Loose Threads: Bracing for the weekend edition.

Loose Threads: Talking about whatever is on your mind.

Loose Threads: Talking about whatever is on your mind.

The Mets are quiet this afternoon and the ALCS is heading back to Florida. What a game last night. It’s a perfect time for Loose Threads, for you to tell what’s on your mind.

Loose Threads is this blog’s message board for anything and everything.

Some things you might want to discuss:

1. Do you think the Red Sox have turned it around?
2. Your thoughts on the Phillies’ chances regardless of their opponent.
3. The ever popular, who should the Mets keep or get rid of.
4. What about the Players Association sticking up for Barry Bonds?

If you’re dry on the Mets or baseball, how about:

5. Your favorite Rolling Stones song.
6. College football this weekend.
7. What about the NFL?

27 thoughts on “Loose Threads: Bracing for the weekend edition.

  1. 1. No. I think the Rays will win game 6
    2. I think the Phills have a good shot to take 2 games, but I see whoever they play beating them 4 games to 2.
    3. Get rid of Heilman and Schoenweis
    4. That is what they are supposed to do for their ballplayers. I just hope they don’t win this case
    5. Wild Horses, Gimme Shelter, When the Whip Comes Down
    6. I have little to no interest in College Football
    7. I hope the Jets don’t suck it up this weekend against the Raiders, who always play them tough and seem to kick their butts. No matter how good or bad the Raiders are.

  2. With sports, baseball and life, you’ll never know what’s going to happen. The Red Sox winning last night was huge. I’m not sure if they’ve turned it around but comig back being down 7 runs is huge. As someone who wants to see the Rays in the World Series, I’m deffinitly scared.

    After the last game of the season, I made a list of the players I wanted to see and everyone else can just go, either be traded, released, non-tendered, or I would just not mind them coming back, the list wasn’t very long. It was as follows:
    David Wright, jose Reyes, Johan Santana, Daniel Murphy, Carlos Beltran, John Maine, Joe Smith, and Mike Pelfrey. Everyone else if they’re not on the team anymore, I have no problem with it and would almost prefer it. Whether you trade them, release them or not resign them.

    I thought Barry Bonds LEFT the MLBPA? I know this because that dirtbag wasn’t in any of the videogames.

    I don’t think most born and raised New Yorkers care about College Football, we care about baseball first in any form, then pro football, basketball, hockey, and MMA, come in next. College Football is reserved for places where nothing but corn fields exist, like ya know South Bend, Indiana.

  3. I’m going to pick “Jumping Jack Flash” because no matter how obvious it might seem, the song is so complex and so layered and just DEFINES rock and roll. It is the best opening song in the world and it can take on a different hue or tone every time they walk out onstage and open with it. It is the ultimate last number when they close with it. Whether it’s just with the spotlight on Keith somewhere onstage and he just seems to casually drift his fingers across the strings in the opening riff, or it’s deliberate, with him out front, where he’s slicing the chords with deliberation… there is nothing better.

    Less common selections: “Fingerprint File,” “Shine A light,” “Moonlight Mile,” “You Got The Silver,” “Sway”.

    At least today.

  4. 1. Do you think the Red Sox have turned it around?
    ==> No. Beckett is a big question mark, the Rays are great at home and the off-day will help clear the the Rays’ heads. Rays end this on Saturday night.

    2. Your thoughts on the Phillies’ chances regardless of their opponent.
    ==> Anything is possible, but the home field advantage is a big plus for the Sox or Rays; Rays bullpen without bonafide closer is suspect against the Phillies; Sox have that magic … AL team in 6 in my opinion.

    3. The ever popular, who should the Mets keep or get rid of.
    ==> Maybe the question should be “Who should they keep?” IMO, get rid of Castillo, Anderson, Heilman, Schoenweis, Castro … re-evaluate: A. Reyes (but probably put him back at AAA), Easley (but probably let him go … at 40, probablky not much left). Whatever happened to Tony Armas and Claudio Vargas? Angel Pagan (don;t expect much, but curious), Jason Vargas? Do any of these guys figure into the 2009 plans?

    4. What about the Players Association sticking up for Barry Bonds?
    ==> Shouldn’t you spell that B A R R Y B O N D S* … if the player’s union doesn’t support him, then Bonds’ lawyers will include the MLBPA in the collusion law suit.

  5. 1. Do you think the Red Sox have turned it around?

    2. Your thoughts on the Phillies’ chances regardless of their opponent.
    I hate the Phillies and will only watch if “Wild Thing” throws out the first ball.

    3. The ever popular, who should the Mets keep or get rid of.
    They should keep Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran and David Wright – everyone else should be nervously looking over their shoulders.

    4. What about the Players Association sticking up for Barry Bonds?
    Would you have expected them to do otherwise?

    If you’re dry on the Mets or baseball, how about:

    5. Your favorite Rolling Stones song.
    ‘Start Me Up’

    6. College football this weekend.
    I’ve graduated – see below.

    7. What about the NFL?
    Where is Cleveland playing?

  6. John, triggered by your “Who should the Mets keep?” question above, I started thinking about the pitching staff and frankly, the Mets could be in big trouble in 2009 ….. For “starters” assuming Perez and Pedro are gone, that’s two big holes …. further assuming that you really need 7 or 8 starters over the course of the season given injuries, poor performance, etc., the Mets have issues. Santana is a lock, but even Pelfrey is a question mark since he has no real track record and Maine is coming off an injury. I don’t think Niese is ready and not sure about Parnell but at this point, the Mets almost must rely on one of them to step up and claim the #5 spot.

    The bullpen is even more scary … no closer; no 8th inning guy; no 7th inning guy ….

    Now, as you start seeing tidbits come out about potential FA and trading targets — Lowe not interested in NY, Peavy preferring a trade to either LA or Atlanta, Sabathia’s preference is the West Coast, Fuentes garnering interest from no less than a dozen or so teams, etc.

    I know I am stating the obvious here, but this team could be in deep, deep trouble ….

    Mets starting pitching right now sas I see it:

    1. Johan Santana
    2. Mike Pelfrey
    3, John Maine
    4. ???
    5. Niese/Parnell

    BP: ???
    BP: ???
    BP: Pedro Feliciano
    BP: Joe Smith
    7th: ???
    8th: ???
    Closer: ???

    Do you or any of the other bloggers have legitimate ideas on how this will play out? Who can they realistically sign as FAs and who could they legitimately obtain via trade?

  7. This topic has been on my mind a little this season so I thought I would bring it up here. Celebrations in Baseball, what’s the big deal? I’m from Australia if you haven’t already gathered that from my name and grew up watching Cricket, similar in that players use pieces of wood to hit balls but vastly different in every other way. But celebrating small feats during a match are a big part of it, everytime a wicket is taken there is usually a big celebration in the middle of the pitch right in front of the batsmen as he starts to walk off.

    I want to know why celebrating in Baseball is so taboo and also a little hypocritical. You can’t celebrate a grand slam above the dugout during a game (except if it’s a walkoff)but it’s okay to pour champagne on each other after just making the playoffs and then winning each subsequent round of the playoffs, There was a big deal when Lastings Milledge gave high fives to people in the crowd after a home run, Jose Reyes is always getting slammed by people for his celebrating.

    It’s not an American thing because in the NFL players celebrate everything from tackles and first downs to scoring touchdowns.

    So what’s the big deal? personally I love to see the emotion when someone gets a big hit or makes a big out.

  8. I agree with benny about the players altho realistically you cant let everyone else go.

    I am ok with our catchers, i like church who was a stud before getting hit in the head, delgado needs to stay too.

    this leaves you to replace the pen and 2 pitchers. that is a lot to do in the offseason.

    Murphy will either take a major role in LF or 2b.

  9. Favorite Stones song: Dandelion.
    It looks like Atlanta is making a big play for peavy. Willing to trade their excellent SS Escobar and 2b Kelly Johnson along with a couple of prospects. I hear the Owner wants to get rid of half the team because of a divorce. Whats left after Peavy? They have a couple of pitchers I like. Heath Bell comes to mind….

  10. Favorite Stones song … hmm, I don’t think I could choose just one. Some favorites include: Dead Flowers, Love In Vain, No Expectations, Not Fade Away, Sweet Virginia, Torn and Frayed, 2000 Light Years From Home.

    I love the Stones but I shudder at the thought of those embarrassing “Alimony Tours.”

  11. Ray (9):
    Does Peavy have a no-trade clause? I’d hate to see him in a Braves uniform.

  12. Patrick (#11): Here is Peavy’s contract info:

    2009: $11M
    2010: $15M
    2011: $16M
    2012: $17M
    2013: $22M team option or $4M buyout

    He does have a no-trade but I believe that is only thru 2011 …

  13. Annie:
    The Seattle Times reports the Mariners have chosen four finalists for the GM position: Jack Zduriencik, Kim Ng, Tony LaCava and Jerry DiPoto.

    It’s an interesting list of surnames.
    One I can’t pronounce (and would be a knockout Triple Word Score); one without a vowel; and two with prefixes.

  14. Ron (12):
    Thanks for the 4-1-1. That’s an appealing contract.

    I have a vague recollection that Peavy wants to stay close to the West Coast. Is that correct or am I thinking of someone else?

  15. So here is what I have read today on mlbtraderumors.com … not sure how reliable this ifo is:

    According to Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Yankees have had preliminary discussions with the Padres about Jake Peavy. Peavy was apparently a hot topic at the Yankees’ organizational meetings. Peavy’s agent hinted he might accept a trade to the Yankees, but he does prefer the NL.

    Peavy’s preferred cities are Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. Despite that, Graziano says the Mets have interest. The Padres are aggressively shopping Peavy, seeking two young pitchers and a near MLB-ready center fielder.

    Buster Olney has more. Peavy has indicated interest only in the five previously mentioned NL teams. Olney says Peavy has not given any indication that he’d accept a deal to the Yankees or any other AL team. Still, the Padres will gauge interest from American League teams because talks with NL clubs aren’t close. Olney says the Yanks have discussed Peavy internally but doesn’t say whether Brian Cashman has discussed it with Kevin Towers.

    Finally, the Astros haven’t inquired on Peavy recently, but Peavy would definitely waive his no-trade clause to play for Houston. In fact, it might be his top choice. Astros GM Ed Wade did ask about Peavy in July.

  16. A few other random blurbs on Peavy:

    – It’s early in the process, but Jake Peavy’s availability has baseball fans all worked up. As a reminder, Peavy prefers the NL. He specifically likes Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. He considers L.A. a particularly good fit and therefore is open to the Angels. Peavy controls his fate, as he has a full no-trade clause.

    – The Padres are aggressively shopping Peavy, with the Braves and Dodgers two possible suitors. Buster Olney’s sources believe Peavy will be dealt “in the weeks ahead.” The Padres want two young pitchers and a near MLB-ready center fielder in return. The Braves and Dodgers could both meet that demand.

    – the Braves and Padres have discussed Peavy. Not much is known beyond that. Thus far, the Padres haven’t received a compelling offer for Peavy.

    Sounds to me like the Mets have no shot — which does not surprise me in the least.

  17. Patrick –
    Thanks for posting this – I really don’t know Kim Ng, but I read the New York press (I’m in CT) and I really feel she is capable of doing this job – Brian Cashman comes from a family of horsemen and started with the Yankees as a summer intern. So I wish her the best of luck in moving on up from the final four.

  18. What on earth were the rays thinking last night! Didn’t they know it takes at least 7 different pitchers to negotiate the final nine outs with a huge lead?

    Also, tumbling dice. just love exile on main st.

  19. Thats why the Braves wont stay down long. They always have depth in thier minor league system. Has anybody heard if Smoltz is coming back?

  20. Patrick (18):

    I like a Mets fan who shares my name and also loves Exile on Main St. The Trifecta!

    Are you me? Am I you?

  21. Annie (17):

    I have no idea how any of the candidates would fare in the role, but it sure would be exciting to see a female GM get a shot. That said, if she got the job and didn’t succeed, it might take another 20 years for another woman to get an opportunity. Pioneers often stand on a precipice with an involuntary crowd.

    The situation in Seattle is favorable for her. A progressive community; a horrible team; a large Asian population; and, according to JD, she has a solid understanding of the Japanese market. It could be the “perfect storm.”

  22. Dave (22):

    So would I. I’d also include Niese, a mid-level prospect and Heilman in the deal. If necessary, I’d even loan the Pads Mr. Met for one week per month plus every other holiday.

    A rotation of Santana, Peavy, Maine, Pelfrey and the guy from Jiffy Lube would be one of the best in baseball.

    We just had our Friday Martini Meeting at the office. Maybe I had one too many. I dunno. Regardless, I’m pretty sure San Diego should take my offer post haste.

  23. Tiffany (24):


    Good god, the horror! I just made the mistake of watching the video on YouTube. :)

  24. 1/ Yes
    2/ Phillies will go all the way
    3/Get Jesse Litsch, Ron Mahay, Soria and O Dawg. Ditch Shoenweiss, Ayala, Heilman,Castillo
    4/Good……that’s their job.
    5/ Love in Vain ( Live version), Angie (live) a close second
    6/ Oklahoma will bounce back after a horrible defeat.
    7/ Giants will bounce back now that they’ve been humbled.

  25. Patrick (Seattle) 20

    Maybe you are the Seattle parallel universe version of me. Or maybe I am the New York parallel universe version of you.