Brewers to make a run at keeping Sabathia.

Sabathia: Brewers will make strong run.

Sabathia: Brewers will make strong run.

The foregone conclusion is CC Sabathia will sign with the one of the Coast monsters, either the Yankees or Dodgers. The Mets will make agent contact, but aren’t believed to be big players. Then again, they weren’t supposed to be players for Johan Santana, either.

However, Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin said today in a conference call that the Brewers will try to retain the lefty who put them in the playoffs.

Sabathia, who was 17-10 with a 2.70 ERA, will command big bucks which lead to the conclusion the Brewers wouldn’t challenge the market.

“At least we have a chance, whereas before, we wouldn’t have any chance with a pitcher of CC’s caliber,” Melvin said. “I do feel we will make him an offer, and at that point, it will be in his court.”

4 thoughts on “Brewers to make a run at keeping Sabathia.

  1. I had the same thought as you. Very few of the pundits thought that we would get Santana around this time last year. They had him going to the Yankees but Omar snuck in there and got him. We could do the same this year if Wilpon is willing to spend the bucks. If money is the issue, never count out the Mets. I’d be surprised if Milwaukee could actually compete with the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers or us in the end.

  2. chucky (1): It all depends on how much is enough for Sabathia. Any offer would make him richer than his wildest dreams. Just how rich does he want to be?-JD

  3. If it comes down to money, the yanks are a lock. After missing on Santana the youth movement is quickly over. The checkbook is open. Nobody will outbid the evil empire this year.

  4. I’d rather try to get Peavy, if the Pads are really shopping him. IF he’d waive his no-trade to come to the Mets, I’ve read that the Pads are looking for a young CFer and 2 pitchers.

    I’d offer F-Mart + their choice of 2 from Parnell, Heilman (if they’re one of the teams that are interested in him as a SP), Kunz, Antonini, Owen and Gee.

    I’d hate to lose Niese, but if he were needed to seal the deal I’d make him one of the 2 pitchers.

    Do you think that’s get the job done, John?