Talkin’ Baseball: More Game 6 Magic?

Talkin' Baseball: More Game 6 dramatics?

Talkin' Baseball: More Game 6 dramatics?

For all the talk of the thrill of Game 7, let us not forget, the appetizer is Game 6, and history has graced us with a lot of great memories of that game. The Buckner Game and the Marathon in the Dome are two you must surely remember.

Perhaps well have another tonight. How healthy is Beckett? That’s a major storyline for tonight. The reports are he’s lost up to four mph. off his fastball. The Rays handled him earlier in the ALCS.

However, the key to me is scoring early for the Rays. If they let the Red Sox get out to a big lead it will only fuel the momentum they created by stealing Game 5. The Red Sox believe they can come back as they did against the Yankees (2004) and Indians (2007), and the Rays have to quash that belief.

The Rays know they let Game 5 get away. They know this series should be over. But, it isn’t. They lost and must not lament. If they do, they’ll play again tomorrow, and that’s not to their advantage.

153 thoughts on “Talkin’ Baseball: More Game 6 Magic?

  1. If Beckett was himself I would say that the Red Sox would win tonight and have a good chance of winning game seven. Unfortunately Beckett isn’t himself, his fast ball is down 4-5 miles an hour. I would be stunned if the rays lost tonight. I can see the Rays getting allot of runs and winning this game easily.

  2. tomg (1): I haven’t looked forward to a game in a long time like this one. The Trop will be a rockin’ place tonight.-JD

  3. JD,
    I agree, I hope it’s a good game but it appears Beckett is hurt and not the pitcher that baseball fans have seen pitch in previous post seasons. This is why I think this will be a rays win tonight and possible blow out.

  4. What the hell is TBS doing? I have a freaking bloopers show on right now instead of the pre-game/game…

  5. This really stinks. Good thing I have split screen. I’m watching The Great Escape on TCM.-JD

  6. WTIC 1080 AM is carrying the game = It’s the Hartford station = they are saying that Turner has a power outage somewhere.

  7. The only magic seems to be the game has disappeared. All I see is the unfunny Steve Harvey.

  8. OK … crap happens. But, they should at least have a baseball show on as a filler. Perhaps a recap of the first five games. You have to always have a plan in place.-JD

  9. Meanwhile, back at the Stalag … it’s the scene where Steve McQueen loses his baseball at the wire. McQueen vs. Bogart. Who was cooler?-JD

  10. Nice job by Beckett to close the inning down right there and not let the Rays put multiple runs up in the 1st like they have been doing.

  11. Second inning/I wonder what Maddon is thinking. Wonder if he regrets pulling Kazmir in Game 5?-JD

  12. Last year Anderson was a must re-sign clutch pinch hit lefty, versatile and good clubhouse leader….

    This year tatis is a must re-sign clutch righty, versatile and good clubhouse….

    same age… will it be a mistake this year

  13. Annie (32): Yes. Kudos for TBS on the recap. Stuff happens. They brought us up to speed and that’s all we could ask.-JD

  14. This is what happens when were not in the playoffs and there’s nothing to do for three weeks before free agency … think about every situation….

  15. Am I the only person who doesn’t like the “captain” tag for baseball players? What’s the purpose? I can understand it in football and hockey because refs often need to have official communications w/players on the field/ice, but what’s the point in baseball?

  16. Ed (35) don’t be so parochial – try to enjoy the post season games. It’s all part of The Game of Baseball.

  17. Patrick (36): There are subtle things a captain on a baseball team does. He’ll talk to a struggling player. He’s a guy that handles a lot of media questions when his teammates duck into the trainer’s room.-JD

  18. Patrick – I think the Mets would be a better organization if they would name David Wright the Mets Captain now.

  19. I think there is a division and I dont mean racial more age – older players look to Delgado while younger Wright kinda like the 06-07 dodgers – just an opinion

  20. ed (46): Here’s something to throw out there. If Delgado really dogged it under Randolph as has been suggested, then how could his teammates respect him? That would be a horrible influence. If so, how could they bring him back? Manuel said he didn’t think that was the case.-JD

  21. Third inning/Have to think this is a turning point of the game. If Shields can’t put away Kotsay, the Sox can break this open.-JD

  22. I’ve had jobs I’ve loved but bosses i hated which effected my productivity and I dreaded going to work when I knew they would be there…. it wasn’t a concious effort to slow down it just happened…

    I’ve always thought thats what happened and not an actual work slow down….

    I think if delgado’s back and its not an extend and trade its taht they couldnt replace his productivity, they couldnt move him or his influence over Beltran…

  23. JD (38); Annie (41):

    I understand the role leaders play on any team. I just don’t get the “C” on the jersey. What’s the purpose?

  24. I believe in Hockey it identifies the Captain, but most baseball Captains don’t use it. i.e.Jeter

  25. Third inning/Buck M. is right. He didn’t try to get out of the way. … Great job by Buck to go into the Drysdale-Dietz story.-JD

  26. Fourth inning/I caught in high school and legion ball. Getting a foul tip off the mask can really sting.-JD

  27. The Rays’ Field Turf looks like the backyard of the Brady Bunch.

    I hope no one gets hit in the nose with a football.

  28. What about this Juan Pierre (Pierre requested a trade to be a starter) for LF in a trade for Castillo – then sign Hudson …. you get the ultimate small ball line-up and high OBP

  29. 58. Speaking of the Bradys, has anyone heard about “Marcias” new book? boy did i have a crush on her. I didnt know I just needed some crack to make her mine.

  30. Annie (52):
    Right. The ‘C’ has a purpose in that regard as well as in football. I think it’s cheesy in baseball.

    The reason I thought of it is because Varitek has a ‘C’ on his jersey. I don’t like it.

    Whoa — I just realized how petty my concerns have become now that the Mets are in the off-season. Ugh. Mea culpa. :)

  31. Castillo might be cheaper then Casey after his good preformance after being traded….Dewitt moves back to 3B and then they decide whether to keep Kent & Nomar on the bench or find a youngster to back Castillo

  32. Wonder if my Library will get any requests for Marcia’s Book? I actually bought a paperback at the Stop&Shop yesterday = Tom Brokaw’s “Boom” Talking about the Sixties. Tom has an amazing gift for writing and apparently knows everyone in the world. Lots of history.

  33. Patrick – let’s go back to the Mets. John Franco wore the biggest “C” I’ve ever seen on a baseball uniform, and you could always see the orange sanitation T shirt as well (he wore that for his Dad) John’s still around – wonder if he would be available……….

  34. Ed – Off hand I wouldn’t know, but I do know that most newspeople really love politics and history. I do some work for Brian Williams and he is a fanatic history buff as well as a NASCAR nut. He can also be hysterically funny with the Late Night guys.

  35. JD (60):
    No, but I heard about it.

    I did a series of somersaults on Romper Room when I was five years old. I’m thankful that my uber-talent wasn’t exploited by agents. I probably would’ve become the feature of a tragic “E! True Hollywood Story.” Ha. :)

  36. Patrick – I know you can’t hear me, but that comment made me laugh out loud. I’ll bet you were really good at somersaults when you were five.

  37. JD- a 1 yr 1/2 removed you think the clubhouse misses a unproductive but clubhouse leader like a player/coach Julio Franco…… Millar, Gonzalez or varitek type

  38. ed (76): I think they miss having a productive leader. Unless you carry your own weight, this leadership this is overblown. That’s why Franco wore out his welcome.-JD

  39. Annie (68):

    I remember that about Franco. I didn’t like the ‘C’ on his jersey either. I think Jeter does it right. (I’ve always hated the Yankees, but there are certain people I’ve always respected from the organization including Jeter, Joe Torre, Bernie Williams and Posada amongst others).

    I loved Franco. One of my earliest memories of him was when Strawberry hit a game-winning homer off him when Franco played for the Reds. I thought the game was over when Franco took the mound, but he threw a fastball that tailed into Straw and he hit it over the fence to win the game.

  40. How about two of my old Mets favorites – Robin Ventura and John Olerud? I just loved the way they played the game. Leaders by example.

  41. Just hard to find a guy like that almost ready to be a coach but still on the field ….when their that far along they usually hit .220 look at Millar

  42. I’m surprised the ump hasn’t said anything about that chain around Beckett’s neck.-JD

  43. I was surprised to hear that Rosenthal said the Mets #1 priority this off-season was a starter….with left and pen next…

    Ouch he’s hurt gritty preformance

  44. ed (85): Agree with Ken that a starter is first priority. But, the pen is second. Left is not a priority.-JD

  45. JD (74):
    Host? I have no idea. The only thing I even vaguely remember is going to a cold building and rolling over my head with a bunch of other kids. Apparently my uncle was friends w/the producer and they were in need of kids for the episode. It wasn’t until many years later that I even learned it was for a tv show. Ha. My claim to fame. :)

  46. ed (87): Even more surprising. No way getting a LF is as important as getting a starter. … They need two starters, a closer, and another reliever before they need a left fielder.-JD

  47. Patrick (88): I Googled it. There were several. Personally, I was more a Captain Kangaroo kind of guy. … Never cared much for Mr. Rogers.-JD

  48. Rays are tight. This might be the worst game they’ve played during the playoffs (outside the last three innings in Game 5).-JD

  49. John – Is this the game scenario you thought would happen? If so, tomorrow’s game just got bigger didn’t it.

  50. ed (99): Nice line. … If the Red Sox win the series, the turning point was when Maddon pulled Scott Kazmir in Game 5.-JD

  51. Annie (75):
    You know it, girl! :)

    Some people win Nobel Prizes. Others win Cy Young awards. I spent ten seconds doing somersaults while jonesin’ for a Yoohoo.

    I peaked early and have yet to receive any royalty payments. :)

  52. 104-……..the crowd was chanting “B.J. Upton” and it sounded like “Der-ek Jee-ter”. But just wait until game seven……you might get a “Boston sucks” or too :)

  53. You guys seem to be having a good time.
    I’m actually rooting for Boston. The thought of Tampa Bay making it to the Series with Kazmir is too painful. Anyway, I feel like the Mets have a kind of psychic bond with the Sox ever since ’86. And I’ve gone to a bunch of games of their AA team in Portland the last few years when I’m there on vacation (but never been to Fenway!) so I’ve seen a few of these guys on the way up.

  54. Jeff (106): Greetings. Glad you could join us. Most of this board will probably be with you on the Sox bandwagon if they get into the Series.-JD

  55. sox are easy to root for – blue collar, hard nose never say die type of team, lots of warts but find away to win remind me of the 86 team

  56. JD (90):
    I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never actually seen Captain Kangaroo, but I know the actor was an alum of my alma mater. I never saw Mr. Rogers and (ironically) Romper Room either. Go figure. We were only allowed to watch tv for an hour before bed time until middle school.

  57. Annie (71) — what is the deal with Brian Williams? When I’ve seen him appearing on late night shows as a guest, he seems really loose and funny. But on the news he is the biggest stiff I’ve ever seen. Most of the time I cringe watching him.

  58. 106- Kazmir is way over rated. He’s basically a left handed John Maine, but yeah….it was still a really bad trade, but nothing to climb onto the ledge about…….and if you ever get a chance to get to Fenway… it. An experience well worth your time.

  59. Jeff – (71)

    It’s two things. Brian is very serious about news reporting and the demographic of Nightly News age levels skew high. No
    fooling around except the ‘closing comments’ often have dual meanings:)

    However, on the blog and out in the world he is simply very funny.

  60. 113 — The Portland Sea Dogs were originally the Marlins’ AA affiliate, which seemed totally out of place in Maine. But then they switched to the Sox a few years ago. All they had to do was change their colors from Marlins teal to Sox red and white. But the biggest change was the addition of a phony Green Monster in left field — complete with (much smaller) Citgo sign!

  61. JD (111) — I would love the Phillies if they weren’t the Phillies. They’re the new Braves. (Who were the new Cardinals, if you want to go back that far.)

  62. Dang … wouldn’t it be nice if the Mets had the same fortitude as the Sox?

    No matter what happens in this series, the Sox have proven that they’re tough.

    On a slight tangent, a lot of people will want to send me to the gallows for saying this, but Shane Victorino has the sort of toughness the Mets could use and which the Sox & Phils have. I’d love to have that guy (and others like him) on my team.

  63. Patrick (119): I have long been shouting Victorino’s praises. He plays with passion.-JD

  64. 119……..if I were the Govenor…..I would give you a stay of execution because you happen to be right……..about Victorino….:)

  65. Interesting sponsors for the playoffs. Cialis and Viagra. … Captain Morgan Rum. … and women getting pregnant because they want Volkswagons.-JD

  66. Bottom seventh/If you would have told me the Red Sox would score four runs tonight, I would have thought the Rays would win.-JD

  67. I would have liked the Mets to get Rowand for left last year before the Giants got him…. any guy who holds the ball after crashing into the wall like he did is gritty enough for me…..

  68. Rowland’s good…….but last year many thought Alou was all healed and would have a monster year. Another one of Omar’s misjudgements…….I was really disappointed when they announced his new contract…….I felt he did nothing to deserve it. Yeah….he made the Santana trade and others, but we could have collapsed without him.

  69. 128 – But the Mets already have a guy who holds the ball after crashing into the wall in left. He’s done it twice. Both times we all thought it was an “omen” that the Mets were going to win. Both times they lost.

  70. chucky (122):

    That reminds me of the greatest football name ever: Mack Strong (former fullback for the Seahawks).

    Let’s hope the Mets get Johnny Kay for their bullpen in the off-season.

  71. and Chad Bradford gets a double play to get out of the inning……..that brings back memories……not only of Chad….but also of when we had a competent bullpen :)

  72. John, do you think the Mets have any intention on trying to sign Ollie Perez?

    If not, who do you think the top targets would be for replacing him? I’ve read Derrick Lowe pretty much ruled out the northeast already…

  73. Bryan (136): They will make a run at him, but Perez is thinking money first, dollars second and cash third. … Lowe would like to say out West from what I hear.-JD

  74. I do……….if they remove the ignition coil from the Boston team bus in the hotel parking lot……:)

  75. man…..what a nice feeling that must be as a Sox fan. You see Papelbon warming up and you get the feeling the other team has absolutely no chance now…..

  76. chucky (145): That’s the way the Yankees felt with Rivera. That’s the way the Mets rarely felt this year after Wagner went down.-JD

  77. 146- Even when Wagner was healthy he wasn’t exactly Mr. Lights Out….he was decent…..but not dominating like Rivera in his prime or Papelbon

  78. Actually either one, although I’d prefer to see the Rays win. What I really want to see is the Phillies lose.

  79. Winner take all tomorrow – you’ve got to be impressed with the Sox and their comeback play.

  80. Another great evening. Thanks all. Talk with you tomorrow night. And, if you want to join me for football in the afternoon, there will be a post for that, too.-JD

  81. Whichever team is better equipped to face the Phils is the one I’d like to see at this point. Even though I’m tired of the Yankees North.