2 thoughts on “Join me tonight for World Series chat

  1. JD – The Rays were mere inches away from taking that game when BJ Upton hit one hard to Feliz’s left, who snagged it for the DP. The Rays are taking this one and the next three.

  2. As Mets fans of course we’re hoping the Rays will win, but I couldn’t help watching last night with some admiration, the Phils bullpen coming in and totally shutting down the Rays. If it were the Mets we would have felt doomed. Even if we had a five run lead with our bullpen trying to hold a 3-2 lead. It must be nice to be a Phils fan and know that if you get the lead late in the game…..you got it in the bag. You cannot underestimate the value of a good bullpen. Hopefully a lesson learned for the Met’s front office.