wants him? Too expensive. Too injured. Too bad. … I figure the Wilpons won’t eat the contract. So, if he’s not good enough to beat out Murphy at second, he becomes a highly paid backup. I wouldn’t play him just to play him if he’s bad. … Castillo was just one bad decision.-JD

  24. 36…….yeah I realize I’m in the minority here……..but I really couldn’t understand the decision to renew Minaya’s contract (especially with a year left) with some of the really bad decisions he made. To me…it was extremely frustrating that they did that. I hope they can flip Castillo for a relief pitcher at least, even if we have to pay most of his contract.

  25. chucky..i dont see why such a long renewal was necessary either.

    JD- do you think the mets look at burrell?

  26. Rocco Baldelli is a 2004 Rhode Island Italian American Hall of Fame Inductee……that does it……go get him Omar!!!!!!!

  27. Annie:
    In case you haven’t heard, the Mariners hired Jack Zduriencik for the GM position yesterday.

    I suspect Jack “Triple Word Score” was the last person local reporters wanted to be hired. :)

  28. with all this talk of obtaining OF’s….I think it’s important to refocus on the Met’s obtaining pitchers………starters are nice…….but particularly….relievers…..if the playoff series has taught us anything….that is where we are most deficient.Our bullpen is so woefully inadequate that if I were Omar and Wilpon told me I could only obtain one player this off season……it would be a relieve.r

  29. Just saw most of the coaches were announced for Manuel.

    Why bounce Oberkfell from first base? It’s not like firt base coaches make or break a team.

  30. Hi Patrick –

    Thanks for the news – I hadn’t heard about it, but I hope the TWS guy will do a good job. Are you insinuating that the ‘locals’ are going to give him a hard time?? If so, why is there some history here?

  31. What does everyone think? is it possible Castillo has a Delgado type resurgence? (not power wise of course) or is he done? I recall most Met’s fans wanted Delgado gone until he caught fire later in the season. Now many advocate exercising his option.

  32. One of my pet peeves with sports talk radio is the way both hosts and callers talk about clutch hitting. They pretty much exclusively talk about 7th inning onwards. But haven’t the first two games of the World Series shown the importance of getting a lead early? Shouldn’t that be considered as “clutch” every bit as much as the last third of the game?

    The less said about the egg the Islanders laid tonight at the Coliseum in front of me and 4,000 other people, the better. Nice to see the Islanders have the opening puck dropped by a woman who survived three bouts of breast cancer. Hopefully she is cured for good.

  33. Hi Annie (45):
    My reference to Triple Word Score (a Scrabble term) & the media is because his last name is difficult to spell. If I were a journalist, I’d rather be covering people named Bill Smith than Jack Zduriencik. It would probably take me five years to memorize the spelling of his surname. :)

    Other … David Price — wow!

  34. Patrick,

    That’ why they’ll use word and create a macro one keypress no spelling errors :)

  35. JD- burrell has a “long swing”… think that could turn the mets away..older u get the harder it is to catch up with heat

  36. Do you remember the Odd Couple episode where Bobby Riggs bet Oscar he couldn’t spell his own name?-JD

  37. Jim (53): I can live with that considering their production this year from left field.-JD

  38. Am I alone in thinking “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch changes the ethos of the game-viewing experience? I always appreciated sports for — amongst other reasons — the escape it provides from every day life. “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” is fun; “God Bless America” makes me feel solemn.

  39. Patrick – I knew the origin of the TWS mention, and interestingly enough I know someone named Bill Smith who was in the USAF and became an airline pilot.

    Perhaps the journalists will give him some sort of clever nickname i.e. ZMan to alleviate the spelling situation.

    re: David Price: the NY Times had a terrific article about him which I posted here yesterday .

  40. Patrick (56): They started singing the anthem at sporting events during the war. God Bless America started after 9-11 and it stuck. Don’t think it’s going away while we’re in a war.-JD

  41. JD (59):

    Fer sher. It’s just a buzz-kill for me. I’d prefer the national anthem and/or “God Bless America” be sung prior to the game so that the next 2.5-3 hours can be uninterrupted entertainment.

    IMO, games should start with the national anthem and end with the comment, “we now resume the regularly scheduled aspects of your lives.”

  42. Anyone here going to be watching the Breeder’s Cup races Friday and Saturday Afternoon?

  43. Is the Gerbil still going to tell us how Longoria is as good a third basenan as he’s ever seen? The second most depressing thing about the Yankee dynasty run a decade ago was seeing Zimmer become a folk hero with two books.

  44. Put it in the Book, this game’s a keeper. See you in Philly on Saturday – bring an umbrella.

  45. Rays hold on to win to even the series up!

    One thing I got to thinking was people talking about how Tampa has a limited window with arbitration, free agency, same division as Red Sox and Highlanders. But even if they had money, wouldn’t they face a tough road? Two years ago the Detroit Tigers lost but looked loaded and have an owner that will spend money (as he does in the NHL). They added Sheffield, Cabrera and Willis to the mix. But they haven’t made the playoffs in two years and in 2008 finished last behind the Royals. Conclusion: Be like George Washington Plunkett and take your opportunities when you see them.

  46. Is this the Mets World Series? Rays fans holding up ‘Amazin’ Rays’ signs. Phillies fans holding up signs with ‘Ya Gotta Believe’.

  47. Dan (67): The Rays have much of their core signed long term to avoid arbitration and free agency. Real smart. They should be competitive for a long time.-JD

  48. 61…….some of the guys that fight for us…..whether you think it necessary or not come back in wooden boxes or with limbs missing….if taking two minutes out of your life to listen to God Bless America annoys you………….too bad.

  49. John: they should be but you never know. I thought after 1969 and 1986 the Mets were set for a 7 year run of championship contending teams. Didn’t happen. Bill James once noted (in his Abstract on the 1991 Braves) the 1914 Braves, 1946 Red Sox and 1961 Reds all came out of nowhere to win with young teams but failed to follow it up. But you are right in that Rays management is making the right moves. But life has a funny way of upsetting even well-thought out moves.

  50. chucky (71):

    I was afraid my comment would’ve been become political.

    My point was that sports — and the familiar traditions — are forms of escapism for many of us.

    I’d prefer to hear “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch and hear the national anthem and/or “God Bless America” before or after the game. IOW, my comment was not about the song, but rather, the timing of it.

    It’s a petty point to me, but it obviously has a visceral impact on at least one person. Therefore, I’ll be sure to refrain from addressing such topics in the future.