127 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Previewing the Series edition.

  1. Just talked to a friend in St. Pete. She said, “All those people said (the Rays) didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Well, the snowball rolled uphill.”-JD

  2. Lets go Rays, if the Phillies win next year will be screwed next year, will have no shit to say to them.

  3. Kyle (2): Doesn’t matter if Phillies win or lose, they own all bragging rights. What can the Mets say? “We won the season series.” Big deal.-JD

  4. I heard a rumor (RUMOR) that Carlos Beltran is trying to deffer the money that he is owed for the remainder of his contract for an extra 3 years to free the Mets up some extra money for payroll..

    and this rumor states that Boras is no happy about it.

  5. This isn’t about the Mets, but did anybody see the film clip of the ref tackling a player in the LSU game?-JD

  6. The Man (4): I’m getting there. I’m not sharpest tech knife in the drawer. It will happen soon.-JD

  7. ed (10): No word on the staff, yet. I believe they’ll replace HoJo and make a change at third base. Warthen will be back as pitching coach, I presume.-JD

  8. John the program a lot of people use, including other beat writers, is cover it live. I’ve used it myself a couple of times, it’s a good way of keeping everyone in order and making sure nobody spams.

    It directs every question asked to you, and only you get to pick which questions appear.

  9. ed (11): There’s no reason why Beltran would do it. It’s not like the Mets need the money.-JD

  10. The Man (13): Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it. But, I’d like for everybody’s comment to appear. I wouldn’t want anybody shut out.-JD

  11. Cots ….on Beltran how much more can he move….

    05:$10M, 06:$12M, 07:$12M, 08:$18.5M, 09:$18.5M, 10:$18.5M, 11:$18.5M
    full no-trade clause

    $22M ($5.5M annually from 2008-11 salaries) deferred at 1.72% compounded interest
    club agreed to not offer arbitration after 2011 season

  12. Part of that rumor was that the Wilpons put a cap on Omar or at least the players believed there was a cap and Beltran was trying to help get some FA in here

  13. The Man (15): Somebody has to take the hit and a lot was made when Manuel got the extension about his unhappiness with fundamental and clutch hitting. Of course, it was that way under Randolph, too. It has been weak the past two years. They leave a lot of guys on base.-JD

  14. ed (18): I can’t believe there’s anything going on with Beltran’s contract.-JD

  15. ed (23): Think Delgado and Show will stay. I can see Heilman will be traded. I know they want to dump Castillo.-JD

  16. Yeah but will they be able to …. Will they get anything of use for Castillo or will it be alot of money and a Kaz for Eli type of deal

  17. Get Castillo off the team without taking back another horrible contract. Guillen/Byrnes is the worst contract I would take, and if not they might just have to cut him.

  18. How will small market teams ever compete with metropolitan cities in free agency biding given the economic downturn the country is experiencing?

  19. ed (25): I can’t see them getting anything of value for Castillo, and they would have to eat a lot of it. … I’ve heard people talking about Castillo for Guillen. Why trade one headache for another? Of course, Guillen would be more productive.-JD

  20. They will never cut that much money, Ive been watching this team long enough they will either trade bad contracts or send half but not cut him…. heck they had a hard time cutting Sosa at under 2 mil last year….

  21. ed (29): I think $18 million is left on Castillo’s deal. They won’t eat it. I kind of think we’ll have Castillo to kick around for awhile.-JD

  22. I really don’t think Castillo will be here opening day.

    At this point all the signs point to i
    either Hudson or Murphy

  23. The Man I’d rather go with Juan Cruz competing with Ayala, Stokes, kunz, Muniz for the closers role then over pay fuentes who was relieved of his duties last year…

    But I like Manny and Lowe

  24. The Man (32): I’d like Lowe, but word is he doesn’t want to come East. … Manny, I don’t see. Too much money and too big a headache. … I’d take Fuentes over K-Rod.-JD

  25. I’m hoping Delgado is a sign and trade with Murphy taking first hudson taking second and the slugging coming form LF say Manny

  26. At least Guillen will give this team some kind of fire, he is also a pretty good hitter and fielder.

    It fills a hole at LF, get rid of Castillo, and gives a chance for O-dog or Murphy at 2nd.

  27. John, the Rays are the 1969 Mets reborn. A championship team with young talent and great pitching. I would hope to see that team stay intact and be a contender for years to come.

  28. Guillen was praised in seattle in 07 as a leader but wanted to much to return,,, then he went back to his bad boy ways in KC

  29. ed (42): Thanks. I would have to say the Red Sox have the leg up, wouldn’t you?-JD

  30. Steiny (43): They’ve signed a lot of their core long term. I think they’ll be competitive for a long time.-JD

  31. Frank thomas always struggled with managers and GMs for that matter and his best years were under manuel maybe Jerry can do the same for Guillen

  32. I love that call of keeping Delgado. He is tremendous value at $12 million both on and off the field.

  33. Steiny (52): It makes no sense to get rid of him. If he duplicates his 2007 numbers that would be fine.-JD

  34. I think trading for Guillen would be a very good idea. Killing two birds with one stone. Filling up LF and leaving 2nd base open for Murphy or O-dog.

  35. i worry about him being able to duplicate or even come close….right now his value is at its highest but if he returns to first half numbers then he’s of no use and we got nothing for him….

  36. John, I agree with you 100%. I am tired of reading other writers who consistently bash him.

  37. I think he’d be appealing to an AL team to use as a DH – with that said as long as he hit .250, 90 RBIs and 25 HRs im fine with him staying but I think you could get pitching for him …..

  38. ed (59): The premise is he’d go to a contender. But, would a contender give up quality pitching, which is what the Mets need? I don’t think so. And, why would a non-contender trade what pitching it had? Delgado’s value to the Mets is as a player and not trade bait.-JD

  39. Any word on when they are going to decide on a staff for Jerry?
    Gullien is a good player but I can’t see them going for a bad boy type not the image the Mets want.

    Do you think this will be a open the walllet offseason or are the Mets shopping the clearance rack this offseason?

  40. Bosco (61): I’m thinking more Wal-Mart than Nordstrom’s. … Nothing on the staff. … And, I agree about Guillen. A problem waiting to happen.-JD

  41. Baseball America’s Jim Callis said that the Mets are the favorite to land CC Sabathia. Do you agree?

  42. Steiny (63): No. I would say Yankees, Dodgers, Angels are all ahead of the Mets. Brewers want him, too. I don’t see the Mets as players for Sabathia.-JD

  43. Any idea if former Mets (but not teammates) Tom Glavine and Jeff Kent will retire? I assume Greg Maddux will. Could be a real good group of HOF candidates in 2013. I don’t buy these whispers about Mussina quitting. No baseball player retires when they have a good year, unless you are injured like Sandy Koufax

    My policy is to pick the team that has home field (DH) advatage

  44. I dont see it theyspent big money on Johan, Pelfrey will be a solid #2 next year and maine is a good middle starter they need either two back end starters or one with Niese and then a Vargas type in AAA.

  45. Dan (66): Haven’t heard. Glavine would like to play another year if he’s healthy. … I see Mussina pitching again. … Three hundred wins is not out of the question.-JD

  46. Why is there a Met love affair for aging guys? Lowe will be 36 next year. How many long term deals does Minaya give to pitchers on the way down before it gets “old”? Keep Ollie, at least he has a chance to mature. Lowe is past his prime.

  47. Here are some great potential Mets signings and trades: Juan Samuel at 2nd; Tony Fernandez at Short; Eddie Murray at 1st; Jim Fregosi at 3rd; Bobby Bonilla, Kevin McReynolds and Vince Coleman in the outfield. Whaddaya think? Yeah, I know, we don’t have a catcher, and Casey said that’s the first thing you need or you’re gonna have a lot of passed balls — but that is SO old school!

  48. ed (72): I covered Mussina from when he first broke in. (Yeah, I’m an old guy … perfect for the Mets). I’d like him to get 300 and go into the Hall.-JD

  49. Good line Delcos, but its time for a change. Give the closer job to Parnell. I know the Mets can’t do it, can’t give the job to a kid, even though the Angels did it, the Red Sox did it and last night the Rays did it….. I know we can’t do it, because he has to wait until he’s 39 or so. Just think if Papelbon were a Met he’d be trusted with one righty in the 7th inning. K-Rod might be the set up man by now…..

  50. (75) Yeah! Kenny Rogers! He would be perfect. Now we just have to get Frank Viola to come out of retirement.

  51. I’m guessing we bring in a injury prone starter hoping we catch lightning in a bottle Jason Jennings, Carl Pavano, Chris benson 2

  52. I heard somebody say that the Mets should trade for Ramon Martinez. Do you think he would fit well in this Mets line-up?

  53. Mussina to the Mets…. YES! Right age. Another ceremony as we wait for years to have him reach 300.\
    No to Rogers We’ll never stop hating him, and deservedly so.

  54. Harry (76): No argument from me. They need to trust some of their young guys. They trusted Wright and Reyes. Why not Parnell and Kunz?-JD

  55. Stokes is 28 and almost was the Rays closer in 07

    Parnell and Kunz most scouts say have the potential to be closers

    Muniz was dominant in 06 as the closer in Brooklyn setting a record for scoreless innings

    Ayala wanted to leave Washington for the chance to be a closer

    I say you bring in Brandon Lyon or Juan Cruz and let the group close until one establishes itself…..

  56. Can Moises Alou pitch? You know, just for an inning or two, as a setup man. Worth a shot… he could very well be the next Ambiorix Burgos.

  57. K-Rod will end up hurt by the end of his contract and Fuentes has Viola written all over him…. spend the money else where preferably on a starter and LF maybe 2B … the above would put the entire pen under 30 y/o

  58. ed (89): I’ve endorsed Fuentes over K-Rod, but after thinking about it, I’d like the job to go to Parnell or Kunz.-JD

  59. Seriously for a moment… what are the chances Ryan Church ever gets back to where he was? Is there a future for him with the Mets?

  60. Jeff (92): If Church is healthy, I don’t see why not? He had a good start, but discount everything at the end because of the concussion.-JD

  61. Jeff- Church was hiding a hip flexor injury in Sept. not effects from head…. Edmonds was much worse and the next year he was fine….

  62. Wait — (93) and (94) are two different answers. Was the problem the concussion or the hip flexor? Or both?

  63. Jeff (95): Ed is right about the hip. My comment was meant that his season was ruined after the concussion.-JD

  64. Right after the season it was reported he had a hip flexor issue that altered his swing and made it difficult to come in on balls in the field…. he played through it for the team but didn’t want it reported before we go ill try and find the link

  65. I liked Church before; if he was trying to play through an injury for the team, I like him even more. He’s the kind of guy we want back.

  66. Jeff (98): Church cares. He was pissed at Sanchez for showing up late for a game the last weekend of the season. He’s a grit guy people have said the team lacks. If they all had his heart there wouldn’t be a problem.-JD

  67. What do you think of bringing in Joe McEwing as HC? Situational hitting was what he did best, though his stats were nothing special. He was respected by the vets, looked up to by the kids (especially Wright), and I saw many “future manager” comments about him in the media while he was in NY.

    He’s been a HC in AAA this year for the Chisox, but I don’t know how successful he was there.

  68. John Delcos is right. Why not trust the kids (give them long looks) like Kunz and Parnell?

  69. 102- Actually the Mets are built to win now. Although they don’t…..If they were a smaller market team the fan base might actually accept that.

  70. John (101): I know that Jackson was the Red Sox HC a few years back, but little else.

    Can you elaborate about him and why you think he’s in line for the job?

  71. Well folks … I think that’s about it for tonight. Thanks for showing up. I’m planning on doing this every Monday night for a couple of hours. Your support of the blog is greatly appreciated.-JD

  72. Bill he was Jerry’s first hitting coach in Chicago when they had a great offense lead by Big Hurt ….. was the scapegoat the year Manuels team was expected to win it all I think 1998 or 2000 …. heres wiki on him in boston
    The 2005 season marks his 17th year as a major league or minor league hitting coach, and his third with the Boston Red Sox. In his first two seasons with Boston, the Red Sox led the majors in runs, batting average, doubles, extra-base hits, total bases, on-base percentage and slugging average. In 2003 the Sox set ML records for extra-base hits, total bases and slugging, finishing one off the major league lead with 238 home runs. The Red Sox tied an ML record with 373 doubles in 2004.

    Affectionately nicknamed “Papa Jack”, Jackson is a highly respected and popular person among the Red Sox members and Fenway Park fans. However at the end of the 2006 season his contract was not renewed, as the front office decided “new voices” could not hurt.

  73. Bill (112): Used to be GM of the Reds. Hired by Omar during the summer. Works in scouting and as special assistant.-JD

  74. JD – I might not be spelling it rioght the former reds GM came on mid-season he had worked as a scout with Omar in Texas… Wayne Kivinsky or something I believe he’s still on as some kinda consutant he was good in small market cincy at finding talent

  75. Bill (115): I’m sorry. I gave Cliff Notes version. I saw what Ed wrote and realized I had nothing to add.-JD

  76. Sorry JD didnt mean to step on toes lol i thought jackson would be a no brainer when jerry said he would look at the staff so i had looked him up….

  77. I’ll have several posts tomorrow, and, of course, be on for the World Series games. Check in tomorrow. … If anybody has any questions, just add to the post and I’ll answer them in the morning. Take care folks and thanks.-JD

  78. ed (122): You never step on my toes. Your input is greatly appreciated and helps make the blog go.-JD

  79. Good discussion again tonight. I love getting back from class and taking a break from “the real world” and reading up on the Mets.

    John, if you read this could you give me your take on the Brewers interest in Willie Randolph? I liked him as a person but never thought he’d get another chance to manage in the NL.

  80. Enough of the Parnell for closer bit. Did anyone bother to check his minor league stats? Just because he has a good fastball, you don’t hand him the closer job…or Kunz for that matter. And for anyone comparing the use of Parnell to close to the use of David Price to close, well lets just say you need to get a better hold of the talent levels of both players.