Loose Threads: Kickoff Edition.

Log in and tell us who you’re watching today and how that game is going.

Of course, use this as your message board on football, baseball, the Mets, having beers with Joba Chamberlain, or anything else on your mind this afternoon. Thanks.

23 thoughts on “Loose Threads: Kickoff Edition.

  1. Good afternoon. I’ve got the Niners at Giants and Steelers at Bengals where I am. … Is there a dominant team in the NFL anymore? Everybody seems to have some flaw. There’s nobody that you can say, “Yup, they’ll be there in the end.”-JD

  2. haha
    ravens v. dolphins and cowboys v. rams as well…rams taking it to the the romo-less ‘boys and the ravens are involved in their usual 3-3 type game

  3. JD- hard to not like the Sox tonight but i would be suprised if the rays dont play very well tonight…i hope they get a huge, supportive, uplifting crowd

  4. Jim (6): Once it went back to Florida, you had to start liking the Sox. The crowd last night lost it after Varitek’s homer.-JD

  5. good friend is from boston…its very difficult to hear him taunt and taunt… red sox vs. phils.. id still have to root to hear even more from him bc there is no way i could root for philly

  6. JD- any idea if the why the rays didnt keep someone other than gabe gross to play RF?? he seems to be an auto out and his fielding (remember the awful throw home in game 5) appears to be average at best. i guess aybar cant play right?

  7. JD, I agree with you. It felt like as soon as Youkilis crossed the plate on Thursday night it became Boston’s series to lose. The Rays have responded to the pressure all year but they’ve faced nothing like the pressure of tonight. They were only a few innings away from playing in the World Series and now it could all be slipping away. It’s gonna be an interesting one. What do you think of Lester tonight JD? Bounce back start or is he feeling the effects of a greatly extended workload from last year?

  8. Is anyone watching the Cowboys game? If so, do they look as bad as the score would indicate?

    The Giants/Niners and Chargers/Bills are televised in my area.

  9. John, don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but over the last month or so it seems there’s been a minor backlash by newspaper columnists (didn’t keep notes, but reading major market papers across the country on the internet I’ve noticed it maybe 4 or 5 times, in rapid-fire succession) against the reporter non-question, “Tell me about…” (with “Talk a little about…” and similar variations). The point they make is that TV reporters, or maybe all reporters when having to do a cattle call news conference, are lazy because they can’t be bothered to ask actual questions. Related to that is the ultra-leading moronic question like, “When you’re up 2-0 in the series and returning home to play before your revved up fans, does that maybe give you a little extra motivation to get the job done?”

    Can you talk a little about this…

  10. GrandpaBuiltShea (12): Very interesting question. What you are asking is something that has been going on for years as there is a natural adversarial relationship between the print and electronic media.

    There is also varying degrees of coverage:

    1) Print, beat reporters working on deadline.
    2) Print, feature reporters working on one angle.
    3) Print columnists who offer opinion.
    3) TV/radio reporters needing just a short postgame comment.

    The problem exists in these factions have different job responsibilities and requirements. The belief among the print media is most TV and radio reporters piggyback off our questions.

    Our needs are for more complex, analytical answers while theirs is for a short soundbite lasting 10 to 15 seconds.

    There are exceptions, of course, but you can tell the piggybackers by their questions, which is usually a statement to the player/coach they hope will respond to.

    A lot of electronic questions, such as the one you posed are moronic. I must stress, that there are many in the print media who also ask ridiculous, or untimely, questions.

    An example of this comes after the game when the topic should be what just happened, when invariably somebody with a microphone or camera will ask, “David (Wright), talk about the Braves series that starts tomorrow.” When we’re on deadline, questions like this eat at our time. They are inappropriate because there is ample time for them to come out before the game and ask such a question.

    Another example contributing to the strained relationship is the late start times when after the game the print media has to wait while the TV guys, whose networks shell out money to become rightsholders, eat up time with those statement-type questions.

    When a columnist can’t get to a player because he’s talking to a TV type (and in some cases they have to wait until they come back from commercial) they get antsy.

    Another strain is often network reporters will often intrude on a private interview because they believe their celebrity status makes them immune to practicing common courtesy.

    And, there’s also a strained relationship between some columnists and beat reporters, even from the same paper. A beat reporter is there every day while a columnist is not. So when a columnist writes something scathing about a player, that player will take it out on a beat reporter because columnists usually don’t show up the day after a crash-and-burn column.

    I hope this answers your question.-JD

  11. Ed R. (10): I’m expecting a bounce-back start from Lester. He might get beat, but I don’t think he’ll be lit up.-JD

  12. JD, by the way, I suspect the same dynamics you describe infect non-sports coverage, which is why local TV news stinks across the board and across the country compared to newspapers.

  13. can’t wait for tonight’s game and I expect Boston to win….Spoke to a good friend whos a Philly fan he thinks if the Rays win they roll but if the Sox win they have destiny in their hands

  14. Hey JD, some interesting stuff over at mlbtrades.com and curious about your thougts. Guillen for Castillo? Russell Martin may be available, also am hearing Padres would consider Parnell or Niese and Murphy for Peavy. How much better would the team look next year with Guillen in left, Martin behind the plate, O Dog at 2nd and Peavy in the rotation? If those moves played out, we would still have some resources to address pitching. A lot of wishful thinking here in the thin air.

  15. Cleveland almost caught the Redskins finished 11-14 after being down 7-0. No TV, just checked scores.

  16. To Kyle: I think right now it actually sucks more to be a jets fan……HaHa… Who beat you jets tonight? no, tell me it ain’t so, no way the Raiders beat the Jets and sports greatest whiner Brett. Say it ain’t so!!!!

    PS: Go Sox. Loved them ever since they gave away the ’86 series.