Baseball after Midnight: Phillies take Game 1

What's keeping you up tonight?

What's keeping you up tonight?

Greetings to all my friends on the West Coast. During the season I’ll call this post “Mets after Midnight.” I had this post before and will do my best to keep it going as to get a dialogue going with you guys two and three time zones away.

I have a good feeling about this World Series. Not so much in the winner, but in that it will be a compelling Series. How did the Phillies leave as many guys on base as they did and still win? Oh yeah, the Rays left a bunch, too.

As far as the Mets go, Mets.Com wrote today that HoJo will be back as hitting coach. That’s not the impression a lot of us had after the season when the Mets were whining about their situational hitting.

Willie Randolph will interview with Milwaukee. Doug Melvin, Milwaukee GM, was once in the Yankee farm system. He knows Willie well. Wouldn’t be surprising if he got the job.

If you don’t want to talk about the game or the Mets’ coaching, don’t worry. This is the message board for you night owls and those on the Coast. And, I’ll answer your questions and address your comments in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Baseball after Midnight: Phillies take Game 1

  1. How can a Phillies team that looked so, so, so vulnerable tonight, with all the men left on base, possibly beat the team that vanquished the incumbent Red Sox to take game one? I have to think that if the Mets had had Johan out there, even with our bullpen, we’d have had at LEAST the same result, because he’d have pitched a complete game.

    By the way, for all the folks who only care about the post-season if the Mets are in it (and I assume that most of the folks I’m talking about are on Metsblog but not here), they’re not true baseball fans. Tonight was an incredible, exciting game, despite the outcome.

  2. GrandaBuiltShea (1): It was a incredible game. Tense and exciting. You are right, the Phillies look vulnerable, but then again, the Rays look like they can be had, too. Both teams missed way too many opportunities.-JD

  3. Thanks gramps for branding so many people bad baseball fans. Did Sarah Palin feed you that line? Are all those people anti-America as well?

  4. Speaking of Johan, could he have even continued to pitch into the postseason with his knee? So a glass half full..if the Mets had made it, maybe Johan would have damaged his knee at lot worse

  5. GrandpabuiltShea (1) –

    I don’t understand how a real sports fan can root only for the uniforms. Sports are played by real people, talented people and yes, sometimes they move around to other teams.

    On the blog last night there were several remembrances by some of us who feigned illness so as to miss school and see the games, or came home from college just so we could be part of a World Series. Most of us were ‘trained’ by our Dads in the world of sports, and learned respect for the games along with the rules.

    We all miss day games though and wish MLB would bring some of them back in the post season.