Commentary: Just name the coaches.

Manuel: All smiles when he was hired. What's he thinking now?

Manuel: All smiles when he was hired. What's he thinking now?

There are appearances to the delay. Does Jerry Manuel know who he wants on his staff? Is there a conflict between him and Omar Minaya.

The Mets acted decisively in giving extensions to Manuel and Minaya, but are dragging their feet in naming their coaching staff, leaving it up to us to speculate. Many reports had Howard Johnson on the outs., yesterday, had him staying.

Manuel has to know who he wants on his staff, and the odds are those decisions have already been made. Just not announced. Well, why not? There’s not really a good reason. The appearance is indecisiveness, and that’s not what you s

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  1. I have little doubt there’s conflict between Minaya and Manuel over coaches. Minaya wants his hand in everything. He can’t see how badly his hand in coaching choices made the team.

    Ricky Henderson anyone?

    Manuel should be allowed HIS choices. He’s the field manager. He needs to have his people in charge.

    It’s no different than a new CEO in charge of a company, he brings in his own people to help him run the business.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t MLB have a rule about making any announcements during the world series? It may be they know but just can’t announce it. Also, (1) agree about Manuel making the coaching choices. He should live or die with those he picks rather than some other guys that were picked for him.

  3. Sam G (1): No doubt. You can’t force people to work together. Rickey Henderson is the best example of a square peg in a round hole.-JD

  4. Could they be waiting to talk with coaches from some of the playoffs teams?
    Whatever the problem is it would be nice to let HOJO or Warthan know if they need to start loking for jobs.

  5. coaches named

    Razor Shines and Randy Niemann are headed to the Mets’ coaching staff, the Daily News has learned.

    Shines, a longtime minor-league manager and former third base coach with the White Sox, more recently had managed in the Phillies organization at Clearwater. He will coach third base. Clearly, he goes back to the Sox days with Jerry Manuel. Shines, 52, appeared in 68 major-league games with Expos from 1983-87, primarily at first base.

    Niemann has served as the rehab coordinator for pitchers in Port St. Lucie. He will succeed Guy Conti as bullpen coach. Conti, among the longest-tenured Mets employees, will remain with the organization.