Quote of the Day: Manuel says Philly due.

Manuel: Yelling won't get Philly a title.

Manuel: Yelling won't get Philly a title.

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel on how his city craves a winner: “Philadelphians have been starving for a winner. Let me put it like this: We’re due.”

The last Philly sports team to win it all were the 1983 Dr. J Sixers, who beat the Lakers.

That’s a long time. But, not as long as they’ve been waiting in Cleveland, which hasn’t had a champ since the 1964 Browns.

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Manuel says Philly due.

  1. The might be due but Rays are on a roll. If they didn’t cave to the Sox after game 5 the Rays look like they are poised to take it all. As a Met fan Phillies fans can keep waiting.

  2. Pick on Charley all you want but he’s the Manuel whose team is still playing while the one in NY is playing golf. He’s the Manuel whose team didn’t give it up the last week. He’s the Manuel whose players walk the walk and talk the talk.
    And they have a GM who made a move in July to address his team’s biggest weakness, while our guy slept for the 2nd straight July.
    I hate the Phils and their fans but they don’t deserve the trash talk from us, whose players have mastered the art of choking down the stretch.

  3. Harry,

    And what would we have given up to get what type of player that may have gotten us a first round boot?

    I do not think we were in a position to make a move considering we need the young guys to develop so we have a viable bench and future starters.

    Our pen sucked this year. I don’t think one player would take us all the way.

  4. Steve, Bosco –

    I’m with you. The Rays have a fresh approach to the game with their new Manager the new-age Maddon man. They have coalesced into a team who has already surprised the baseball world this post-season by unseating the reigning Sox.

    Citing John’s would-be rule that post season games should all include a Game 7, I hope to see that happen and another pile of happy Rays on Thursday October 30th at their home field.

  5. Philly is starving for a winner? Go to Geno’s and have a cheesesteak –

    The Mets are long overdue and the Yankees haven’t won since they beat the Mets in 2008.

    Go Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!