Talkin’ World Series Baseball: Game 1.

World Series Chat

World Series Chat

Every World Series has its storyline, but when was the last time we had a really compelling Classic? Probably Angels-Giants in 2002. Yankees and D-Backs in 2001, for sure.

This one has that capability as it pits two gritty teams, clubs with resiliency to match their talent. Tampa Bay has that karma thing going for it, but let’s not overlook the Phillies, no matter how much you hate them.

They also can make a destiny argument.

Both teams can mash, but the Phillies have Ryan Howard, capable of controlling a Series. The Rays have a young, talented staff, but Philadelphia probably has the best pitcher in Cole Hamels and the dominant closer in Brad Lidge.

I believe the Rays shook the jitters when they blew Game 5 at Boston and hung on to win. They won’t be rattled. I think they’ll prevail in seven.

And if they don’t? Well, I’m happy if it goes seven.

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  1. World Series Memory: It was the 1970 World Series and that’s when they played the games during the day. I was sick and stayed home from school for one game, and somehow I stayed home to watch the rest of the Series. I think my dad knew I wasn’t really that sick.-JD

  2. I never thought to fake a sickness to watch the series when I was growing up. Too stupid, I guess.
    I just hope it’s an exciting series. I think lots of Super Bowls are one-sided affairs because there is usually a two week layoff and one team loses its edge. That may happen in baseball. As John says, it’s been six years since there was a tight world series.

  3. As much as I hope this series is compelling and goes 6 or 7 games with the Rays victorious, would it really be a big problem for the MLB to move the start time up to at least 7pm. These games are ending so late its hard to stay awake when the Mets aren’t the ones playing.

  4. I’m cheering for the Rays because of the Boston Series.I haven’t been as excited about a team like the Rays for a long time – who recovered from a serious mistake to give us that dream Game 7 ending. Tony Paige was taking a poll last night on the Overnight show and lots of people mentioned the Rays/Boston Game 7 with real excitement. I want to see that team do it one more time.

  5. Yes Tim it would be a problem because there are people in this country who live in the Pacific Time Zone and they are not home from work at 4PM. Take a tip from Delcos and call in sick.

  6. My favorite non-NY World Series of all time was the 1980 World Series…Though I was rooting for KC (Brett was a big fave) it was very cool to see Tug.

  7. Harry (5): It wouldn’t be so bad if they started the damn game at 8 pm. But, it’s 830 now. … What I don’t get is why the networks are so adamant at getting the West Coast at 5 pm at the cost of losing the East Coast after 11. … And, during the weekend, would it kill them to have a game during the day? It’s the World Series, people will watch.-JD

  8. They are talking about the layoff possibility. It was the same last year with Colorado. That is the result of the MLB switching the schedule. Remember when the Series started on a weekend and ended the next weekend? Not anymore.-JD

  9. I don’t get it John, your talking about how people can’t “watch” the World Series because the games are at night, YET in your first post your talking about how you watched the World Series in the day time, after staying home sick from school?
    Excuse me if I’m wrong because I wasn’t alive during those times but… isn’t THAT worse? The only way to watcha world series game is to play hookie from shcool or work or being sick?
    That’s horrible.

  10. I agree about weekend WS day games…I really miss them myself…there’s something to be said about a WS game on an Indian summer day, no?

  11. Benny (10): Shameful actually. But I was a kid then and hoped they’d be at night. We’re at the third batter of the game and it is 8:43.-JD

  12. Mason (12): Yes, I have, and you’re right. It’s a miserable park. It was built with the hope of landing a team.-JD

  13. Bottom first/In case you were wondering, the roof at the Trop is slanted because it reduces the volume of air under the dome for more efficient air conditioning.-JD

  14. Things started to deteriorate when MLB switched their attention from families and fans to the corporate people. At least we all have our childhood memories of day baseball.

    Just heard from my very traditional brother here’s his complaint:

    ‘the games are not worth watching if Baseball can’t get the National anthem sung properly’.

  15. oh, yeah, haha.
    Well basically I don’t have a t.v. right now, and I don’t have a radio so I somehow found a “glitch” on the live feed of ESPN Radio that broadcasts the game even though its really not supposed to due to blackout restrictions. But I’m doing it and it randomly goes on commercial breaks every now and then and I miss alot of the action.

    I’m also stealing someone’s wireless internet right now.

    Ugh, the reason for all this before you ask is I JUST moved to Kansas City, Missouri and nothing has come in yet. Horrible.

  16. Benny (21): I suppose you’ve already been filled in on Arthur Bryant’s and Gates?-JD

  17. This is completely off topic, but I just realized that sponsors Johan Santana’s page. Their message reads “HAHAHAHAHA – The Mets are a joke!!! “

  18. Atleat the Red Sox aren’t in the World Series those group of men make games 5 hours long.
    Phillies and Rays are a bunch of young free swingers.

  19. Kyle (33): Obama picked the Rays when he was in Florida and the Phillies when he was on Pennsylvania. There should be a law keeping politicians away from the World Series and Super Bowl.-JD

  20. Yes DEFF, didn’t Rudi say he was hoping Boston won last year because they came from the AL, what a phony.

  21. I had chicken pox the ’70 series so I got to watch the playoffs and the world series. Just kicked back and watched the big red machine.

  22. John (37) I don’t remember Hillary wearing a Yankees cap – she grew up a Cubs fan

  23. Sam (38)

    It’s interesting how so many of us remember the World Series games we watched when we were ‘sick’. I admit I once came home from college for a few days right in the midst of the Series. Those were the days.

  24. Annie… so true… I think it’s because it was an unsual thing. Once we “grew” up we could do what we wanted. Then it was a big deal :)

  25. Sam G (42): I watched Game 6 in 75 (Fisk) in the student center. They kept it open past closing so we could watch it.-JD

  26. Top four/With the exception of one pitch, it hasn’t been a bad start for Kazmir.-JD

  27. Kazmir is very lucky tonight. He had the bases loaded in the second the home run in the first now 2 men on. He’s had some luck on his side. Let’s hope he can seriously settle down and hold ’em the rest of the game.

  28. Random: I personally feel that when his career is over, Dioner Navarro will become a manager, he gives off that vibe. And if and when he does become a manager I will feel old and would be ablt to say in that old man tone:
    Me: I remember him when he played, he was a catcher.
    Young Lad: WOW YOUR OLD

  29. Frankly, I’m surprised at how much press this series is getting in the New York area. Yesterday there was an excellent article about David Price by Alan Schwartz which I posted somewhere here on the blog. Today there were several in the Times again about the teams, the managers and the ballparks.

  30. Annie: Hillary Clinton wore the Yankee hat when the 1999 Yankees went to the White House. She claimed they were her favorite AL team since as a Cubs fan (she grew up near Chicago) she couldn’t very well root for the White Sox. She hasn’t worn the hat since because she was ridiculed about it.

  31. Dan – I was trying to remember when it was – Thought it might have been later when she was running for the Senate in NY taking over the Moynahan seat. It’s amazing how many otherwise savvy politicians slip up when it comes to sports.

  32. Of course politicians (from both parties) do more vile things than rooting for other teams like Clinton and Guiliani. Saw a story the IRS has given exceptions to Mets, Yankees and Nets to issue more tax exempt bonds. Hankenstein needs some $360 million to complete his new palace, Must have found a whole Imelda Marcos-size wardrobe of Ortiz jerseys buried.

  33. Top five/I’ve been mulling this over, and I’m leaning toward the belief the Phillies winning might be the best thing to happen to the Mets. It might light a fire under them that has been needed.-JD

  34. John (53) were you listening to Tony Paige last night? that’s exactly the reason he chose the Phillies in the “overnight family poll”. Says he’s tried everything else.

  35. JD:
    I interrupt your viewing pleasure with a long, non sequitur …

    What was your typical day like when you were a beat reporter? eg, I assume you worked very long and late days. Did you have an adequate per diem while on the road or was it a net-loss at times? Did you ever have time to explore the cities you traveled to? While on a long road trip, how did you timely pay your bills before the internet became ubiquitous? Did you have to borrow greenies from the players when you got to the ballpark? :) Did the players know you by name? Was it lonely on the road or were the beat reporters part of a social group? Did your joy of — or way you watch — the game change after you became a beat reporter?

    Minutia fascinate me and I’d love to learn any “behind the scenes” details before you write a book. I suspect some others might as well. :)

    You probably won’t have time to address any of the questions tonight, but I think it would be cool if you made a weekly “Life From the Beat” post during the winter.

  36. Dan – I still think the current financial mess in this country will have a big effect on sports tickets, and sports entertainment. A lot of the Big Spenders are out of jobs now since Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns etc. went under. Market has been down for a couple of days now, again. Yet all those you mention apparently think it won’t happen to THEM. I think it will.

  37. I don’t think it’ll affect anything. People may not have been realizing it but the economy has been going down for about 5 years.
    And one of the only businesses that has been THRIVING as been the sports industry.
    I don’t think people will let the economy get in the way of their sports habits.

  38. Patrick (55): If that’s what you want, yeah, I can do that. I’ve never been sure as to what you guys want to know about me. But, several people have been after me to do a bio. I think maybe it is time I did that.-JD

  39. Ah, got out of class early tonight. Just got home in time to see that we get a free taco tomorrow, lol…

    Looks like Kazmir has thrown a ton of pitches again..

  40. Annie (56):

    I’m not as certain about that as you. The major sports leagues have lucrative TV contracts for the next several years and there’s no sign of a downswing in advertising revenue. Wachovia probably won’t be buying luxury suites this year, but CitiGroup probably will.

  41. Bryan (60): You don’t get that taco (1) until next week. Just so you’re not disappointed.-JD

  42. I remember I was in KC for a Yankee game several years ago and they gave away a dozen Krispy Kreme’s if the Royals got a dozen hits. That was a promotion.-JD

  43. Patrick (61): I’ll never buy that these pro sports teams won’t make money. Not only do they have great TV deals, but many of them get tax breaks. There’s also local TV/radio ads and stadium ads. They make more money on these things than they do ticket sales.-JD

  44. Patrick – It could be an East/West thing, too. The Wall Street crowd has taken a big hit with job losses and that affects families as well. I was thinking more about the customer and average sports fan who likes to take their family to the games. Not sure a lot of these people can afford the new higher prices for everything at these new NYC venues.

  45. JD (59):

    I just think it would be cool to learn about your profession. IOW, things are typical to all beat reporters. Please know that I’m not asking for personal details about you; that’s a private matter.

  46. Wow, that sure looked like he stepped home. They very rarely call that though with a lefty.

  47. Bryan (67): Andy Pettitte has a great pickoff move by a lefty. Maybe the best. It’s real close to a balk. If you’re consistent with it, the umps will give it to you.-JD

  48. You know, I hate to beat a dead horse (but I will anyway), is no one else wondering that if there were no releivers available at the deadline (or before the Sept. 1 cutoff), why were the Rays able to deal for Chad Bradford?

  49. (69) They had waiver priority over us given the league. I imagine we put in a claim for a whole lot of guys.

    Great job by Fox getting that conversation..

  50. Bryan (70): Very interesting. I always thought all the umps should be miked so we know who initiates arguments and who agitates.-JD

  51. John what are those things so many of the players are wearing around their necks? Doesn’t look like jewelry to me.

  52. (72) They are Titanium necklaces. I actually have one that I use when I golf. They are supposed to relax your muscles, but I think it’s more of a mental thing than physical for most. Here is a link:

  53. Bryan (73): Thanks. They also come in patch form and phi-ten, I believe, also makes a T-shirt with that technology.-JD

  54. Bryan – thanks for the information – don’t think I’ll be buying one. I’ve played golf for years without one – I think I would be distracted by it.

  55. Annie (65):

    Good point. There certainly has been some fallout here in the financial sector (most notably WaMu) as well as some ripple effects, but it’s nothing close to what must be happening in the NY area. It’s difficult to get a home loan here — just like everywhere else — but prices STILL haven’t fallen due to the stable high-tech sector as well as the burgeoning bio-med field that paul allen has been trying to attract for years.

    That said, I’ve bought a season ticket plan to the Mariners for several years and will continue to do so. I split the plan with other small biz owners so that it’s not too expensive. I then give my allotted tickets to clients and use the expense as a tax deduction (although that never seems to help very much ). On an ironic note, I’ve never used the seats myself. Ugh.

  56. The Phillies are 86-0 when they have a lead after eight innings. I think the Mets lost something like seven games this year when leading after the eighth. That kind of sums up the season, doesn’t it?-JD

  57. (70) He could have been had before the deadline. The Mets should have never let him go in the first place, IMO

    Anybody else wish we could hear Harry Kalas call this game sted of Buck?

  58. Mark (82): He pitched here and did well, yet they wouldn’t give him three years but they gave that contract to Schoeneweis. That never made any sense to me. … There was a time during the Series when the networks would bring the local guy in to call an inning. I always liked that.-JD

  59. Bottom eighth/All this talk about Upton’s great postseason with seven homers in 11 games. … But Mickey Mantle hit 18 homers in the World Series. That will never fall.-JD

  60. upton also swings at the first pitch in 95% of his ABs. if u can fool him early he will put himself in a quick 0-2 hole…
    is this game lidge finally blows one??
    i doubt it

  61. Jim (86): I keep thinking about the ball Pujols hit off him in the 2005 NLCS. One more run might seem like five.-JD

  62. I’ll give a mention again to Martin Brodeur for another shutout win. 4 wins behind Roy, 5 shutouts behind Terry Sawchuk. As I said several days ago, Brodeur should be mentioned with any New York athlete. I’ll see the Stars tomorrow night in Uniondale. Should be back in time for the fourth inning.

    Are there any TV regulations prohibiting FOX starting a pre game at 730, first pitch at 8:05? Local access regs perhaps designed to have stations program about local events but ended up making Vanna White and Alex Trebex famous. Perhaps FOX could do the pregame on F/X. Too logical to ever happen.