Commentary: Mets, Yanks swing and miss on new stadiums.

I read this morning the Chicago Cubs would be the test team for when the Yankees open their new stadium. My first thought? Boring. Who cares about the Cubs? The only allure with that team is its creaky stadium and a century of losing.

Ego is probably the reason it won’t happen, but why not a weekend series between the Mets and Yankees to open each other’s parks?

It’s so simple, so fundamental. How about back-to-back day-night doubleheaders? That way each team gets to test their new home under the lights.

Here’s a unifying opportunity for the city and its teams, and we get the Cubs. This could have been so easy and so much fun, but they blew it.

9 thoughts on “Commentary: Mets, Yanks swing and miss on new stadiums.

  1. The Steinbrenners HATE the Mets and won’t deign to let their team appear on the same field, if they have any say in it. The only reason we have the Subway Series’ at all is because it’s mandated by MLB.

    They haven’t played each other in Spring Training for over 10 years…

  2. CharlieH (1): Like I said, it won’t happen because of ego. I just think the concept would create a special weekend for NYC.-JD

  3. John – You know both organizations well , is there any way that they could make it work?

  4. No. If they did some kind of exhibition series so that people who are shut out of Opening Day it shouldn’t be the Yankees. We shouldn’t have compete with Yankees fans for those tickets.

    I’m sure real Yankees fans will feel the same way.

  5. Who cares?

    When it’s all said and done, it’s an exhibition game. I wouldn’t care if the Mets played little leaguer’s at Citi Field for their first game.

  6. I’d agree with you Delcos if there were no regular season games. Then you could have super Mayor’s Trophy weekend. But in today’s environment I have to agree with Mike.

  7. I think it’d be stupid if they did the double headers, it makes it more special in the summer time when those games come along.

  8. John

    that’s a great idea. the papers and the fans would talk about it for a week.

    unfortunately selig is as smart as a lump of dirt.