Gooood morning: On tap for today.

Goood Morning: What's on your mind today?

Goood Morning: What's on your mind today?

It has to be a good morning somewhere. Boston, perhaps? Gotta think they didn’t get much sleep in Tampa last night. If you’re the Rays you have to be a little concerned. The Red Sox have come back before.

Twice they’ve been down 3-to-1 (including 3-0 to the Yankees in 2004) and rallied. This is a team with a backbone. And, with Jon Lester pitching tonight, you have to like their chances. The decision to go to the bullpen instead of giving Scott Kazmir a shot to work out of trouble could be the turning point to the series.

Of course, I’ll blog the game with you tonight. I’ll also have a post up at 1 p.m., for those watching football.

Should be a fun day.

5 thoughts on “Gooood morning: On tap for today.

  1. From last nights posts I am curious why there is this love of Shane Victorino, a guy who who shows his love for the game and his enthusiasm in front of all to see, while at the smae time there is so much venom for Reyes (not last night, but over the last 2 years) for acting the samme way on the field? If Victorino were a Met wouldn’t we be hearing how immature he is and how he needs to stifle it because it pumps up the Marlns?

  2. I was very surprised last night that Beckett didn’t give up a ton of runs. I think the rays are in trouble.

    Harry Chiti ,
    I can’t stand victorino. I hope he breaks a leg running into the wall in the world series.

  3. tomg: He’s like Dykstra was. Love ’em when they wear your jersey, hate ’em when they wear a different jersey.

  4. #1- If other teams with nothing to play for get up and play over their heads just because Reyes does a fist pump or a funny dance on the steps of the dugout then how come the Mets can’t get up for must-win games. I think the “other teams get up because of Reyes” is just an excuse for the team’s poor play in pressure situations. We have a tendency to fold like a house of cards in must-win games whether the other team is up for it or not.

  5. #4…excepting Mr. Santana of course who delivered one of the best clutch performances I had seen in a long time.