Taking care of business ….

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– I received an email this week from a faithful reader requesting features. A great idea, and starting next week you’ll see something along those lines.

-This week I posted two commentaries. And, you’ll be seeing more of those, also.

-At the upper left corner there’s a sidebar “Popular Post.” It lists the threads with the most comments. Feel free to go back in time. If something jumps out at you, comment under the latest “Loose Threads.”

-I am not a tech genius by any stretch. I’ve started adding some links and you’ll see that segment gradually growing. If there are any links, either Mets or baseball, let me know.

As always, thanks.-JD

5 thoughts on “Taking care of business ….

  1. I’m too upset to subscribe to anything right now. Tom Tresh’s pinstriped body isn’t even cold yet, and you’re talking about blogs and subscriptions. This is a dark day, I tell you. First, Mickey. Then, Bobby. Now, Tresh. Who’s next — Tony Solaita?

  2. I remember in 04 a certain person by the name of Curt Schilling who got bombed in the first game he pitched in the ALCS and pitched brilliantly in the following game he started with his ankle basically torn off. Tomorrow I am expecting the unexpected.