On the Table: Mets free-agent list. Who stays or goes?

Perez: Is he worth the bucks?

Perez: Is he worth the bucks?

When you come down to it, it’s not a “must have’’ list of the Mets’ own free-agents. Sure, they’d like lefty Oliver Perez back, but nobody really expects it, and truth is they can live without him.

The follow is a list of the Mets’ free-agents to be and those players arbitration eligible.


-LF Moises Alou: Say good-night, Moises.

-INF Marlon Anderson: Nice knowing you.

-RHP Luis Ayala: Could be brought back.

-OF Endy Chavez: Could be brought back, but never as a starter.

-2B Damion Easley: I like him, but Mets should go younger on the bench.

-RHP Orlando Hernandez: Time to write his autobiography.

-RHP Pedro Martinez: Doesn’t want to retire, but is only fifth starter caliber right now.

-2B Ramon Martinez: Made impact, but age won’t let Mets consider him for job.

-LHP Oliver Perez: Wants mega bucks. Doesn’t deserve them.

-LHP Ricardo Rincon: Won’t be missed.

-OF Fernando Tatis: Deserves to return.

-RHP Matt Wise: Good-bye.


The following are arbitration eligible: RF Ryan Church, LHP Pedro Feliciano, RHP Aaron Heilman, RHP Duaner Sanchez, RHP John Maine and OF Angel Pagan.

12 thoughts on “On the Table: Mets free-agent list. Who stays or goes?

  1. 1)Gone
    3)Bring Him Back
    4)Bring Him Back
    5)Bring Him back
    9)Gone, unless lowers demands a lot.
    11)Bring Him Back
    12)Who? GONE

  2. I think that Marlon Anderson and Endy Chavez signed two year deals, so they are not free agents

  3. The only free agent I’d keep is Pedro Martinez – mainly because personal problems beyond his control – Dad – were a big part of his year, and hopefully next year will be different.

    I’d like to know more about the current health of Ryan Church, Duaner Sanchez and John Maine.

    Pedro Feliciano and Angel Pagan could turn out to be useful.

    I don’t know what to do with Aaron Heilman.

  4. JD- Anderson and Endy both signed through 2009….

    Ayala, Chavez and Tatis back

    MiLB deals for Martinez, Wise

    I would move or release Castillo, Show, Heilman

    I would keep Ollie if it wasn’t too expensive but im assuming it would….

    Someone mentioned ALou on the bench not a bad idea but no way a starter…

    Pickup and trade Delgado….

  5. JD…we all know that Perez drove you nuts, but pitchers in today’s market get ridiculous contracts, that’s just the way it is.

    There is no other pitcher out there to be had (save CC) strictly for cash. Now, unless his demands get into the absolute ridiculous range, I’d honestly bite the bullet and at least offer him 4/55-4/60. Is he consistent enough to warrant such a deal? Nope…but when I see guys like Carlos Silva and Gil Meche get similar packages, you have to bite the bullet in some instances.

    Only way I don’t sign Perez is if the Mets can ink someone like Derek Lowe first.

  6. To add to my above post…I forgot about Lowe. If NY could snag him, I’d certainly go into ST with a rotation of:

    5th starter

    I’m not a huge fan of Perez, but the guy has come through in big spots and while maddening, had a DOMINANT two-month stretch when NY got back to playing good baseball.

    If his contract demands are nuts or if they snag someone else (CC or Lowe) first, then he’s not worth it.

  7. I agree with most of John’s original post as far as free agents, except that Pedro gotta go. As far as those eligible for arbitration, the only one I’m interested in is Church.

  8. I would bring Ollie back for the correct dollars and years and Tatis for a RH bat off the bench. As for the rest they can all go. Time to get the bench and the pitching staff younger.

  9. JD

    I agree with your post.

    Mike (6/7) makes comments about possible pitchers, but who knows. Ollie won’t be here next year. He will be too expensive as you have repeatedly pointed out.

    So we have 3 starters with Pedro possibly being our #5 until Niese is ready.

  10. The pitching situation needs to be addressed by the front office (translation: Omar) this winter and not left to slide along until the last minute, like last year. Johan has been a fabulous addition, but seriously, the bull pen is in major trouble. One thing no one appears to be asking is who will be the closer? With Wagner gone, that is another big ticket item to shop for.