14 thoughts on “What’s your gut telling you?

  1. TB in 6 or 7…top to bottom, a better team. I also think this layoff may hurt Philly. Plus I think the home-field advantage is HUGE for them. They are great at the Trop.

  2. JD- I know you’re asking about the Series, but any tidbits of info regarding the Mets we should know about?

  3. I understand the phrase “In The Zone”. In golf, it’s when your drives go long and straight, your mid irons get the ball to the green, and all the putts go in. In fact, it’s magic, and on those rare days when you have it you just coast..

    The Tampa Bay Rays are “In The Zone” now, playing winning and exciting baseball as a happy, congenial team. I hope it takes them past the Phillies to another historic victory.

  4. It actually stinks for the Phillies, in a way. Not that it means anything to them, but in most instances, they would have a huge rooting section.

    Not this year, as the Rays are four wins away from pulling a ’69 Mets on us, which means every fan who isn’t a Phillie fan is probably rooting for them.

  5. Rays in 7
    Home teams wins all games

    The Rays owner grew up a Mets fan.
    Another reason to root for them.

  6. The Braves are the NL Yankees.

    I’m rooting for the Rays but my gut says the Phils in 7. I’ve been wrong the entire post-season so here’s hoping I’m wrong again.

  7. Rays in 6. Lidge will blow his first save opportunity of the year at some point during the series. The Phills lost some of their momentum during the layoff (think unfortunately, Tigers/Cards 2006)

  8. I think both teams are very good and deserve to be where they are. At the end of the day, I think that TB can throw out slightly better arms, and their consistent and small ball type play will do them very well.

    I see shades of the ’69 Mets in them, with the strong starting pitching, and just the odds of them getting to this point, in their first winning season.

    I think it will be a tight series, with home field advantage playing a significant role. TB in 6.

  9. I like the Ray’s in 5. They seem to remind me of the Twins under Tom Kelly.

    Young players doing well under pressure and a pitching staff that is confident a distinct home field advantage its over for the phils.

    LET’S go RAYS