Randolph to get Milwaukee interview

Randolph: To interview with Brewers.

Randolph: To interview with Brewers.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on its website today Willie Randolph will interview for the Milwaukee Brewers’ vacant managerial position.

I’m guessing a key interview question would be what responsibility in takes for the 2007 collapse and what he learned.

Randolph has to come out and say the experience taught him to lighten up. It’s no crime to be tense. I always liked Willie, but he kept reporters at arm’s length. That’s OK, most managers do, but Randolph had this sense of being persecuted which wasn’t true.

I think Randolph deserves another chance. He has a winning record that warrants it. I hope he gets the job, and this time I hope he enjoys it.

10 thoughts on “Randolph to get Milwaukee interview

  1. Willie will them “Well, I stuck with ‘my guys.’ They just got out of the ‘nice little groove.’ But they were ‘my guys.’

    he managed the mets like they were the yankees of the 90s and it cost him.

    no facial hair? really? that is gonna cause problems with the ballclub?

    moving delgado to 7th in the lineup- turned delgado off for good on willie, whetehr carlos says so or not…he saw that as a slap in the face.

    assigned bullpen roles- for some reason, while the pen kept asking for it..he wouldnt

    media- AWFUL with the press, horrific
    you would think he was on trial when answering ?

    finally he is simply not a good manager..questionable decision-making many times…sticks with veterans too long, not flexible and strategy is certainly not his strong suit (squeeze never ever used, CLIFF FLOYD WITH 2 MEN ON NO1 OUT in 2006!)

    willie seemed like a nice guy, not a good manager

  2. you dont think if the brewers are up 4 games with 10 to play and they lose three in a row the players wont see how tight Willie is and question whats going on??

  3. I think if he gets the job, it will be mainly on his record, but he may have to learn to adapt a bit to keep it.

  4. harry…the man didnt get the job done and i dont feel he has the qualities to be a succesful manager (and by success I mean getting a team to a championship)..do you disagree

  5. I wouldn’t put Willie in theb Hall of Fame but you were overly harsh on several points.
    1. move Delgado to 7ht. The vast majority of Met fans wanted him moved off the team.
    2. assigned bullpen roles. When he had a real bullpen in ’06 the pen had assigned roles.. when Omar gave him garbage he was doing the same thing the next manager did. Pick and pray. There was no other choice with the crap in the pen.
    3. media… i won’t argue your point on that.
    4. sticks with veterans too long. is that a littel in disagreement with your own criticsm of not sticking with Delgado? Did he stick with Floyd too long when he benched him and found the spark of the year in Valentin. Remember the wekend in milwaukee when he was blasted for benching Floyd for a dreadful Valentin? He had no problemgoing with a decent kid in 07 in Smith and he certainly gave Pelfrey more than a fair shot in 07.
    5. Didn’t squeeze…. Did the next guy?
    6. Bad decision. don’t all managers make bad decisions when the team loses?

    But my point was really aimedin general. Metsies still harp on Steve Phillips. Still hate on Millege and Glavine… and on

  6. agreed abou fans being tough but for willie i think it was justified in most cases. he did a poor job on in game adjustments. stuck with julio franco too long remember? mota?
    i understand your point that he had crap but at that pt that was unknown and wagner was still available and heilman hadnt imploded
    my point just was willie has many flaws as a manager.

  7. You still didn’t answer him when he said about Delgado. Everyone and I mean everyone wanted Delgado gone. Some were even saying they wish they could redo that trade with Jacobs.

    As for Mota, he was great when we got him in ’06, in ’07 did we really have any other choices besides running Heilman out there every god damn time. Sanchez was hurt Scho sucked, Smith couldn’t handle pitching the whole year. We really had no other choices.

    I do agree that he should have bunted with Floyd in ’06 and as far as Franco goes Willie can tell Omar that he isn’t helping us but the final decision is Omar’s.

    I also think that Willie is a better manager for a young team like the Brewers because they are going to listen to the manager. When he was on the Mets they were a veteran team (except in ’05) and everyone was happy because they were winning.

  8. He used Franco less and less. It was up to the Gm to relelase him. Mota. Crap replacement for Bradford. Again, they all were bad and you just have no choices but bad ones. Wagner… The guy who killed the Mets in Philly last year when Willie asked him to get 6 outs, one freakin time. The most overrated closer in history, can’t come in with guys on base, can’t get more than 3 outs, Wagner the joke, choke, poison in the clubhouse, take your pick, and Heilman, would you have used him say 125 games last year? You can’t use guys every day can you?

  9. Personally I think he needs to coach somewhere first or manager in the minors to get a managing job in the mlb.

    I think he made his mistakes, but did not adjust.

    He may have lost his players, but I think it was because he was not firm.

    Manuel benched Delgado. Willie never did.

    The impression I get is that Jerry does something and explains to the player very clearly what he wants and why. I get the impression that Willie may feel pressure to make exceptions and not be consistent.

    As an employee, I think you can respect someone who sets a rule and is fair about it. Just like an ump who sets a strike zone and applies it consistently.