Quote of the Day: Gillick: Hatred for Mets spurred Phils.

Gillick: Hatred of Mets spurred Phillies.

Gillick: Hatred of Mets spurred Phillies.

Retiring Phillies general manager Pat Gillick told Bill Madden of The New York Daily News at the World Series his team’s hatred for the Mets, coupled with the disdain other teams in the NL East had for the Mets, acted as inspiration. Teams just didn’t like the celebrations and their swagger, perhaps sense of entitlement, they’ve had since 2006.

Said Gillick: “If you want to know the best thing we had going for us this year, it was the fact that all the other teams in our division hated the Mets’ guts. It started with Atlanta and all the hostility they had with the Mets through the years. Then Fredi Gonzalez left Bobby Cox to manage the Marlins and he didn’t forget everything that went on between the Braves and Mets. Look what Florida did for us the past two years (beating the Mets two out of the three in each of the last series of the season to prevent them from making the postseason). Washington doesn’t like them very much either, and all those teams seemed to really get up for the Mets.”

Both Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado took the celebrations outside the dugout, but each said they weren’t hurting anybody. In the end, they may have just been hurting themselves.

Hey, it’s not a shot at Reyes, but when an executive of your bitterest rival says the perception of your team is poor, you’d better listen. If the Mets are listening, they should realize Gillick is doing them a favor.

17 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Gillick: Hatred for Mets spurred Phils.

  1. Why couldn’t the Mets get up for the other teams? Why is it that the other teams are the only ones who get “up” for a game that the Mets are playing in. I remember Rocker back when he was taunting not only the Mets but also the City of New York continously and walking off the field with that smirk on his face taunting the fans. But still he continued to beat the Mets nearly everytime out even though but all rights he was someone who the Mets would “get up for”. In fact,Rocker was d so much extra police had to be assigned to guard him and a tarp had to be installed above the visiting bullpen to protect him from “falling objects” I just don’t buy that theory that other teams can beat you just because they you. I think other teams may defeat you if they’re inspired and you lie down for them but if you’re both inspired it should be no big deal.In fact it makes for a really good rivalry.

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  3. Here we go again….Yeah, i’m positive it was the hatred of the Mets that made Philly beat up on the Brewers, Dodgers and won game 1 against the Rays….i’m sure the hatred of the Mets caused the Mets to win 11 out of 18 against the Phills this year….Sheesh..

  4. Oh yeah and I know it really had an affect back in 1986 too when all those teams hated the Mets…shame on you JD for buying into this crap.

  5. With all due respect, if I’m a Met player or in Met Management, my response would be something like: up yours, Gillick. The Mets do too much running away from their own shadow and the shadows placed there by others.

    Who cares? Just get better offense in right and left field, shore up the starting pitching with its many question marks as starters are/may be leaving or coming off surgery, and try to address the bullpen.

    Every minute worrying about what your enemy thinks of you is a wasted one.

  6. Thats fine that they hate the Mets they’re playing baseball not baking cookies. If the Mets played better are we even talking about this? Simple solution for the Mets play better baseball.

  7. Not to be a jerk to JD, who does an excellent job, but he’s had it in for certain players all season…and Reyes was one of his favorite whipping boys early on.

    Who gives a damn WHAT other teams think of NY? Please…they get “motivated” to play the Mets because they don’t like them?

    Hey Gillick, here’s what helped you the most of all the last two years…a team that coughed up leads at a ridiculous rate.

    The Mets need to just player better. I WANT them to think other teams hate them, whether it’s true or not. The problem with the Mets is I don’t think THEY hate anyone.

  8. JD: It’s not hate that they feel,It’s more like JEALOUSY.So you can tell Gillick to kiss my #$%@*.

  9. This is ridiculous. The ’86 Mets were as reviled as any bunch around, yet they got it done. Reyes’ celebrations, Willie’s race issues, backstabbing in the front office, none of this garbage is relevant when a team wins. And the Mets haven’t won because they stink in too many places, not because of what other teams think of them.

  10. I just ran across a quote from the immortal Jackie Robinson that says it all…….”I am not concerned with being liked or disliked. I am concerned with being respected -Jackie Robinson (Dodgers Infielder 1947 – 1956)

  11. Mike F: While I agree with all the posts who say Gillick’s post is BS, I don’t agree with you. What do you think Gillick is jealous of? Is it the two straight Eastern Division flags he brought to Philly while Minaya brought 1 to NY? Is it the fact that he brought the Phils to the WS while Minaya did not? Is it the fact that everyone in Philly loves their new stadium and paeople can afford to go to a game there? Is it the ffact that he beat a team with a drastically higher payroll 2 straight years? Is it that he lost Billy the choke poison in the clubhouse Wagner to Minaya? What would Gillick have to be jealous of in NY?

  12. who cares if the other team’s dont like us?? in baseball, you cant try harder to hit a ball, etc.

    other teams have been hated (’86, yankees of 90s, etc.) and won

    its about going out and performing.

    I think people make this a bigger deal than it is. so the guys like to celebrate after hitting a bomb, so what

    does anyone remember when victorino stood on home plate for about 5 seconds? should the mets try harder now because he did that?

    JD and others who hate the dancing…let jose be jose, and the boys be boys..its all bout outplaying the other team not hating them. i could hate cole hamels all i want but im not touching him at the plate, simple as that

    just win baby…and then dance even more

  13. no matter what happens in this series, a big F you to the phillies. why are they still talking about the mets??? you are in the world series??

    ill tell you one thing phillies fans can be jealous of. new york is the greatest city in the world. Period.

  14. Chiti: The jealousy is just because the mets play in the big bad apple as compared to the shit hole town they play in.(kyle you could’nt have said it better)