Gooood Morning: Scanning the headlines and asking your favorite WFAN voice.

The FAN and Mets extend contract.

The FAN and Mets extend contract.

Lots of good discussion last night in Mets Chat Room. We’ll keep it up every Monday night in the off-season and, of course, we’ll talk during the World Series.

Woke up this morning with these items:

-The Mets and WFAN have re-upped their contract. It was a no-brainer. This is as good a time as any to ask who is your favorite and least-liked WFAN personality.

-Joba Chamberlain got into it with after being heckled by a Red Sox fan in a Nebraska strip club. Evidently, he was missed Crash Davis’ lecture that day. The papers said the Yankees would give Chamberlain “a second chance.” Really?

-The Yankees and Dallas Cowboys are in bed together. Legends Hospitality Management, a name that indicates a believe they are better than everybody else. It’s about concessions and merchandising sales. I’m waiting for the day when they merchandise oxygen.

9 thoughts on “Gooood Morning: Scanning the headlines and asking your favorite WFAN voice.

  1. Francesa knows nothing about baseball. I know his job is to stir things up so he can actually have an entertaining show for 5.5 hours…but the guy knows zip about anything.

    Yet don’t you dare question him because you won’t get a word in edge-wise. I’m still waiting to hear more about Ryan Church’s hatred for NY or how it’s a brilliant idea to trade Reyes or Wright.

  2. 1. WFAN – Best: Tony Paige, Worst: Craig Carton.

    2. Joba Chamberlain needs help from all sides – family, friends and the Yankees – and he’d better take it.

    3. Legends Hospitality Mangement – Sounds like they are managing Elizabeth Taylor or Clint Eastwood. (yes, I do know it is a food/catering company.

    Thanks for mentioning Crash – he sends his best,

  3. I like Francessa for the entertainment value and to watch other Met fans listen in horror as he does what he is supposed to do, spark an outcry and get good ratings. I absolutely detest Steve Somers…all shtick, no substance. I also like Ed Coleman.